Parade Pose 2017 $100 Winner

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  Once again – we had an absolute blast in the 2017 Fishtown Horribles Parade and the Rockport Firemen’s Association Parade. Thank you to everyone who tried out a yoga pose (many for the first time ever), all of you who shared pictures online, and most importantly to the countless volunteers and public safety officials who make these events the huge successes they are year after year. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make them a reality, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to participate.


  I did my best to compile all of the pictures I could find – if yours isn’t up here please send me a private message or email linking to where you posted it and I’ll consider it for another prize.

  This year’s $100 winner is

Andi Egmont!


This photo captures 3 generations of what looks like a really fun…

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Sandy Bay Historical Society presents "The Postcards of Charles Cleaves: Images of Rockport from 1907-1937

On Tuesday, July 11, the Sandy Bay Historical Society presents “The Postcards of Charles Cleaves: Images of Rockport from 1907-1937.” The free program highlights some of the hundreds of Rockport postcards published by Charles Cleaves and his Rockport Photo Bureau, whose pictures capture a remarkable record of Rockport a century ago. Bob Ambrogi, publisher of, will share a selection of Cleaves’ postcards, ranging from simple street scenes to majestic vistas. Program is July 11, 7:30 p.m., at the Rockport Public Library.

Cleaves postcard poster jul 11-17


A new schooner was added to Gloucester’s growing fleet. The schooner was launched today at 11am from the Rocky Neck Marine Railways. Strombus, built by Geoff Deckebach, with help from his wife Mandy, was twelve years in the making. They began gutting and restoring the boat all those many years ago when work and raising a family slowed progress. About a year ago, Geoff decided to turn his full attention to the restoration. The schooner is simply beautiful. More work will continue on the interior and it will be ready enough to motor along in this year’s upcoming Schooner Festival. 

Friends, family, and well-wishers stopped by for the Schooner Stombus launching. The official launch party is Sunday. 

Congratulations Geoff and Mandy!!!



The Rockport Garden Club invites you to attend its 2017 garden tour: Rockport in Bloom. This self-guided tour consists of 11 private gardens clustered in the three Rockport neighborhoods. Each garden celebrates the diverse geography of Rockport, from sweeping ocean vistas, to enchanting gardens with water features, to unique granite sculptures and arches evoking the legacy of the granite industry in Rockport.  Lunch, including a vegetarian option, is also available for your purchase and enjoyment in a seaside garden.  An additional feature for this year’s tour includes artists in the garden.  Several local artists will be painting ‘en plein air’ during the tour and are sponsoring a wine and cheese reception that will take place following the tour on Saturday, July 8th at the Rockport Community House, 58 Broadway from 4:00 to 8:30 pm. All are welcome.

Tour dates are: July 7 and 8 from 10am to 4pm each day. On tour days, tickets may be purchased at the Rockport Police Station (cash, check or credit card), 168 Main St. and Toad Hall Book Store (cash or check only), 47 Main St, Rockport, MA.  Tickets purchased in advance may be picked up at the police station. The tour is held rain or shine. Please see the RGC website: for additional information.

Artists to join Rockport in Bloom 2017!!
Rockport in Bloom will now be captured on canvas.  Our 2017
tour will see the addition of artists in the gardens! You will see
the garden through the artist’s eyes.  Watch as they transform a
garden into a lasting image showing what the homeowner and
“Mother Nature” have created. Look for the following artists on
the garden tour. Click on each artist for bios, artists work and
contact information.

Jude Abbe

Sharon Jordan Bahosh

John Caggiano

Janice Castellano

Dan DeLouise

Susan Drennan

Elizabeth Harty

Heidi McGrath

Kathleen Miller

Holly Anderson Popeo

Lynn Wrona

Heidi Zander

View Slideshow of past Rockport Garden Club Tour! (Click Here)

Looking for a place to stay while enjoying Rockport and the Rockport Garden Tour?
For your convenience we have attached a list of some of the local inns. Click Here!
We look forward to seeing you!

History of the Tour

2017 Theme

Ticket Sales



Garden Tour Sponsors

For additonal questions or information, please email:


Iain writes, “Wednesday morning three Gloucester residents left for SE Alaska to conduct research on Humpback whales. Our work is going to be covered live Sunday the 9th. SnotBot is going to be featured in a National Geographic Live TV event called ‘Earth Live’ this Sunday July 9th 8:00 til 10:00 east coast time.

The Gloucester residents are: John Graham, Andy Rogan, and myself. The Paint Factory Robotics lab has been very busy with interns helping us prepare for this expedition. Interns are: Lydia Zuehsow, from Olin College of Engineering, Sam Vinson from Rockport, and Austin Monell from Gloucester all helping out.

The show will be broadcast in 171 countries and 48 languages. It’s been an exciting year for Ocean Alliance and our Gloucester team, taking the story of innovation and persistence (a historic strength of Gloucester) around the world.”


2017 Magnolia Tour by Generous Gardeners

Saturday, July 8, 2017 10-4

At the dawn of the twentieth century, Magnolia was well known as a vacation destination with a casino and grand hotels. Exclusive stores like Tiffany’s and magnificent mansions lined Lexington Avenue and Shore Road. Join us on a walk down memory lane for the Fifth Generous Gardener’s Garden Tour in the quiet seaside village of Magnolia. Stroll along Shore Road viewing over a dozen private gardens, many with glorious ocean views. This tour showcases a variety of cottage gardens, rose gardens, estate gardens and also includes an amazing Olmsted garden. It is predominantly a walking tour (1.6 miles) with a few gardens a short shuttle bus ride from downtown Magnolia.

Tickets are $30 per person. Tickets may be purchased in advance here, or on the day of the tour. On the day of the tour, pick up your ticket/booklet with maps and descriptions at the Magnolia Library, 1 Lexington Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930.

Please no pets. Rain or Shine.

For more information contact Susan Kelly, or 781-346-1363

Also follow the link below for more information.


Proceeds are for beautification of Gloucester public gardens particularly the new Stacy Boulevard Gardens newly installed as part of the seawall improvement and reconstruction project.

2017 Gloucester Garden Tour


Find Tickets

Ticket Information

Postcard From Rome

L1010542Barbara and I are here with Ann, Jonathan, Shanti and Raj. Tomorrow we go to Massa Lubrensi, outside of Sorrento, where we will be met by Brian, Karen and Yitz with Priva arriving the following day for week’s stay. Temps here in the 90s with low humidity. Regards to all.



Our little injured chick is hanging on. Crystal from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine phoned to report that she fed him through the night. He remains on supportive care and is being given antibiotics and pain medication. Little chick has been moved to a heated incubator. The veterinarians are again stating that prognosis is unpredictable.

What are these things called wings?

Meanwhile, these two chick were having an easier morning than usual. There were no fires, dogs, or beach rake, and with the cooler temperatures and overcast skies, many fewer people. PiPl super volunteer monitor Hazel came by with flyers of the injured chick and she posted them around the beach, hoping to help people understand why we need to be on the look out for chicks afoot.

Fifteen-day-old Piping Plover Chick with MamaI wonder what a baby bird think of its funny little appendages that will soon grow into beautiful wings?

Not a great deal of information is known about when exactly PiPl fledge. Some say 25 days and some reports suggest up to 32 days. In my own observations filming a PiPl family last summer on Wingaersheek Beach, the fledglings could not fly very well until mid-August. The PiPl fledglings and parents maintained a family bond through the end of August, even after it was becoming difficult to tell whether they were fledglings or adults. All during that period, the fledglings appeared still dependent upon the adults, who were still parenting, for example, offering distinctive piping instruction especially when perceived danger such as joggers and dogs were in the vicinity.

Two little butts, extra snuggles under Dad’s brood patch on this chilly day fifteen.

Reminder–GHS 1967 50th Reunion August 5th

1967 Flicker Cover

Gloucester High School and St Ann’s class of ‘67 will be having their 50th class reunion at the Gloucester House on Saturday, August 5th, 2017 at 7:00 PM.

Cocktail hour, including hors d’oeuvres, begins at 6:00 PM aboard the Privateer, which has been rented from 6:00-7: PM (boarding behind the Gloucester House at 5:45 PM). Hors d’oeuvres will also be served at the Gloucester House starting at 6:00 PM.

Dancing, reminiscing, and comradery encouraged. The DJ has been instructed “no rap.”

For more information and reservations, please email

GHS 1967 45th IMG_1051

45th Reunion

Final Trip, First Sails. Life in a Harbor Town.

The juxtaposition of beginnings and endings and excitement and sorrow, struck me profoundly yesterday morning as I stood, torn, between two very different scenes unfolding around me in complete (and utterly opposite) unison.

T-Wharf, Rockport….8:00 a.m.

To my right (starboard), eager and bouncing junior yacht club members worked busily preparing their sailboats for transport to their very first regatta. Up the ramp. Like a little hive of worker bees they happily grabbed their sails, tillers, centerboards, and optis and helped sailing instructors and parents load up their boats for transport to Manchester Yacht Club.  They were clearly excited, yet keenly aware that the air was thick and heavy. Something looming. Among them, my Thatcher.  I was trying to be present for him. Water, snacks, suntan lotion, life jacket.  Take a moment….say a little prayer. Opti on my roof, ratchet straps tightened, loose ends wrapped…ready to go. Take a moment….say a little prayer.  A circus of children ready for a new beginning. A couple of summers’ worth of hard work culminating.  Noise, chatter, laughs…happy.  Take a moment…say a little prayer.  

To my left (port), ready…prepared for action…. First responders, emergency personnel. Four police cars, three ambulances, Harbormasters, and more.  As we were loading sailboats on…to the left, stretchers, medical bags, life saving equipment was being taken off. Down the ramp.  T Wharf closed….no further entry.  An accident on the water. Take a moment…say a little prayer.  Sirens, lights, a choreographed dance of professionals ready to help…and save.  No happy frenzy….instead, standing alert and poised for action.  Take a moment….say a little prayer.  Waiting, watching the entrance to the harbor….for the victim to arrive. Rescue boat, Harbormaster, lights….closer, closer, closer… arrived. Take a moment….say a little prayer.  

In the end, one seasoned fisherman had just taken his last trip.  Simultaneously, six new sailors were off to their first race.  Rockport. Life on the water. Beginnings and endings….excitement and sorrow. Starting whistle, final alarm. 

Take a moment….say a little prayer.