Twelve-day-old Piping Plover Chick

This morning found all three chicks (hooray for three!) hungrily zooming around the symbolic enclosure, as well as outside the roped off area, and occasionally down to the water’s edge, but only for very brief moments. When the PiPl chicks get to the water they drink quickly before mom or dad calls them back up towards the wrack zone. Later in the morning they will journey over to the creek, where they can safely spend more time in the water drinking and feeding.

Zooming around the beach at top speed.

So this morning, five of the endangered nesting bird signs were either knocked over or mangled. Young adults lighting fires on a busy public beach is just plain dumb, but destroying the signs is just plain unkind. The Piping Plover monitor volunteers are so terrific and 99.99999999999 percent of the community are rooting for the Plovers; it’s just sad to see how a tiny minority can so negatively impact Plover recovery programs.

More food for thought–why do you think there was a Coyote spotted this morning on Nautilus Road in nearly exactly the same spot where there should be a trash barrel? Because of the disgusting pile of food and plastic garbage that sits there every night and well into the morning (or blows into the marsh and ocean), until the DPW arrives. The Coyote’s favorite meal is the the human garbage they have scavenged. Additionally this morning, I filmed super up close two crows alongside the Plover area and they were very expertly digging in the sand and un-burying food that had been buried there in the sand.

Mama Plover and twelve-day-old chicks.

Thankfully, Patti Amaral and the King family reset the signs and a full schedule of volunteers will be monitoring the PiPlover family again today. Thank you to all the volunteers and to our wonderful community for all you are doing to help the Piping Plovers survive our busiest of beaches.

Happy Fourth of July Glorious Beach Day!


Congratulations again to Randy Sweet, the Saturday (and Friday) 2017 Greasy Pole Champion!Fantastic Walks Saturday Walkers, and Wonderful Costumes, too!

Several of the GP Walkers have asked how much I would charge to print photos of their walk. No charge. If you would like a photo that you have seen here on GMG, please drag it off the post onto your desktop, or take a screenshot, and send it to me in an email. I will send you the highest resolution file, which is best for printing. You can print however many you would like for your personal use. My email address is

Here are links to Sunday’s walk, and I will try to post Friday’s early week:

Sunday 2017 Greasy Pole

Jake Wagner

Randy Sweet Your 2017 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion


GMG Reader Barbara Farrer shares an excellent trash idea and photo,

“My daughter and I went for a walk on the beach today and picked up handfuls of trash. This picture is from walking around 1/3 of the length of the beach and we couldn’t carry anymore garbage by that point. We noticed an abundance of plastic straw wrappers that we suspect came from the snack bar; perhaps the city should consider providing unwrapped straws to mitigate the problem, or stop giving straws (although that would be the tip of the iceberg). The real solution is a little effort and consideration by those who visit our beach, but a change to the snack bar’s straw policy may be a good start.”


The good news is all three chick survived over night. The bad news is five of the endangered bird species signs were destroyed.

If your deck chairs are missing…and you want to see a coyote

We found them at Good Harbor Beach, July 4 2017. The striped cushions are the right color! The pair were upended and cushions scattered along with various party remnants between the pedestrian bridge and the piping plover enclosure. We righted them and set them up for Piper Plover viewing.  Some folks vandalized the endangered species signs and littered, and others were picking up trash and repairing.  The coyote and birds were on the move.



There was a great crow ruckus in the trees across from Blue Shutters Beachside Inn and out popped the coyote. Hung around the creek and then off down the road past 

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Patti Amaral July 4, 2017


Peggy and Patty July 4, 2017– Peggy spotted the plover family of 5 this morning, Day 12. All are ok after an eventful Day 11 — see Kim Smith’s glorious photojournalism update 



Piping plover 3rd shift brought a hammer


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Here’s an article in the New York Times about Brad Hall who was on our podcast this Sunday 

Here’s an article in the New York Times about Brad Hall who we had on our podcast this Sunday to promote The Effect, a play he’s starring in along with Lindsay Crouse @GloucesterStage. We had a lot of laughs during the podcast. 

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