D.E.S. Crowning – Thursday Night Mass


Father Jim Achadinha  with Mr. and Mrs. Jose Diaz Ferreira the 2015 Emperor.

IMG_4149 Stitch

Father Jim Achadinha gave mass in Portuguese at the D.E.S. Portuguese Club.

Other scheduled events celebrating the Feast of the Holy Spirit,

Friday May 29, Father “Jim” will be leading in the singing of the Rosary in Portuguese; all are invited at 6:30 at the Portuguese Club on Prospect Street.

May 31st Mass will be held on Trinity Sunday at 11:45 at Our Lady of Good Voyage Church, the Crowing procession will depart the Portuguese Club at 10:00.

Come celebrate a 700 year old Portuguese tradition honoring the Feast of the Holy Spirit.

Baby Bunny Nest ~ An Enchanting Discovery!

Look what we uncovered while working at a client’s garden ~ 


Baby rabbits are called kits or kittens and these look like they are Eastern Cottontails, the most common and widespread species of rabbits in North America.


In the future if I accidentally come upon a similar looking nest, I think I would leave it undisturbed. We were very startled by the sight of the baby wild rabbits after pulling away leaves and the downy soft “lid,” or protective covering, and they very nearly were almost raked!



Look What Andrea Holbrook Captured ~ A GLOSSY IBIS IN GLOUCESTER!



Andrea writes, “OK , because of where I work — Gloucester — and amazing bird photos posted by friends — that would be you Kimberley Caruso and Kim Smith — I find myself stopping to shoot shorebirds with a camera. Spotted Thursday morning at Grant Circle, a glossy ibis and two snowy egrets. Not great photos but I had never seen a glossy ibis before!”


Thank you so much Andrea for sharing your photos of the stunning Glossy Ibis. It’s breeding range in the Western Hemisphere is quite narrow and I would love, love to capture this species on film. Keeping my eyes peeled thanks to you!

From the Mass Audubon website, “In Ancient Egypt, ibises were venerated as sacred birds. They were believed to have a connection to the deity Thoth, the wise scribe and lorekeeper of the Egyptian pantheon. While Glossy Ibises are not literate, they are marvelous travelers. The Western Hemisphere population of this species represents a fairly recent arrival to the New World, believed to be descendants of birds who flew from Africa to South America in the early nineteenth century (Davis & Kricher 2000). Read More Here


Annual Rubber Duck Race in the Mill Brook; Rockport Front Beach 11 AM Saturday May 30

The Rubber Gun goes off at 11 AM but if you want a chance at winning the race you need to put some cash down on a rubbery bill before that. Rubber Duck is increasing her odds by buying four ducks at 10 AM. Her Rubber Duck Army of 88 crazy Rubber Ducks that have shown up on her porch will cheer them on.

Where: Mill Brook is that lovely park and stream that flows into Front Beach, Rockport Center.

What: Rubber Duck Race to benefit the Rockport Council on Aging

What the Duck??: The “Rockport Stuff” Facebook page has been aflame with controversy for the past few days with Duck Gate but officials have promised that all ducks will be tested for proper inflation and the winner will have to pee in a cup post race.

Controversy was squashed once Rubber Duck Race officials disqualified any entrant with feathers or actually having a quack. These two will be spectators.
Controversy was squashed once Rubber Duck Race officials disqualified any entrant with feathers or actually having a quack. These two will be spectators.

FOUND! Art Rock, 05/28/2015 Good Harbor Beach

FOUND! “Art Rocks!”  05/28/2015 Good Harbor Beach

"I'm the lucky one today! I went to the side of Good Harbor Beach 
certain that the rock would be gone and couldn't believe it when I 
spotted it! I had gone to Lanes Cove too late last week and never 
thought I would have another chance. Very very special. Hope to meet you
 someday! Thank you soo much! What fun!!" 
Becareful what you wish for Aurise!  :)


motif rocks

“Art, Rocks!”

Better Late Than Never!

I received an email a few weeks ago from a 10 year old boy who when he was nine years old at the time he found one of my “Art,Rocks!” a Rock that I left at T-Wharf in Rockport on 09/04/2010. I think that was about 9 months ago. I remember leaving it there after having a cup of coffee and watching the Lobstermen get ready for their day. About 5am. I always wonder about the ones I leave that don’t get reported back to the email I leave on them. Currently the last three that I’ve left in the past two weeks that I never gave notice on GMG Have not been reported back. Which is fine. In this world we live in now, maybe people think there is a catch too this thing. Maybe they think I want money for it. Emails like Coopers who found it is payment enough! I will never ask anything for them. An email would be nice but, If I don’t get a response that’s fine too! Mystery and fantasy is what makes life! isn’t it?

Here’s the email from Cooper and Photos of the “Art, Rock!” He found! Who could ask for anything more?!!!! Thanks Cooper!

Am I a little weird? Maybe! 🙂

from Cooper;

Dear mr or mrs frontiero. I picked up one of your pictures of the motif in a parking lot in rockport on 9-4-2010. I am very sorry not to get back to you sooner. I am a 10 year old boy and I’m in fourth grade at st johns in Beverly Massachusetts . I picked it up when i was nine with my aunt and little sister delaney who is now 6. That is my lucky rock because that day I won a contest at bearskin neck country store. You are a beautiful artist. Sincerely , Cooper

The Cape Ann Contra Dance spring schedule continues on Friday, May 29, at the Magnolia Library Community Center, 1 Lexington Street, Magnolia, MA.

cape ann contra dance



Today at 7:30pm

Magnolia Library and Community Center

The Cape Ann Contra Dance spring schedule continues on Friday, May 29, at the Magnolia Library Community Center, 1 Lexington Street, Magnolia, MA.

The dancing starts at 7:30 PM. No experience is necessary. All dances are taught. Dancers of all ages are welcome; attendees range from eight years to 80 plus years! Everyone has a great time listening and dancing to the live music provided by the Cape Ann Contra Band and Friends.

There is a requested donation of $10 per dancer, dancers younger than 16 are free.

This event is supported in part by a grant from the Gloucester Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. The Cape Ann Contra Dances are organized and produced by Folk Life Studio.

Drinking water is available. Please bring water bottles to reduce the use of paper cups. Other non-alcoholic drinks and finger food snacks are welcomed to share during the break.

For more information, contact capeanncontradance@gmail.com

Find us at www.meetup.com/Cape-Ann-Contra-Dance

2015 US Dory Eliminations This Saturday, May 30th 8:30 AM at Niles Beach, Gloucester

Editors Note:  if you’re from someplace else and you really want to immerse yourself in a great Gloucester tradition that doesn’t happen in Plainville USA, then here’s your plan-

You get up and head down East Main Street past our dock (Captain Joe and Sons) past Brown’s Yacht Yard, past Duckworth’s Bistrot, past Beacon Marine and you stop at Last Stop Variety and you grab  coffee and some of their incredible muffins and then you venture on past to Niles Beach to watch the eliminations.  It is such a Gloucester thing and filled with excitement and beauty.  There you, go, I just laid it out there for you, now get to it!



Saturday, May 30th 8:30 AM at Niles Beach, Gloucester
US Dory Races

Dory Races

Saturday, May 30th 8:30 @ Niles Beach

The IDRC will host it’s annual Elimination races this Saturday to determine which teams will represent the US against our Canadian rivals for the International titals in 5 categories (Mixed-Doubles, Junior Men, Women, Senior Men, & Masters).  This is a great opportunity to see modern day competition in boats from our seafaring past.
Expectations are for some very exciting races, with last years June Champs Mike Mitchell/Vito Giacalone and August Champs Dylan/Clayton Morrissey returning to competition.  Also, competing in the Senior Men Division will be some former International Champs Sanfillipo/Duval, Harrington/Dombrowski, and Tarrantino/Cominelli.  You don’t want to miss this!
All IDRC members are welcome to compete, but must register Friday, May 29th 6PM at St. Peter’s Square in Gloucester (or via email before sign-ups).  These races are for teams only, so you must have a partner to sign up.  And, membership dues must be paid prior to competing.  Please share this email with friends and family, as all are encouraged to come down and check it out.