Rockport Middle School production of "The Sound of Music" was nominated for five MET Musical Awards by the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild


Hi Joey!

The Rockport Middle School production of “The Sound of Music” was nominated for five MET Musical Awards by the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild.   Winners to be announced June 9th.



Jack Kelly, Best Lead Actor  – Captain Von Trapp

Hattie Rich, Best Supporting Actress – Elsa Schraeder

Alex Strzemilowski, Best Supporting Actor – Max Detweiler


Best Set Design and Execution

Best Lighting Design and Execution


Best source of additional information:  Keith McCarthy, Drama Director Rockport Middle School

Our History Told Through Scraps ~ Unveiling of the Gloucester “Downtown Quilt” with Juni Van Dyke

Gloucester Dwontown Quilt Unveiling Juni Van Dyke ©Kim Smith 2015Gloucester Downtown Quilt Project Juni Van Dyke ©Kim Smith 2015

Juni Van Dyke Downtown Quilt ¬©Kim Smith 2015Just Beautiful, and what a beautiful community turnout for today’s unveiling of the Neighborhood Quilt Project’s 13th panel, the “Downtown Quilt.” Congratulations to the amazing Juni Van Dyke and her talented¬†troupe of Gloucester senior¬†quilting artists. It was especially appropriate that the unveiling was conducted by¬†our Mayor Romeo Thekan as growing up on Middle Street,¬†her childhood neighborhood centered around many of the buildings depicted in the quilt.¬†Our deepest thanks of appreciation¬†to Juni and the artists¬†for splendidly¬†illustrating¬†Gloucester’s history, with merely scraps.Gloucester Downtown Quilt Project Quilters ¬©Kim Smith 2015

Juni Van Dyke Downtonw Quilt ©Kim Smith 2015 copy Gloucester Downtown Quilt Project Detail ©Kim Smith 2015Gloucester Downtown Quilt Project City hall Detail ©Kim Smith 2015Gloucester Downtown Quilt Project Mayor Sefatia ©Kim Smith 2015Juni Van Dyke Gloucester Downtown Quilt Project Detail ©Kim Smith 2015

Detail Juni Van Dyke Downtonw Quilt ©Kim Smith 2015 copyScraps of Beauty

Gloucester Downtown Quilt Project  participants ©Kim Smith 2015


As the art of documenting ourselves reaches an all time high (or low?) you know have a new toy to try!

Introducing the worlds first 360 degree selfie cam, the PANONO…or the “Pano no no no you didn’t” cam.

The Sawyer Free Library Just added their calendar to the GMG Cape Ann Calendar

The Sawyer Free Library is maintaing their own google calendar of events that they “share” with me ( ). Now they can add and update events and it instantly shows up on GMG. Cool, Huh?

This calendar is permanently hosted and can be viewed when ever you want at on the ‚Äėevents‚Äô page.

To submit entries for this calendar email text only to the following:

  • A Title
  • A Date and Time
  • A Place including complete address
  • A Short description (no more than a paragraph)
  • and a link for more info

I post regular Arts related PR and announcements directly to GMG daily,
so send those to me too.

Time to visit the all new Bearskin Neck, Rockport

You might think ho-hum, I’ve been to Bearskin Neck over the years many times, but you should try it out again. Lots of new stuff. Two examples:

A new turn-around and new breakwater at the end! There is still the “Pass at Your Own Risk” sign but now it is so much easier to walk all the way out to the #6 harbor beacon. It really needs a good storm to wash the grit off it left from mashing 13 ton rocks into a flat top but you should try it out now.

There's a party out on #6 ATON.
There’s a party out on #6 ATON.

New artists! I’ll highlight just one but there are tons of new artists and shops out there. One gallery you have to stop in to see is David Arsenault. Leaf through his website but you have to see these in person. The very familiar, Good Harbor Beach, Old Garden Beach swing. After viewing if you go back outside on Cape Ann you realize you are living in a painting.

You've sat at this picnic table before enjoying a sunset haven't you?
You’ve sat at this picnic table before enjoying a sunset haven’t you? New owner, same table, different sunset.

Click on for the latest including first Friday Nights in Rockport or click on the frequently updated Facebook page.

Rubber Dick Approved.
Rubber Duck Approved.

David Adams retirement reception June 4th

Joey –

thank you again for all of your help with the Docksiders events this past year.

One more favor (for this year)

We have set up a reception for David Adams, founder of the Docksiders and leader for the past 14 years, at Gloucester High School on Thursday June 4th from 6-8 p.m.  Mr. Adams is retiring at the end of this year.

People are invited to come see Mr.Adams and discuss the Docksiders and GHS Chorus (which he also leads).  Refreshments will be provided.

Thank you

Andy Withers

GHS Docksiders

Wicked Tuna – Capt. Bill Muniz of the FV Lilly


IMG_3970I Met Capt. Bill Muniz at St Peter’s dock, he was sharing stories with his 80 year old friend of many years. Capt. Muniz the only true Gloucesterite on the Wicked Tuna show. Now, he has the Gloucester Smile that belongs in Hollywood.










Karen Pischke Is looking for A Home For An Organ

Hi Joey.

Looking for a home for an organ and wondering if an FOB, local church or day care center might be interested. Someone I know has one to donate. It’s in need of some tuning. If interested, email me ‚Äď or call – 978‚Äď283-4258.  Thanks.  Karen