The power of community! What a memorable gala for ACTION, INC’s 50th milestone!

Cat Ryan submits-

This anniversary inspired a very special evening for the 2015 Annual Meeting: a tribute to all of Action’s staff for so many years of dedication, engagement and –well 50 years says it all- sustainable programming!

Last night, the curtains were drawn at Shalin Liu Performance center, the massive screen dropped and we were treated to this short, great tribute video. Look closely at the old photos and history of Action, Inc. Write into the comments below if you can name the four people involved with Action in 1965. We’ll see if you’re right.

Kudos to the movie crew:

Jessica Benedetto, Action’s Director of Marketing & Planning

Megan Merlin, Action’s Project Coordinator

Grieg Cranna, Photographer

Adam Kooken, Videographer, Montserrat


Jessica and Megan organized the event. Willow Rest rocked the food. Speaking of rock, we were treated to the happiest musicians ever. Perfect sound and coolest set from Dan King and friends, with Erika Van Pelt adding powerful vocals.

Executive Director, Tim Riley, is retiring this year. He received the Lyndon Baines Johnson War on Poverty Award and promptly shared the award right back with everyone else.


Day 2 Filming the Duckling Family

Mallard Duckling ©Kim Smith 2015The Mallard Duck family that I have been filming during the early morning hours this past week is allowing me to get very close, venturing to within two feet from where I am tucked in amongst the reeds by the water’s edge. The ducklings mirror the parent’s every action and they are are especially adorable learning how to oil their feathers. Although the female attempts to stay close, and the male is always hovering nearby, one is becoming increasingly independent, a little too independent if you ask me. I can’t get over the ducklings vulnerability–its a miracle any survive to adulthood.

Female Mallard and Ducklings ©Kim Smith 2015

The mixed flock of ducks is comprised mostly of Mallards, with several pairs of American Black Ducks mixed in. A single pair of Blue-winged Teals was spotted for several days.

Blue-winged Teal adult male breeding ©Kim Smith 2015

Blue-winged Teal Adult Male Breeding Plummage

American Black Duck ©Kim smith 2015American Black Duck

How Bout the Pair Of Balls On this Hazey Daizey Chick?

What kind of psychopath holds a bat in their hands?

I ever get a bat in my house, here’s what I’d do…

I’d go to the hardware store and buy a couple sheets of industrial strength plywood and cordon off the room in which the bat was last seen never to set foot in that room again.  Just totally write off the use of that room forever and ever and a day.


Holding a bat in her hand.  That’s just plum crazy.

Dracula, ever seen the movie?

Behind the scenes of the GMG Podcast. A MUST SEE VIDEO!!

If your only going to watch one YouTube Video this Summer this is the one!

Behind the scenes of a typical GMG Podcast.

The Ball Busting starts at about the 55 second mark in the video.

The Stars include; Joey, Kim Smith and Toby Pett.

and off screen commentary by Paul “Paulie Walnuts” Frontiero Jr


Spectacular Rubber Duck Race in Rockport Today!!

I have attended the Indianapolis 500 race in Indianapolis and it does not hold a candle to the thrills and excitement of the Rubber Duck Race put on by the friends of the Council on Aging in Rockport! A few quick shots just after the race was completed follow.

Rubber Duck and Homie mistakenly thought the race ended here after washing out to sea. They eventually figured it out and were able to get grandstand seats close to the pits with Blue Duck.
The dedicated Rubber Duck Race Officials who make sure everything including psi of all ducks are within specs.
Blue Duck has a winning ticket in here, she can feel it.
Here comes the official pace car and OMG she starts spinning out!
The Pace Car Rubber Duck blows a tire and flips as she goes by the pits!
Here comes the pack! Little pinky is edging out baby yellow!
Very few keep their head above water as the surge to gain an edge. The smell of burning rubber, the deafening quacks!
Pile up in the third turn but there is no yellow light, no caution flag in this duck eat duck race. Race results will follow. Blue Duck was seen ripping her tickets in two. There’s always next year Blue Duck! Next time I think we need to shave and wax our ducks.

New Shade Tree At Cripple Cove Pleases Bob Driscoll :)

Hey Joey  Going passed The Ben Smith Playground at Cripple Cove, I noticed a new shade tree has been planted.  Most awesome thing for the residents of Gloucester to be doing.  The quality of life always improves where trees are nurtured.  Thought I would share the tree with you and your viewers.  Keep up the good work Gloucester,  Bob Driscoll



and my Madeline couldn’t resist cracking a related joke…

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Madeline being Madeline

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Why I Relay…

Hello Joey!   On the Relay for Life of Cape Ann we have been posting testimonies of people who relay and why…I was wondering if you would be interested in posting some of the testimonies on your blog to generate some excitement for the upcoming Relay for Life of Cape Ann at Burnham’s Field June 20th from  12:00 noon to 10:00 pm.  I am attaching my testimony below for your consideration.  Thanks for your continued support…We really appreciate it….JPEG is my son on Cancer Survivor’s Day 1997
Why I Relay:
The true meaning of a heartbreak:  I had boyfriends in my teens that I thought were the end all and be all….when there was a breakup I would cry for days feeling heartbroken.  I had a failed marriage, when that ended I felt broken hearted….What I didn’t know was the real feel of a heart break that happened on August 1st 1996 when my now husband, Dan got a phone call that the lump they removed from our 4 year old son’s chin was in fact Hodgkins Lymphoma…I still remember that pain like it just happened….and the fear… the unknowing….then slowly the mending…people coming together, family, friends, people I didn’t even know.  The random acts of kindness, someone holding your hand as you cried, the prayers and the love!!!! My son Travis is now 23 years old and celebrating 19 years remission.  Apiece of my heart is still chipped away, as everyday I think of cancer, everyday I fear it’s return…. I relay for the random acts of charitable kindness, the friends, the family, the love….and that some day…. some day..No other parent will feel that heart break.
Brenda Leahy
Relay For Life of Cape Ann
Leadership committee