Cape Ann Chamber License Plates PSA with MA Senator Bruce Tarr

Launched last year by the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, after several years of discussion and several months of design competition; the plate beautifully and symbolically portraits the four Cape Ann communities of Essex, Gloucester, Manchester-by-the-Sea, and Rockport. We need 1,500 applications, each with a $40 payment to the Mass. DOT, for the registry to make the plates – we are already over 1/3 of the way there! The Chamber has made the application process as easy as just providing your contact information, and they will follow-up with you in the future for the $40 payment when we get closer to the 1,500 applications. IT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE PROCEEDS FROM THE PLATE WILL GO BACK TO THE CAPE ANN COMMUNITY THROUGH A NEW NON-PROFIT CAPE ANN FOUNDATION. So do not delay – SIGN UP FOR YOUR PLATE TODAY! Please contact the Chamber at 978 283-1601 or, or email:

Cape Ann Fishermunn track team Competed In Their First Special Olympic Qualifying Games!

On Sunday May 17th the Cape Ann Fishermunn track team (named in honor of Jim Munn) competed in their first Special Olympic Qualifying games at Milton Academy. Thirteen athletes competed in a total of thirty-four events and earned twenty-three Gold medals, three Silver, and one Bronze. Every athlete won at least one gold in their individual event entitling them to compete against other gold medalists in the State Games at Harvard Stadium this June


relay team crush

Inside a Birdhouse ~ Patrick Dougherty’s Stickwork!

Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -5 w ©Kim Smith 2015Today driving along Route 1A I passed the fabulous and fantastic Patrick Dougherty enormous two-story tall birdhouses in the midst of downtown Salem. I did a double take and turned around. They are simply extraordinary. Although a work in progress, it must have been lunch break because the site was empty of people. I would have loved to have met the artist and see the volunteers at work but it was a magical experience to walk through and around the birdhouses with no one present. Especially captivating was peering out from the round windows towards the passersby from inside the structures–evoking the feel of being a bird in its nest. GO SEE!!!!

Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -10 ©Kim Smith 2015

Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -1 w ©Kim Smith 2015Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -4 w ©Kim Smith 2015

Looking up through the skylight.

“Stickwork” by Patrick Dougherty is under construction, with the help of local volunteers, through May 23rd. The finished structures will remain on the grounds of the Crowninshield-Bentley House for one year. The Crowninshield-Bentley House is located at the corner of Essex and Washington Streets and is owned by the Peabody Essex Museum. “Stickwork” is the first environmental art installation under the museum’s Present Tense Initiative. For more information visit

Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -9 w ©Kim Smith 2015

The birdhouses are made of saplings from unwanted wood such as Norway maple and buckthorn.

Patrick Dougherty Stickwork Peabody Essex -7 w ©Kim Smith 2015


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Little Lost Cat in Magnolia

Tony Sapienza writes, “This little lost boy — our very friendly house cat, Max — wandered away from our place in Magnolia Wednesday afternoon (5/20). For those of you in the area, please keep an eye out. If anyone has any ideas, we’re all ears — we contacted the police, animal control and the area vets, as well as the Cape Ann Lost Pets FB page. Fingers crossed!”


Then and Now; The Rathskeller, Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square

Joey’s post last month from breakfast at the Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square got me thinking of how that area has changed. I’ve never eaten at Eastern Standard but it turns out I have. But it was called the Hoodoo Barbecue which was at the Rathskeller. Sue and I ate there last in 1986.

I saw a lot of bands there, Human Sexual Response, The Atlantics, the Neighborhoods, lots of great bands I never knew the name of.

I drive by every day and couldn’t figure out where the Rat actually was so I made a photo molding together old and new.Rathskeller

And today I went by and took a new photo to show exactly where the Rat was. Eastern StandardIf you have breakfast at Eastern Standard and sit on the right side of the restaurant you are actually at the Rat. The waiter I talked to knew this. He said the kitchen is where the bandstand used to be for the Rathskeller.

The Hoodoo Barbecue had great ribs. I remember talking to the chef and he admitted he used liquid smoke, but it was pretty good liquid smoke.

If you ever hung out at the Rat in the 70-80s, check out the Rathskeller Wiki page. You will be amazed what good music you listened to.


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MANCHESTER, MA, May 21, 2015—Manchester Athletic Club’s Women’s B Level 1 Ladies are now championship winners, coming out on top in both their North Shore Women’s Tennis League standings as well as the post-season playoffs. The MAC women’s weekday team bested 11 other participating teams from clubs around the North Shore in a league that ran from September to April, culminating with the league playoff championships in May.

The team was coached by Claudia Hawkes, Ayda Ardila of Beverly and Avis Murray of Gloucester and included players Jessica Weber and Emma Holland of Manchester by-the-Sea, Alina Franklin of Essex, Kasie Van Faasen of Wenham, Jessica Garten of Topsfield, Debra Bernfield of Beverly, Kristen Norton of West Newbury, and Dawn Dexter of South Hamilton.

More than 20 teams from the MAC participate in the North Shore League at various levels of play, including women’s…

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Gloucester_Morning Bob Blue Retrospec2015
“Gloucester Morning” by Bob Blue

Saturday, May 23, 11am – 12 noon.  ALL ARE INVITED.  OPEN AND FREE TO THE PUBLIC.

Come spend an hour or so listening to visual historian and beloved Rockport artist and teacher, Ron Straka, at the North Shore Arts Association, Saturday, May 23rd, 11 am to 12 noon.  He will share his deep and intimate knowledge of the work of his friend and fellow artist, Bob Blue, with whom he spent many hours ‘en plein air’ capturing our northern light as it graces Cape Ann’s shores.  Straka’s gallery walks are well known to be fun and fascinating.  Don’t miss this special opportunity to hear one of Cape Ann’s great artists share his knowledge about another great Cape Ann artist and legend, Bob Blue.

The North Shore Arts Association’s galleries are open, free to the public, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Noon to 5 p.m.

More information on all North Shore Arts Association events is available by visiting their website at, by email at, or by telephone 978 283-1857.

GMG Events Calendar is Expanding

Check it out we are expanding the GMG Cape Ann Community Calendar. We are now including iCalendar feeds from the City of Gloucester and a Community Service Calendar

This calendar is permanently hosted and can be viewed when ever you want at on the ‘events’ page.

To submit entries for this calendar email text only to the following:

  • A Title
  • A Date and Time
  • A Place including complete address
  • A Short description (no more than a paragraph)
  • and a link for more info

I post regular Arts related PR and announcements directly to GMG daily,
so send those to me too.

GloucesterCast 138 With Toby Pett and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 5/21/15 #GloucesterMA

GloucesterCast 138 With Toby Pett and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 5/21/15

Topics Include: GloucesterCast With Toby Pett, Carol Thistle Announces One Third Of Hotel and Restaurant Tax Will Go Toward Promoting Tourism, One More Awesome Bit Of News From Gloucester Community Development Dept, This Week’s One Hour at a Time Gang Info, More Additions To the Arts Calendar- One Hour At a Time Gang, City Of Gloucester Departments and More, Floating Lotus, One Ocean One Love, Passports Wine Dinner Tonight, Al Pacino Worn Cufflinks Available For Viewing at Blue River Diamonds, CAPE ANN FISHERMUNN SPECIAL OLYMPICS TRACK TEAM SWEEP THE REGIONALS FOR THE GOLD, Len Burgess Agrees To Curate The Cape Ann Schooner Event Calendar, Toby promises To Rock The Nantucket Reds and Bowtie, Harbor Shuttle Is Up and Running.


Get ready for the joint to be rockin! “Mr. Nick and The Dirty Tricks” @ The Rhumb Line’s Dave Sag’s Blues Party 8:30-11:30pm 5.21.2015

dave-sag-rl-4-3-2014-1 (2)

Dave says,

I got a new group for ya this Thursday: Mr. Nick and the Dirty Tricks, minus one, that is, since I’ll be playing instead of their bassist. Apparently he’s suffering from a French foreign lesion. Wish him well! Mr. Nick is a well known harmonicat, although not around these parts, so cheer him on! He has the Q-Tip ability to ream out the smallest spaces in your cortical processes and will create a disturbance in your mind. Believe me!

mr nick and the dirty tricks
jisilva photo

He’s bringing along his longtime gootarist in the form of Mr. “Lonely” Gus Carlson, a fine player and vocalist as well as Mr.Rick Russo, on drums and vocals, too. I brought these cats in the night of last year’s Horrible’s Parade and they tore the joint apart! Come see for yourself!
And Saturday night, I’ll be down to Carlo’s on the loop, whooping it up with that Perry Combover Award winning vocalist and jongleur, Mr. John Keegan and the local faves: Madhouse. Yes, Carlo’s is open and we expect to have a wonderful evening, since we’ve been rehearsing all winter!  See you there!


40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732

2015 Citizenship Awards Event May 31st- List of Recipients

On Sunday, May 31, the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church will present its annual Citizenship Awards to thirteen Cape Ann residents to honor their selfless contributions to this city.

The recipients come from all walks of life. Some are known for simple deeds they do for their neighbors. Others give their time and efforts to a larger community. All have made a mark on Gloucester, and have been selected by a group from the church’s Social Justice Committee because their actions embody the best of the spirit that guides Unitarian Universalism – open-hearted giving to others, solely for what those gifts mean, for no pay, and often with no public notice.

The award recipients were nominated not just by members of the church but by individuals and organizations throughout the city. Many winners have no idea who nominated them and will not find out until they arrive at the ceremony.

This year’s recipients are Carol Ackerman, Jerry Ackerman, Roger Armstrong, Rosemary Ginivan Attridge, Janis Bell, Greg Bover, Harold Burnham, James Fialho, Mary Rhinelander McCarl, Bill Melvin, Arline Moore, Nicole Richon Schoel, and Brent “Ringo” Tarr.

Be sure to mark your calendar for this event, which grows in popularity every year. The ceremony, which is informal, begins at 3 p.m. in the church sanctuary, with a reception downstairs in the church vestry to follow.

The church is located at the corner of Church and Middle Streets. Both floors are handicapped accessible via the 10 Church Street entrance. The event is open to all free of charge; freewill donations will be gratefully accepted

Manchester Essex Green Team Second anual Showcase May 28th



Our names are Sarah Reed and Isabella Hickey and we are the Manchester Essex Green Team Event Coordinators. 

We are excited to announce that the Green Team will be having their Second Annual Showcase on Tuesday, May 26 from 6-8:30 at the Manchester Essex Regional High School.

The event will start with Scholars and Interns presenting about their experiences, followed by an opportunity to talk with each Scholars project in the halls with a light refreshment table. We will also be running tours where students will direct you through the school and show what exactly what makes our school one of the greenest in the state!  Please check out our social media links below for more information about our programs!

Please RSVP on our Eventbrite Page. If you should have any questions, feel free to contact to contact me at To learn more about the Green Team see the attached document labeled Green Team Executive Summary in order to learn more!

See you there!

Isabella Hickey and Sarah Reed 

D.E.S. – Crowning – Trinity Sunday May 31st 2015

DES0014 - Copy

_2014_06_15_042364Congratulations to this year’s Emperor, Mr. and Mrs. Jose Diaz Ferreira

The D.E.S. Portuguese Club invites you to pray and celebrate the Crowning during the week of (May 25 – 31).

The Crowning is scheduled on Trinity Sunday May 31st 2015.

Procession leaves the D.E.S. Club at 10 AM

Mass is at 11:45 at Our Lady of Good Voyage

The Traditional “Sopas do Espírito Santo” will be at 1:00 PM at the DES Club.

Tickets are ($10.00) and are available during Rosary week at the DES or call (978)-283-9737



Gloucester Tourists – Minnesota and Pennsylvania

Siblings from Minnesota and Pennsylvania attended a graduation at Gordon College and decided to stay in Gloucester the rest of the week.

The brother indicated that we had more snow here than in Minnesota.


IMG_1780   IMG_1779

Chickity Check It! One Ocean Arts About To Go Live On Bearskin Neck!


Hey Joey,

You probably (check that) most-likely have no idea who I am, but we did have a couple back-and-forth emails a couple months ago regarding your energy  blogs/potential savings. I did make the switch to the lower electric rate and am pissed I even hesitated on that fact. Love the savings!…quick “first time, long time” spiel – I’m a big fan of GMG and have been since my wife and I moved to Gloucester 5 years ago (we both fell in love with Gloucester a long ago, having spent many summer days up here).

Anyways, to the meat of the matter….I’ve seen through mutual Instagram friends that you have commented/taken a liking to One Ocean Art’s incredibly comfy beach clothing (you mentioned a anchor print sweatshirt that would sell bazillions). As you know, it’s the invention of Jamie Mathison (who’s an incredibly rocking artist). She brought on my wife, Erin Ferrelli, within the last year to be her partner in this endeavor to take over the clothing industry! They previously only sold gear via their etsy shop ( or at various local arts & crafts fairs.

Just recently they hit the brick and mortar business side of things and opened up last weekend on Bearskin Neck with a shop appropriately named: One Ocean One Love Shop. 

Have you had a chance to visit their store yet? I’m obviously biased, but the vibe in there is contagious!

Since GMG is all about spreading the good word for local business and here we have two local Gloucester, hard-working ladies taking on a tough industry, I thought it would be freaking AWESOME if they could get a shot-out and some love via a GMG post. I’m sure the girls would absolutely go head-over heels about it. Hell, if you wanna pop in and interview ‘em, have at it!

Here is their Facebook Page…

..and here is a recent blog:

…and here is their soon-to-be website:

Thanks! And keep on rocking at GMG! I’m still finding new places to go and things to see every day. Much love.

-Marc Ferrelli