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GMG Logo Cap Pigment Dyed Stonewashed Charcoal. Velcro strap. Three Color High Stitch Count Embroidery. If you purchase 5 caps at once you get a 6th cap free and free shipping.
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How to Tell the Difference Between Geese and Ducks

During a recent podcast we were talking about the wonderful influx of Brant Geese that have been seen all around the coves of Cape Ann. Joey asked a great question, “how to tell the difference between ducks and geese?” Ducks, geese, and swans all belong to the Anatidae family and I could only answer that size is the predominate difference between duck and goose. If you are out on the water or onshore and trying to id whether duck or goose I think the surest way to tell is that geese are larger, with longer necks and bodies. I was curious to learn more and google led to interesting differences, some obvious and correlate to what we observe in our region, and some not so obvious.

Geese are generally white, gray, or monochromatic and both males and females are the same color. Ducks are multicolored and there are obvious pattern differences between the males and females.

Geese migrate further distances. We have seen that this past year with our Snow Goose visitor, a bird that breeds in colonies on the Canadian tundra, as do the Brants.

Another quick way to determine whether goose or duck is by what they are eating; geese generally eat grasses and grains; ducks eat fish and insects. The Snow Goose that visited Good Harbor Beach this past winter foraged for sea grass alongside the Canadian Geese.

Snow Goose Juvenile Canadian Geese Gloucester Massachusetts Essex County  ©Kim Smith 2015Snow Goose and Canadian Geese Foraging for Sea Grass

Photographer and fisherman Brian O’Connor reported that a fisherman mentioned to him that Brants are observed in an area when there is a heavy crop of sea “vegetables” and that is precisely what is occurring in our region–the “green” waves. Sea lettuce is a staple of the Brant’s diet and it is sometimes referred to as “Brant lettuce!”

Brants Cape Ann Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015Brants in Sea Vegetable Heaven

Please let us know if you see any Brants, where and at what time. Thank you to Zefra for writing last week about Brants at Lighthouse Beach. And thank you to Bill Hubbard who wrote to say that during the 40s and 50s hundreds were often seen, less so beginning in the late 50s.

Snow Goose Juvenile Gloucester Massachusetts -4 ©Kim Smith 2015

Juvenile Snow Goose Good Harbor Beach Gloucester
Cosmos ©Kim Smith 2014  --8

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Three Exhibits Open Season

May 7 running through Saturday, May 30, 2015,

Sunday, May 17th, 2 – 4 pm: Receptions for all three exhibitions

Gloucester_Morning Bob Blue Retrospec2015

A1) BOB BLUE RETROSPECTIVE, The Works of Bob Blue, “Gloucester & Beyond”, in the Gordon Grant Room. Bob Blue (deceased 2008), an honoree of the NSAA’s Tribute Exhibition in 2003, has been a major contributor to the growth and spirit of the NSAA as a Vice President, an award winning marine and landscape painter, a beloved teacher, and lifelong artist member.

HigherGround pastelNSAAAnnMurphyexh2015

2) FIRST NON-JURIED MEMBERS EXHIBITION OF THE 2015 SEASON. Well known and notable NSAA artist members will exhibit over 100 exciting works including watercolors, works on paper, oil on canvas and sculpture.

Benvenuto CallahanHallwyShow2015

3) MARY CALLAHAN & ANN MURPHY SHOW in the HALLWAY GALLERY. Mary Callahan’s free, impressionist watercolors have earned over 150 awards, and her paintings are in permanent and private collections throughout the US and Europe. Callahan is a director of the New England Watercolor Society, a Copley Master in the Copley Society of Art, and member of many fine arts organizations with solo exhibitions at the Harvard Club, the Guild of Boston Artists, Provincetown and Attleboro Museums, and is represented in the DeCordova Museum’s corporate program.

Ann Murphy, a New Englander, paints in pastel, oil and watercolor with subjects ranging from representational land and seascapes, to semi-abstracts of shorebirds and sea life. Her work is known for its distinctively sensitive and ethereal quality.


My Horse Lost, and I Won the Derby

Yesterday Janet and I went to a Kentucky Derby party in Boston, ironically hosted by a Derby (family name). My pick, “War Story,” didn’t even merit a mention at the finish. Still, I won big:

The dining room table was populated with a wide variety of hors d’oeuvres and a honking’ honey ham. I discovered I like (can eat) ham sandwiches, vinegar potato salad, marinated mushrooms, a canned oyster, and creamy artichoke dip. I gag from smoked salmon or spicy hot anything. I guess I’m relearning what and how to eat (slowly with small bites). This was a wonderful opportunity expand my menu, be with friends and cheer on my $2 bet. Happy Mothers’ Day and bon appetit!

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