GMG DadBod ManCast Podcast Premiere Episode With Craig Kimberley, Eric Lorden Chris DeWolfe and Joey Ciaramitaro

GMG DadBod ManCast Podcast Premiere Episode
Craig Puts His Life On The Line To Capture Video For GMG, The Boys Talk Grillin- Gas vs Charcoal, Expensive vs Cheap Gas Grills, Coaching Problems from Chris DeWolfe, Cast Iron Pans, Judging The Contents Of People’s Grocery Carts and Being Judged On The Contents Of Your Grocery cart.


The RocNavCom is looking for Rockport residents to host forty midshipmen


The United States Naval Academy Offshore Sail Training Squadron (OSTS), aboard five NA-44 foot sailboats, will drop anchor on Friday July 10th in Rockport Harbor to take part in the Rockport Navy Weekend 2015 July 10-12th hosted by the Rockport Navy Committee (RocNavCom). The midshipmen and their advisors will be joined for the weekend by sailors from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine, the USS Constitution in Boston, MA and the Navy Band in Newport, RI.

The RocNavCom is looking for Rockport residents to host the forty midshipmen and ten advisors during their visit. The hosts will be responsible for room and board, transportation to morning events and returning the midshipmen Sunday evening. Many of the activities the midshipmen will be participating in include meals.

Due to the lack of available lodging for visiting active duty sailors, the Rockport Navy Committee is also looking for Rockport residents willing to host sailors in their homes. The sailors only need lodging; no meals or transportation.

The RocNavCom is holding to the Navy standard of the buddy system; hosts must be able to accommodate at least two midshipmen, advisors or sailors.

The sailors and midshipmen will participate in social and sporting events including a kickball game with Rockport children on Saturday morning, a softball game against a Rockport team on Saturday evening. A benefit pancake breakfast at Brackett’s Ocean View Restaurant on Sunday morning. Throughout the day Saturday and Sunday, a master gun team, in 1813 period uniforms, will be giving hourly demonstrations using a replica of an 1812 USS Constitution gun deck complete with a 5,800 pound late 18th century long gun. Sunday afternoon the Northeast Navy Pops Ensemble will perform a free concert at the Rockport High School.

For more information go to



Don’t mess with Mama Swan!

Mute Swan attacking ©Kim Smith 2015

Mute Swans are extraordinarily powerful birds and I have seen them turn on a dime, especially at this time of year when the cygnets are beginning to hatch. The above Canada Goose tried to make a landing but was immediately rebuffed, in no uncertain terms. Several times since, I have observed geese circling overhead, but as soon as the swan is seen, they immediately change course.

Absolutely Amazing Awesome Gloucester Presentations by O’Maley School Students!

O'Maley Awesome Gloucester -12 ©Kim Smith 2015O'Maley Awesome Gloucester 11 ©Kim Smith 2015Not one, but TWO, micro grants of $1,000.00 each were awarded to the two winning teams of the O’Maley Innovation School student challenge for the Awesome Gloucester Awards.O'Maley Awesome Gloucester -2 ©Kim Smith 2015

O'Maley Awesome Gloucester -3 ©Kim Smith 2015The Bicycle Generator project, created by sixth grade students Cole Cunningham, Joseph Ciarametaro, and Owen Hardy, is an outstanding idea combining hands on building with harnessing kid’s natural energy in an effort to make their school more environmentally friendly. Read More About the Bicycle Generator Project Here.

O'Maley Awesome Gloucester -6 ©Kim Smith 2015O'Maley Awesome Gloucester -8 ©Kim Smith 2015The O’Maley Butterfly Garden is a wonderful project created by sixth grade students Emma Duckworth, Willa Brosnihan, and Kelsey Lowthers. The garden is already underway, with beds dug and ready for planting (the kids did all the heavy lifting)! The funds received will go towards purchasing plants. Read More About the O’Maley Butterfly Garden Here.

O'Maley Awesome Gloucester -5 ©Kim Smith 2015O'Maley Awesome Gloucester -9 ©Kim Smith 2015I just have to add that I was so impressed with the student’s presentations; with their poise, professionalism, humor, and their well-planned and well-executed proposals especially. I saw a roomful of beaming faces last night, not just of students, but wide smiles on teachers and parents as well. Hats off to all!

O'Maley Awesome Gloucester -4 ©Kim Smith 2015O'Maley Awesome Gloucester -10 ©Kim Smith 2015O'Maley Awesome Gloucester -7 ©Kim Smith 2015.JPGSuper Proud Moms Lara, Tracy, and Nicole!

VIDEO: Live police pursuit w video of suspect: #gloucesterma

Video of suspect being loaded into the ambulance. (he appears to have offended the medics and officers)

Gloucester police officers finished off a foot chase at the corner of Willow St. and Willowood Rd. I witnessed the man, white male whom appeared to be in his late 50’s to early 60’s, being chased across the train tracks and through the parking lot of the MAC. After several police officers in uniform, and what appeared to be plain clothes officers as well, chased him down w weapons drawn, one officer tackled the suspect to the ground.

After being cuffed, searched and brought to his feet, the man was loaded into an ambulance for medical attention. Aside from his obvious lack of respect for the arresting officers and medics, he appeared to suffer no injuries.


The studio drawing classes will run for five Mondays, June 15th through July 13th and begin again on five Mondays, July 20 through August 17. All classes are 10 AM – 1 PM.

2014_Ciaramitaro_Perspective_DrawingThis much loved Gloucester artist and former fisherman shares about perspective drawing, “To be an artist in a traditional or classical style, you must understand perspective. If you don’t understand perspective you will not fool anyone. Your paintings and drawings will be weak. You must understand the lines. I will show you where the lines begin and end. When you know perspective, you will be a more confident artist able to draw anything. You will see…I will show you. Join me.” Please check the NSAA’s website for more information.

The North Shore Arts Association’s galleries are open, free to the public, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Noon to 5 p.m.

More information on all North Shore Arts Association events is available by visiting their website at, and by email at, or by telephone 978 283-1857.

How far have you gone?

Let’s face it, as much as everyone loves to be friendly with the peace, love and happiness there are times we just don’t want to talk to people. How many people do you see and talk to just in the market? It’s impossible to get through the market with out conversing!

I often don’t make eye contact because I figured if I can’t see them, they can’t see me right? (sounds good in theory)

If we spot someone we will casually turn around and walk the other way in the hopes they leave the market before making that inevitable eye contact.



How far have you gone just to avoid the awkward conversation somewhere?

New Video from Lisa Smith ~ Gloucester City-wide Arts Festival 2015

Lisa writes ~ “Here it is fresh off the press video highlight of the Gloucester Schools City-wide Arts Festival held earlier this month in downtown Gloucester. I couldn’t cover it all, but what I did cover was amazing! It includes a short interview with GHS science teacher Kurt Lichtenwald, his robotics program is fantastic. People got to play with the robots and other engineering marvels that his students made.”


Greg Verga Press Release

Good Morning Gloucester Does Not Endorse Candidates and this press release should not be indicative of a an endorsement or non endorsement of any candidates:
,From Greg Verga:
Meet and

Meet and Greet Mayoral Candidate Greg Verga while enjoying Chinese food, watching a little film and listening to some great, live Gloucester music by The John Jerome Band and Greg sitting in on bass.

Capacity is limited so please RSVP to or go to our website:

You can also call our Campaign Headquarters at 978-325-3523

Hooglio Bastistos at Cape Ann Cinema and Stage THIS WEEK!

HooglioHooglio Bastistos is back.  Gloucester’s own singer and semi political comic story teller.  With his infectious original songs that you can’t seem to shake for days, Hooglio returns this week in a new live show.  In “From Here to Flustuania” Hooglio receives a ‘message from God’; he has a daughter he’s never met and must go on a quest to find her.  His daughter ‘Hooglietta’, played by Sofia Gadbois, is also on a quest to find him.  With Gordon Baird playing Louie DeRoach, Roman Gadbois as Mc and a cameo visit by Ian McColl and Steve via Video, the result is an irresistible hour of Gloucester’s most adorable characters; great songs, fun local comedy and video.

It’s a perfect stage production for the Cape Ann Community Cinema.  The room is perfect for Hooglio’s beloved audience, accommodating over 100 people, with snacks, beer, and wine.

What started as a request by his wife, Susan Albiero, for Hooglio to sing one song at a fund raiser to support a Musical Performance Tour of England for her kids, has mushroomed into a four night show.  This show has been a family affair with the four Gadbois family members busy working together, with Gordon as a sort of adopted son.

The show is May 27/28 (Wed/Thurs) @7:30 and May 29/30 (Fri/Sat) @8:30at the Cape Ann Community Cinema and Stage. 267 E Main St, Gloucester. (above St Peters club)   Advance Tickets $15 may be reserved by credit card online at  Will call tickets $15 if reserved by phone (978) 509-6000. Student and Family Discounts by calling.  $18 night of the show.

These guys, tonight! Mike O’Connell, David Brown, Forrest Padgett & Dear Ol Dave himself. Put on your dancing shoes.. 8:30pm @The Rhumb Line 5.28.2015

mike david forrest dav sag 5.28.2015

Dave says,

The Rockport Ghetto Rage Festival continues with the arrival of Mr. Mike O”Connell to our stage this Thursday. Mikey, the kapusta king of Worcester,will have all of you stubbing your toes on his brand of southern rock. That and he can cook, too. And sing, like an angel! What’s not to like? Spread out!
He’ll be joined by our own locally groaned hero of catarrh: Mr. Dave Brown. And to add to all the senseless violence, let’s add Mr. David Mattacks, the Atomic Clock, on drums. And me, too. This is a really great combo plate. Czech it out. Hope to see you there.
And don’t forget, next Monday, from 1 to 3, The Good Old Salty Jazz Band will be circling the wagons at The Rose Baker Senior Center. It’s free and the Jello® is really good.

Put on your dancing shoes…it’s gonna be a wicked good one…or just listen…you’ll be glad you did.