Love the new clothes at The Gloucester Shop of Cape Ann

Love the clothes at The Gloucester Shop of Cape Ann, 48 Main Street, Gloucester, MA  01930, 978-282-3227.  Here are a couple of photos of the clothes. I actually bought a couple of the outfits.  The dresses are so cute and love the skirts, tee shirts, pants, and jewelry.  Come on down and take a look.

Sea Again New & Consigned Fashion & Accessories

Discovering stores that specialize in second-hand items in the Gloucester-Rockport area has been an adventure, and I keep discovering more! Often I’ll go to one store, and they’ll refer me to another. Unfortunately some also have closed since I started this series of posts – “Stuff” on Main Street is gone, and “Junque and Disorderly” on Washington Street is in its last days.

When I visited Bub’s Tool Consignment I found out that the owner’s wife, Joelle Williams, also has a consignment store. Her store, Sea Again, is in Rockport (14 Dock Square) and focuses on women’s clothes and accessories, including both consignment and new items.

The store is open year-round, although the hours vary somewhat according to the season. The best place to check for updated hours is their Facebook page or their website.

Besides the consignment clothes, they sell new clothes and new Italian Sterling silver and crystal jewelry.

The sign out front isn’t very big, but the building (photo at right) is very distinctive if you know what you are looking for!

Here are a few more photos I took during my visit:

Matthew Green

Here are the previous posts in this series on second-hand stores (thrift, consignment, antique, etc.) in alphabetical order:

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We still have more to go in no particular order. (I have visited several of them already. I hope to get the rest before I go on another trip…)

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The Eco Boutique

_Eco Boutique 0The Eco Boutique is located at 186 Main Street, in Brown’s Mall (to the right as you enter the mall, although they also have an entrance straight on to Main Street).  Like many of the stores I’ve reviewed, they carry a variety of items, including clothes for all ages (men and women) and hand-made jewelry, but they also have a very specific focus: used children’s clothing!  That is good news for anyone with kids, because we all know how fast they grow, and parents often have used children’s clothes to get rid of and need new ones too! Of course, in some families they use the hand-me-down solution; growing up, I often used clothes that had belonged first to my cousins and then to my older brother… But that isn’t possible for everyone. So, here’s a good place to get into the circle of recycling gently used children’s clothing!

Being just a bit east of the intersection of Main St. and Pleasant St., it’s very easy to find, and you can park at the lot a block away on Pleasant St.  (a good central location to part for you to visit practically any of the Main St. stores I’ve mentioned). Their hours are: Sun. 12-5PM, Mon-Wed. 10-5PM, Thurs. 10-7PM, Fri-Sat. 10-6PM.

Next up: The Past Present Shoppe!

Matthew Green


The Dress Code – the 2nd-hand store series continues!

Continuing my series on second-hand stores in the Gloucester-Rockport area, today we make a virtual visit to The Dress Code! (159 Main St.)

_The Dress Code façadeThe Dress Code is a consignment store that specializes in women’s clothing and accessories, although they also have some men’s clothing and other items.  Very often they welcome visitors with a rack of clothes outside the front door:

_The Dress Code 3 dollar rackI have been in here a few times looking for men’s clothes (including the first tie I’ve worn in 20 years), and the staff has always been welcoming and helpful. Here are some photos of the inside of the store:

They are open Mon-Sat 10AM-5PM, and Sunday 12PM-5PM.

Next up in the series: The Eco Boutique!

Matthew Green

Have you been to the Pop Gallery recently?

_Pop Gallery open for business

During the month of January, the Pop Gallery (67 Main St. in Gloucester) was closed, but the re-opened in February (pretty much right on time for Snowpocalypse Nemo).  Among other things, they used the down time to redecorate the interior:

_Pop Gallery redecoratedThey also have new products to add to their already interesting and eclectic selection.  The gallery carries a variety of “Jolly Roger” and similarly skull-themed items, like these skull-themed items of jewelry:

_Pop Gallery skulls

They also carry some chocolate with some of the most inventive packaging I have ever seen (click on the photo to enlarge it so you can read the small text):

_Pop Gallery chocolateThat’s just the tip of the iceberg, really. At Christmas I bought some really nice catnip toys for my parents’ felines, and they were a big hit!

The gallery’s winter hours are as follows:
Thu: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Fr. Matthew Green

Call me crazy, but…

…I think I would buy one of these if they took the advertisement text off the top.  I just love the absurdity of it!

What a conversation piece, right?  “Dude, what’s that on your tee-shirt?” “It’s a fire-breathing liger riding a pickle over a double rainbow. Isn’t it obvious?”

Seen in the window of the G33K store at 130 Main Street.

-Fr. Matthew Green