Where can you get Breakfast Boats? George’s Coffee Shop That’s Where!

I feel like every time I do a post about breakfast in Gloucester I have to attach the “We are so blessed to have so many awesome breakfast joints in Gloucester” disclaimer but there are a couple that are just straight up special and have been executing perfectly for decades.  George’s is one of the elite of the elite in town.  If you haven’t gone there recently you’re really missing out.  nephew BJ is monster fan of the breakfast boats shown here-

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George’s Coffee Shop -I’ll Be Back

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George’s Coffee shop represents everything that is right about Gloucester restaurants compared to the chain joints you find in 99% of the rest of the country. Founded in the early 1900’s and staying true to it’s roots the place oozes history. The food is actually very creative for an old school joint. Dean Salah who runs the place is on top of everything.

I got the Breakfast Cups which are crispy potato cups filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and bacon, with salsa and sour cream on the side. It also came with a choice of toast. I opted for the sweet bread and it was thick and delicious. As full as I was I would have made room for more of that bread.

The only thing surpassing the food and value was the five star service. Dean obviously runs a tight ship, but these girls were fantastic.  The girls working the floor must share tips because every time they walked by I had my coffee filled or asked if I needed anything or how was my meal. It was a different girl every time and they were all very pleasant and efficient, never looking overwhelmed, which at some places it drives me nuts. I’ll be back.