Grilled Veggie Pesto Pizza




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         Grilled Veggie Pesto Pizza

A few summers ago,  I came across a mouth watering photo of a Grilled Veggie Pesto Pizza on the very popular Blog site “The Pioneer Women” belonging to Ree Drummond. When I read the list of ingredients included in Ree’s Grilled Veggie Pesto Pizza; pesto, grilled zucchini, goat cheese, roasted peppers… I immediately got hungry, and knew I had to make it for a friends end of the summer BBQ.   Using zucchini, summer squash, and basil, from my farm share at the Applenton Farm I whipped up my own “Basil Pesto” recipe and followed Ree’s guide for the pizza.  After sampling the first bite I fell in love.  The combination of flavors is absolutely amazing!  The past few summers I have made it numerous times and it’s always a big hit.  I give “The Pioneere Women,”  Ree Drummond’s Grilled Veggie Pesto Pizza a double thumbs up! Trust me, give this one a try…you won’t be disappointed. It’s a great way to use fresh zucchini and basil growing this time of year!   

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Tonight we are celebrating a few friends Belated Birthdays’ on the beach… and this is on the menu!

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Grilled Veggie Pesto Pizza


1 pizza dough

2 yellow zucchini

2 green zucchini

2 red peppers

2 orange peppers

1 ½ cup pesto Note~ See page #37 in my cookbook “Gifts of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen with Sista Felicia; Harvest” for my “Basil Pesto” recipe

16 oz. pre sliced package mozzarella cheese

2 tablespoon grated parmesan cheese

½ cup fresh basil, cut into thin strips

1 ½ cup crumbles goat cheese

½ cup Olive oil for zucchini and squash, plus more for drizzle over dough

2 teaspoon kosher Salt

2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper


1  heat grill; lightly coast grill surface with Pam Grilling Spray

2  wash and dry zucchini and summer squashes, and cut ¼ inch thick slices

2   heat grill

3  place cut zucchini and summer squash in mixing bowl;  generously drizzle with ½ cup olive oil, sprinkling kosher salt and freshly ground pepper; mix well

4  grill prepared zucchini and summer squash 1-2 minutes each side; reserve

5  arrange peppers on grill, turning when skin blackens and blusters

6  remove peppers from grill;  place in zip lock bag; zeal bag;  let rest 15 minutes

7   remove peppers from bag; peel blustering skin, and remove seeds

8  rinse peppers under warm water to remove and chard skin

9   slice peppers into thin strips, reserve red and orange peppers separately

10  roll pizza dough out onto large cookie sheet; lightly drizzle top of dough with olive oil (aprox. 11/2 tablespoon); spread pesto evenly over dough

12   arrange slices of mozzarella cheese over pesto

13  alternate zucchini and summer squash, in rows

14  alternate red and orange peppers over the zucchini and squash layer

15   sprinkle with parmesan cheese

16  bake pizza in preheated 475 degree oven 15-20 minutes, or until crust is golden and mozzarella cheese is melted

17  remove from oven; scatter crumbled goat cheese over hot pizza; top with fresh basil strips; cut and serve


*Note~ the recipe listed above has been adapted from the original belonging to “The Pioneer Women; Ree Drummond’s Grilled Veggie Pesto Pizza.






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