GMG Special Cross Promotion- Free Copy of Ron Gilson’s An Island No More For The First 8 People That Order Two or More This Is Gloucester DVDs

A review-

With all the book talk lately, I thought I would share one of my favs from Ron Gilson.

Readers of An Island No More will immediately recognize this memoir as no routine historical account of Gloucester. It is a deeply moving essay of an author’s experience of the fishing industry as it affected the everyday life of its citizens. Gilson transports the reader into decades that cover depression, war, prosperity and, finally, decline. Gilson’s story is a poignant personal insight into many vignettes of the characters which fill his historical account. Using the fishing industry as a metaphor for life, Gilson reveals the life of a city over four decades. This historical approach is the strength of his work. Only a native of Gloucester could have written such a memoir.

As I read Gilson’s history, having been away from my home- town over fifty years, I was immediately taken back into time. Gilson’s account rings with such an authenticity, a virtual new experience of that time and place came back to me. In short, this history will engage the reader at all levels of emotion.

Dr. Richard J. Elliott 
Professor Emeritus 
University of New Orleans

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- G33K

The fourth year of the GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Video Series where we walk up and down Main Street and try to capture as many retailers as we can and highlight their best gift ideas one a day every day leading up to Christmas.


2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Main Street Art and Antiques

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- The Dress Code

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- The Weathervane

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Menage Gallery

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- House of The Raven

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Village Silversmith

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Toodeloos

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Bananas

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Nelsons

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Alexandras Bread Co

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Lone Gull

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Kids Unlimited

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Harbor Loop Gifts

2012 Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co

Stupidest Thing I Did Today

Went to grab a sub at the supermarket as I was in a hurry and on the way out of the store picked up a bag of Doritos.

I haven’t eaten a bag of Doritos for at least a year.

I feel disgusting.

What a waste of calories.  Empty- disgusting- make your breath bad- disgusting calories.



What makes it worse was just last week when I took Snoop Maddie Mad out for some special father-daughter time we were at a restaurant and this guy with pleated dress slacks and a royal blue shirt sits down next to us with his dinner- two hot dogs, two cans of regular pepsi and a bag of chips.  The guy was a total mess with greasy hair and a huge gut and slight shoulders- just carried all his weight like a tire made out of crisco right around his waist. 

All I  could think of was how the guy had totally given up on life.  No pride, not even trying.   Like if it was one hot dog, one can of regular soda and a bag of chips that would have been one thing.  But nooo, straight up two hot dogs, two cans of soda and a bag of chips.  I’m sorta surprised he didn’t double up on the chips.  May as well at that point, right?  Like if you’re trying to kill yourself live it up man, just fill out the two way shit trifecta and double up all the way around.

Seriously.  Two hot dogs, two cans of sugar-laden pepsi and a bag of chips?  Have some respect for yourself.  You know the whole your body is a temple saying and all that?

I shoulda known better than to pick up that bag of Doritos.

I won’t make that mistake again any time soon. Believe that!

Stupid Joey

Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

This week we continue with our documentary photographs and videos from Gloucester’s Steve Connolly Seafood. Salmon is cut fresh for the retail counter and boxed for shipping.

Video and color photos © Kathy Chapman 2012
DSCF4309 copy
BxW photos © Marty Luster

All your shopping done? If not, NYRE Buttons could save your butt

OK, you’ve had Ladies Night and Men’s Night, but you’re still not done.  Or if you’re like me you haven’t started yet.  We went to Men’s night last night and what did I do?  Saw the Two Buddies Show at Alchemy, bought cheese, pate and olives at The Cave (I know I was supposed to by buying gifts, but I was hungry), talked with lots of people I don’t see every day and then it was late and Vickie and John (who had been Christmas shopping the whole time) wanted to go.  Oh well, guess I’ll go back to plan A, which is to start my shopping at noon on Christmas Eve.  Then I’m focused.

Henri Smith at Shalin Liu on NYRE 2011
Henri Smith at Shalin Liu on NYRE 2011

But wait!  You don’t have to procrastinate like I do.  You can get New Years Rockport Eve buttons for everybody still on your list.  It really is one of the best entertainment values you will ever get on Cape Ann with dozens of artists performing all over Rockport from 6 to midnight — and beyond (see live music schedule here).  Plus magic, puppetry, story telling, fortune telling, face painting, balloon making and lots more for kids and parents.

Here’s where you can get buttons:

In Rockport:
John Tarr Store, Main St.
Smith hardware & Lumber at the Lumber Desk, 3 Station Square
Toad Hall Bookstore, Main St.

In Gloucester:
Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Commercial St.
House of Raven, Main St.
Gloucester Music, Main St.

OK, now you’re done . . . and you can relax and enjoy all the great music this weekend.  You’ve got over 30 choices between now and Sunday.  See the full live music schedule here.

This is GMG’s 26,000th Post

Screenshot from the Good Morning Gloucester editing Dashboard-


26,000 Posts.

Wrap your mind around that one.

That’s like 26,000 pages of a novel that you’ve had access to for nothing.   If you consider we post an average of one food post per day for all these days that’s thousands and thousands of basically bringing you the best food offered in these parts and showing you what local restaurant to get them.

If you consider one or two art posts per day that’s thousands and thousands of posts showing you all the fantastic artists and art happenings in our area.

If you consider the multiple music listings per day from Joanne, Peter and Vickie, that’s thousands and thousands of posts promoting local musicians and music events in our area.

If you consider the Did you know and old photographs and history in which we’ve connected the dots for you through the efforts of contributors like Fred Buck and Fred Bodin, Geno Mondello, Al Bezanson, that’s thousands and thousands of historical posts about our area.

If you consider the landscape photos bringing you daily the geographic natural and urban beauty that our area offers us in all four seasons that’s thousands upon thousands of posts.

And all never having asked a dime.  Doing it for the love of helping those in our community- businesses, artists, musicians, athletes, photographers.

I couldn’t be prouder of our team.



How to Offend Flowers

Cornus florida rubra ©Kim Smith 2012Native Pink Flowering Dogwood ~ Cornus flordia rubra

While writing Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! I would often come across what seemed at the time random information, but would jot it down anyhow hoping that it would find its way into the pages of my book. The following excerpt was found within a display of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) porcelain at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore where I was researching Chinese flower and bird painting. I laughed out loud when reading and it makes me smile with every subsequent read but wonder if it is only funny to we flower- lovers.

Enjoying flowers with tea is the best, enjoying them with conversation the second and enjoying them with wine the least. Feasts and all sorts of vulgar language are most deeply detested and resented by the spirit of the flowers. It is better to keep the mouth shut and sit still than to offend the flowers. 

—from a Ming Dynasty  (1368-1644)  treatise on flowers Walters Art Museum

The idea that flowers can be offended by bad manners reflects the belief that the world we inhabit is an organism in which all phenomena interrelate. By the same reasoning, someone who drinks tea from a peach- shaped pot will live longer (peaches symbolize longevity), and someone who dips his writing brush in a peony-shaped bowl will have good fortune, as the peony is a metaphor for success and wealth. The love of flowers was and continues to be a passion among the Chinese and trees and plants are genuinely loved as living creatures.

To win a free copy of Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities ! Notes from a Gloucester Garden leave a comment or see yesterday’s post about the Magnolia virginiana.

Jon Butcher and Fly Amero @ The Rhumb Line 12-12-12

It was not your average night at The Rhumb Line this past Wednesday with Jon Butcher joining Fly Amero. There was not an empty seat in the house. The music was excellent and Jon Butcher fit right in and felt at home. Jon mentioned that he loves Gloucester and  he is now living there. I certainly hope that means we will be hearing more of him around these parts. Here are some of the places Jon Butcher has been and will be soon. Also check out the link to his webpage. Sat 12/1- GUITAR CENTER EVENT, Berklee Performance Center, Boston MA Sun 12/2- w/ PARKER WHEELER, The Grog, Newburyport MA Mon 12/3 – WBCN/AMERICAN REVOLUTION, House of Blues, Boston MA Fri 12/7- w/ ROBERT CRAY, Blue Ocean Concert Hall, Salisbury MA Sat 12/15- FARREN BUTCHER INC , Chan’s, Woonsocket RI Tues 12/18- CHRISTMAS BUZZ BALL, The Palace Theater, Manchester NH Fri 12/21- FARREN BUTCHER INC , Voices, Lowell MA Fly shared about the loss of loved ones close to him in the Orleans’s music world and Jon sang of loved ones in his songs. Plus Jon shared with the audience that he has a new “Jon Butcher Axis ” recording that he is working on and is due out some time next year.

After Fly’s opening set Jon shared the stage. Later Allen Estes and J. B. Amero followed with Dan King.  It was quite the night and just as magical as one could ever hope for.






Two Buddies Show Photos by Anthony Marks

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to support EJ and my show at Alchemy.  Thank you Anna and James Eves from Cape Ann Giclee for their quick turnaround and super high quality work creating my photos into canvas wraps (you don’t have to be a professional photographer to visit James and Anna at 20 Maplewood Ave and have a canvas wrap of your work created) 

I’m really proud of the work.  Really proud of it.

Unfortunately we had a boat that stayed out lobstering past the time that the show ran so I could only manage to stop in to say hi in between offloading lobster boats and didn’t get out of work til after the show was over.  For the brief time I could stop in it was great to see many of our FOB’s and people from the Gloucester Education Fund who 10% of the proceeds of the sale of our work at Alchemy will go to.

if anyone else has photos from our opening could you send them in to I know Charlie Carroll was snapping away and Jason Grow was taking photos as well.  I’d love to see what I missed.


Db submits- NPR on Edward Hopper

Just came across this piece on WBUR about a photographer who has produced a book of photographs of the houses that Edward Hopper painted in Gloucester.

“Photographer Gail Albert Halaban spent her childhood summers in Gloucester, Mass., a small seaside town where her father was born.

…Halaban’s photos of Gloucester are now on display at New York City’s Edwynn Houk Gallery. She also has a new book out, called Out My Window.”

Find more at: