Greg Bover’s Quote of The Week from Japan!

I’m in Japan for a couple of weeks so the quote is sent in from Kyoto today.
"You wouldn’t worry so much about what other people think of you if you knew how seldom they do."
Variously attributed to Olin Miller, Eleanor Roosevelt, Phil McGraw and others.

JoAnn From Melrose Represents!

Dear Joey

We had your lobsters tonight and as we have done after every lobster we got from you, my husband and I  sprawled across our dining room chairs and said: OMG, that was the best (f___, you know the word) lobster I had in my life. We’ll be back for more real soon


Joey, I stopped in earlier today– you were right about Mamie’s burgers. Here’s a pic of the Greek burger.
JoAnn Jastrzab
(From Melrose)


One of Mamie’s Kitchen Lunch Specials-

Her cup of chicken & rice soup and "half" sandwich were delish. Thanks for your recommendation. I’m looking forward to chewing down tonight on the lobsters we bought from you!


The Godfather of Punk~ Willie”Loco”Alexander~Tonight at The Rhumb Line’s Blues Party 9:00 pm

Dave Saginario

Dave says,

After a crushing season of shopping for that particularly insignificant other on  your list, why not forget all your woes and amuse yourself to some groovy sounds this Thursday. I’m proud to present that Goodfellow of Punk, Mr. Willie Alexander . Y’all know Willie; he’s mainstay of the local scene and keeper of the flame of vintage roots music. Expect a lot of piano-pounding to the  heartbeat of New Orleans and Memphis.  Joining us will be his longtime guitarist, Mr. Billy Loosigian, one of the best rockers I’ve ever heard. L’il Steevee Chaggaris will be manning the defibrillators.You’re gonna sweat, so bring your own  Diaperene©.

willie ff

LobstahCrackah Ballet starts tonight~December 27, 2012


It’s the second year of Henry Allen’s popular LobstahCrackah Ballet! Come join a cast of characters that include the LobstahCrackah Prince and the Gull King, Uncle Drawsumbuttah, Mothah Chowdah and more, as we “spin” a Glostah-fied tale of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker!

Dancing turbines? We got ’em!

Showtimes as follows:

Thursday 12/27 – 7:30pm
Friday 12/28 – 7:30pm
Saturday 12/29 – 2pm and 7:30pm
Sunday 12/30 – 2pm

Tickets for the LobstahCrackah Ballet can be purchased online at:

Suggested donations (online or at the door):

General Admission – $20.00
Seniors, Veterans, Students – $15.00

Catnip toys from Pop Gallery make our cat happy

During the “Men’s Night” event, at the Pop Gallery I bought a pack of catnip-based toys for my family’s two cats, Frey and Freya.  This photo shows Frey after flipping out with the catnip… now in a happy catnip-induced stupor.  The small green packet and the realistic mouse were both part of the set.  Freya also enjoyed the toys, but she likes to hide under the covers on my parents’ bed, so I couldn’t get photos…

Fr. Matthew Green


Rockport Farmers Market THIS Weekend!

Here’s the info from

Wondering what’s going on in Rockport now that Christmas is over? Well, there is an exciting event happening this weekend! There will be a FARMERS MARKET in the grocery store space at Whistlestop Mall. Saturday, December 29. 10 am to 1 pm.
Local produce, local grass fed beef, local eggs & honey, a variety of Virgilio breads including nisu, and other vendors. Any local gardeners have an abundance to share? table space still available at no charge.

photo from
photo from

North Shore Lesbian New Movie Night


North Shore Lesbian Is Rockin A New Movie Night.

Click here for more details

Get your lesbo on with some popcorn and huge fountain drinks!

For the record I totally support lesbianism.  Especially hot lipstick lesbian lesbianism.  Makes way more sense than a dick in the ass doesn’t it?  (not that there’s anything wrong with that if you’re into getting a dick in your ass)  Like us guys are totally gross, I can way more relate to a woman wanting to go down on another woman than a sweaty dude but again, if going down on sweaty dudes is your thing than I fully support your love of going down on sweaty dudes.

The lipstick lesbian thing sounds way more appealing though, no?

Love is love baby!  Equal rights on the marriage thing too- total no-brainer.  How the gays don’t already have equal rights to marry universally by now is just flat out baffling to me. 

Either way, do gay men have a similar organization as North Shore Lesbian?  If so, tell them to send me press releases and I’d be happy to publicize their events as well.

Gay pride baby!  Somebody needs to make me a GMG Logo featuring a rainbow color theme so I can post it on the future gay posts. STAT!  Beth Swan can you work your graphic design magic on the logo with some rainbow action?

Community Stuff 12/27/12

Hey Joey,

Heres a direct link for all the local live music on New Year’s Eve if you wanted to share it with your readers.  Hope you had a good xmas! See ya soon


Richard Mandelbaum

Joey–I rent a theater at Hollywood Hits Theater in Danvers and each Tuesday and Thursday have a choice of Gloucester films with me for people to enjoy namely Gloucestermen, Schoonermen, Schooners Built in Essex, Diving Locker Museum, Parade of Sails, Perfect Storm footage, Old Sea Wrecks such as USS New Hampshire off Manchester, Hurricane Sandy in Gloucester. Great films to watch.
Shows start at 11:30a at Hollywood Hits Theater and run to 1:15p. $5, $4 Seniors. More info 978 7772711.
Thank you.Dan Tremblay, Danvers, Producer. Heritage Films

Check Out The Winners of Seaport Grille’s Ugly Sweater Contest-

Winners of the UGLY SWEATER CONTEST Dec 24th at Seaport Grille

On Monday Dec. 24th, Seaport Grille held the First Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest!

What a bunch of Laughs!

Hey Joey,
I don’t know if you might be interested in telling GMG fans about our children’s book Giuseppe McGuire from Old Boston Town. I have enclosed the press release and a link to the book trailer. Thanks to the panel discussion at the library in Gloucester last month, we decided to go ahead and self publish through amazon. In Book 2, Giuseppe ends up in Gloucester with his friend the Charles River Monster. Look for it in the Spring!
I appreciate your time. Thank you for making GMG such a great source of information for locals and wanna be locals, such as myself.
Many blessings,
Heather Smidt