Alrighty Pinheads- Expose Yourself!

Anyone else on Pinterest?


I’ve been slowly adding to my Pinterest Boards.  It all seemed pretty redundant being on Pinterest while I’m already blogging, that was until I started doing searches for things that interest me.

My favorite board is the motivation board where I search for motivational pins and find stuff that really gets me fired up.

So who among you have Pinterest accounts?  What are some of your favorite boards of yours or boards you follow?

Share if you will some of your favs.

Here is my Pinterest account-

Check it out for yourself and instead of just creating your own board use the search box and look for stuff that interests you.

Oh and BTW we have a Pin it Button below each post.  That will post what you like to one of your own boards.

Conan O’Brien Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

"Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you are kind, amazing things will happen."

Conan O’Brien (1963-      )


A native of Brookline and a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University, where he served as president of the Harvard Lampoon, O’Brien was a writer for Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons before hosting the variety shows Late Night and, briefly, The Tonight Show. The two-time Emmy award winner now hosts Conan on TBS and often appears in cameo roles on other comedy shows such as The Colbert Report, The Daily Show and 30 Rock. An avid guitarist who has played with Bruce Springsteen, O’Brien is also an anti-hunger activist and often speaks against the corrosive effects of cynicism.

Greg Bover

Has Any Gloucester Mayor Or City Council Had This Much Success In What Is Supposed To Be A Suck Economy?

Big Time Kudos to Those In Charge.  I’d Say We’ve Never Had It So Good


Just This Year-

Harbor Walk

Three Turbines which will if “conservative numbers” pan out will provide $450K in energy savings and the City didn’t pay a dime for them.


Expansion at Gortons

Burnhams Field The Largest Inner City Green Space Gets Totally Redone

Endicott College Opens It’s Doors In Gloucester

Excellent New Police and Fire Chiefs

Huge windfalls in free cash and upgraded bond ratings

Huge upgrades to our water and sewer infrastructure

#Boom!  You can fool good about the direction this City is taking. Honoring it’s past while readying for it’s future.

(Thanks Ed for helping me with this list)

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Alexandras Bread Co

The fourth year of the GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Video Series where we walk up and down Main Street and try to capture as many retailers as we can and highlight their best gift ideas one a day every day leading up to Christmas.


2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Lone Gull
2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Kids Unlimited
2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Harbor Loop Gifts
2012 Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co

The Blades are turning

The first video I put up was not the one I took, Youtube tried to fix something and it made it look wabbly.  Trying this again.  The noise you hear in the background is not the turbines, it is a compressor at Good Harbor Filet.  Sorry about the first one.

Rocky Neck Winter Show

Rocky Neck Winter Show Opening
Rocky Neck Winter Show Opening

What a turnout on Rocky Neck Saturday night – about 300 folks came to the Cultural Center for the opening reception of our 8th Annual Winter Show!  If you couldn’t make it, no problem.  We have 3 more events over the next few weeks, and you know they’ll be as much fun! 

Sunday Dec. 9, 2-4 pm join us for High Tea. 

Saturday Dec. 15, 3-5 pm it’s Happy Hour. 

And Friday Dec. 21, 7-10 pm come to our potluck Solstice Party.
Cultural Center hours are 11-6, Thursday through Sunday from now until Dec. 23.  Fifty-eight artists have their paintings, drawings, prints, photography, ceramics, jewelry, cards, and ornaments on both floors of the Center, and it looks fabulous.  Come and support our Cape Ann arts community in this amazing new cultural venue!

Holiday Concert at Willowdale Estate

Come celebrate the holidays at Willowdale Estate, Tuesday night, December 4th at 7:00.

I’ve come to look forward to attending Willowdale’s Annual Holiday Concert. The traditional carols and beautiful music put me in the holiday spirit, along with the splendid ambiance, and Briar’s beyond-delicious refreshments! I hope to see you there!

Willowdale Estate

For ticket information call 978.887.8211 or email


P&V LOL #3: Health advice changes with the direction of interest rates

Last Monday we introduced the mathematical concept of inverse proportions, as part of our new series Peter & Vickie’s Laws of Life (LOL).  This week’s LOL is an example of  another mathematical concept, the one-to-one-correspondence, A.K.A. bijection, and could be stated thus: There is a 0ne-to-one correspondence between the change in direction of health advice and the change in direction of the U.S. Treasury Bond Interest Rate.

Here are some examples that support this LOL (refer to the graph above):

One of the best teachers I had was Mr. Ford, a bulky, real-man-football-coach, who didn’t eat salad but always found fun, engaging ways to teach.  For a few weeks of 8th grade biology, he would begin nearly every lesson with, “When you eat a ham sandwich with lettuce …” and proceed to explain how you digest carbs, protein, etc., but the lettuce was pure cellulose, provided no nutritional value and went “right on through.”  This became a class favorite.  He’d say his line and excited hands would instantly thrust into the air as our little buts bounced off the seats.  We just couldn’t wait to finish the rant against lettuce.  In fact, the final question on that year’s final exam (worth 20 points) was an essay: “What happens when you eat a ham sandwich with lettuce?”  My buddy Austin Shelton (who played guitar in my band back then) got 25 points because, in addition to the correct answer, he added a diagram of the complete “lettuce path”, showing it coming out the ass.  The year was 1968 and interest rates were on the rise.

Then, in 1982 Frances Moore Lappé published Diet for a Small Planet, in which she, among other things, promoted the nutritional value of lettuce and interest rates made their steepest reversal of the 20th century!

Need more proof than this? OK, here goes:

In 1941 people begin using Margarine (a trans-fat) instead of butter and the war against saturated fats in our diets begins in earnest.  Interest rates reverse course.  In 2006, saturated fats are good again, trans-fats are bad, trans-fat labeling becomes mandatory and NYC bans trans-fats in restaurants.  Once again interest rates reverse course.

In 1900, doctors actually prescribed smoking to calm nerves, etc.  Smoking was thought to be good for you.  Interest rates were on the rise.  But scientists were beginning to connect smoking to health problems and in 1921 several states banned smoking.  Interest rates began to drop.  In 1940 doctors began promoting smoking again and, believe it or not, cigarette companies advertised in the JAMA.  Interest rates began to rise.  In 1960 Smokey the Bear said (in an anti-smoking campaign) “Only you can prevent forest fires.”  Interest rates began to fall.

What’s next?  Guess we’ll have to wait until interest rates rise again to see the newest health fad.  Until then, I’ll follow the advice I heard from Julia Child defending her “rich French foods”, saying that her mother always advised “Moderation in all things and a little bit of everything.” — and I’ll enjoy a little bit (or a lot) of everything at our great local restaurants — especially the ones with live music (see here).

In these days when TV chefs are more popular than rock stars, here’s a tribute (with music) to the greatest TV chef of all time.

North Gloucester’s Lanesville Neighborhood Is Home To A New Retail Business- Celia’s Flower Studio

Celia’s Flower Studio, owned and operated by Lanesville native Celia Gibson, is now open at 77 Langsford St. (Route 127). Celia’s offers a full line of retail floral services, including weddings, private parties, funerals, daily deliveries, corporate events, and custom container garden designs and installations.


Along with specializing in wedding design, Celia’s will carry a variety of cut flowers and plants including tropical flowers native to Hawaii. Celia’s also offers a bouquet bar where customers can build their own bouquets.

Over the last decade Celia has worked at garden centers and florists in Manhattan, Hilo Hawaii, and throughout Boston’s North Shore. "My energy and my innovative spin on the business are my greatest assets," she says. "I want to improve the communication process of shopping for flowers, working with my customers as well as for them."  

Celia’s will be open Tuesday through Friday 9-5 and Saturdays 10-3 or by appointment.

Celia’s Flower Studio 77 Langsford St. Gloucester. 978-879-4490, Follow us on Facebook @ Celia’s Flower Studio

Some of Today’s Twitter Highlights

Holiday Specials at G33K

All the way to New Years, G33k is offering holiday specials:



There are also Boardgame Sundays (not just during the holidays), which are a lot of fun!  There are usually a lot of different games to play, from the simple to the complex, and a very friendly atmosphere.  People are always willing to teach you a new game if you want to try it!









Fr. Matthew Green

Our Always Fair and Balanced Lobster Trap Tree Poll and Gloucester’s Lobster Trap Tree Gets A Helping Hand From Our Awesome Fire Department!

vote in the poll mid way down in this post

Don’t forget to bring your children down to Art Haven to paint a buoy to adorn the tree.  That’s what separates our lobster trap tree from all those horribly disfigured monstrosity lobster trap trees up in Maine that are all built out of simply traps and cheap pre-made ribbons imported from China and manufactured in sweat shops with unfair labor practices.

Compare our Tree decorated with heart felt appreciation for our lobster industry and hard working fishermen by sweet adoring children form the Gloucester Community to the abomination seen below-

Gloucester’s Lobster Trap Tree Decorated With Hand Painted Buoys By The Loving Appreciative Children Of Gloucester MA-



Provincetown lobster trap tree adorned with cheap imported Chinese pre-made slave labor ribbons-



Isn’t Provincetown where all the gays are?  I know the gays are better than this, much more creative and artistic.  Be better Provincetown, you’re not representing well here- at all.


Then you got the terribly disfigured one from Maine where it looks more like a Christmas Spike than a Christmas Tree-



Here we go folks, the third year of our fair and balanced GMG Lobster Trap Tree poll-

When our awesome Fire Department isn’t busy saving folks from horrific fires or rescuing cats from trees they make themselves available to help adorn The World’s Greatest Lobster Trap Tree With the lobster trap wire star that Russell Hobbs and his wife Melissa built back in 2009.

Yesterday was the day that Ed and the Crew from Art Haven strung the lights on the Lobster Trap Tree. Thanks David Brooks for the photos.


Lobster Trap Tree Star Built By Russell and Melissa Hobbs

Posted on December 13, 2009 by Joey C

Gloucester Fire Department Places The Star Photos From Brianmoc

Hey Ladies- Head Downtown Gloucester For Ladies Night- Get Tanked On Cheap Rum Punch and Drop Some- Cash December 6th


The growing popularity of Ladies Night in Downtown Gloucester is irrefutable. This has become a monster night out for yoga pant wearing prozac popping mommies.  Go get your cheap rum punch and cheese and cracker swagger on Downtown December 6th!

(and don’t forget to drop some cash)  Shop local baby!



Community Stuff 12/3/12


The Friends of Seacoast Holiday Fair held on December 1, 2012 was a great success made possible only by the generosity of the following merchants and volunteers:
The Liquor Locker, Seabreeze Liquor, Ryan & Wood Distillery, Cape Ann Liquor, Bank Gloucester, Stop & Shop, Lisa Leahy, Joey Ciaramitaro, Rudy Macchi, Jerry Nicastro , Debbie Sheedy,  and  Linda Rogers who donated the popular lighthouses of the United States.

Thank you Vince Scola, Florence Martin, Ann Letendre who sold the cookies made by so many wonderful ladies. Donna Saunders of the Amvet Ladies Auxillary #32.

To the caring staff at Seacoast Tom Doucette, Paul Spinole, Matt Putanasuu, Jennifer Shairs, Kerry Arsenault, Linda Cooney, and Dolly Prevost.

Thanks to David Cox who came and took pictures of the children and residents with Santa Claus and for the beautiful framed ocean scene picture he donated.  To the many vendors who came to sell their wares.
A special thanks to all the hard working members of the Friends of Seacoast, who baked cookies, made gift baskets, sold raffle tickets to the 30 bottle Wine Cellar Raffle, and worked the various tables and gave up the day away from their families.
Angela Ciaramitaro, Pat Ciaramitaro, Rosalie Nicastro, Buzz Mc Eachern, Maryann Amero, Jane & Vincent Pallazola, Meg Mc Cann, J.D Mc Eachern, Sam Santuccio, Joanne Waalewyn, and Tom Lattof

Thanks to Alison Cox, our Activities Director and Stephen Doyle for all their help and support.

Congratulations to the winner of the 30 bottle wine raffle won by Paul Ciluffo. and to the winners of the several baskets, Cathy Mortillaro, Helen Kimmence, Sharon Crowley, Sam Santuccio, Chris Pantano, and G. Selig

The proceeds will be used to provide meaningful social activities and entertainment for our residents.

Karen Mc Cann, Gen Chrm
Holiday Fair