Tony Gross’ 2012 Swedish Coffee Bread and Past Years Incarnations




Tony Gross Comes Through With The Annual Swedish Coffee Bread!

Posted on December 24, 2011 by Joey C


Tony Gross Comes Through Again With His Famous Swedish Coffee Bread

Posted on December 24, 2010 by Joey C

Every year Tony makes Frank and I a loaf of his much sought after Swedish coffee bread. I’m afraid to open it because once you eat the first bite i can’t stop til that whole sucker is gone. (I’m not sure if he puts heroin in it, the stuff is so damn addicting).

Tony Gross 2009 Swedish Coffee Bread

Tony Gross’ Swedish Coffee Bread

Posted on December 21, 2009 by Joey C

Every Christmastime Tony Gross, the skipper of the lobsterboat F/V Sandollar makes a ridiculous number of Swedish Coffee Bread loaves and gives them out to friends.  I made the mistake and called it Nisu but because the recipe comes from an elder in Tony’s family he insists it be called Swedish Coffee Bread.

It’s delicious and best eaten within a day of cooking.  I sure am glad I’m on the list of those who get one every year!

Christmas Day Brussels Sprout

First word plural, second, not. I looked it up. Plenty left over for New Year’s Day post Rocky Neck, Oak Grove Beach plunge. Fingers are numb from snapping these off. Too cold for even the Rubber Duck to come out to harvest. (Her joints stiffen up.) Sirloin Roast, mashed potatoes, brussels sprout. New Christmas tradition at RD’s house.bsprouts

Dominick the Donkey

Merry Christmas to All!

Today we have several Holiday Songs of the Day. The first song I heard for the first time this morning, Dominick the Donkey, and a rockin Ciaramitaro rendition can be seen here. Thank you Felicia and Dee for sharing!

The second song is for Donna and Kathy.

Parents of Lost Fishermen Write A Note Of Thanks

Wally and Carol Gray of Deer Isle, Maine write-

I wanted to take a moment to thank each and everyone who attended the vigil for the lost fisherman, and of course the special attention paid to the two recent fishermen lost at sea from Deer Isle. Wallace “Chubby” Gray II, our baby boy, and Wayne Young, a devoted family man and husband. Again, thank you very much everyone for your support and loving words. God Bless.

Wally and Carol Gray
Deer Isle, Maine

Our Marty Luster captured the vigil-

Vigil for Captain and Crew Member of Foxy Lady II

Posted on December 23, 2012 by Marty Luster

The families of  Captain Wally Gray, Jr. and  crew member Wayne Young, of F.V. Foxy Lady II along with dozens of friends and supporters from Maine and Gloucester gathered at the Fisherman’s Memorial to pay their respects to the two men who were declared lost at sea this week.

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All photos © Marty Luster 2012

Merry Christmas! – Gloucester holiday slideshow

Merry Christmas to all! May God bless you and give you joy, whatever your religious tradition and personal approach to the holiday season.

Remember:  Christmas is just beginning! Traditionally, the Christmas season lasts for more than a week (for Catholics, until the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which falls on Jan 13 this year).  So, don’t rush to throw out those Christmas decorations!  You can still enjoy them for a while yet – at least for the famous “12 Days of Christmas” until Jan. 6!

Gloucester is a great place to spend Advent and Christmas.   Besides all the services, pageants and festivities in the religious context, there are lots of decorations and fun activities downtown.  Click on the photos below to see a slideshow of images taken during “Family and Friends’ Night” and “Men’s Night” on Main Street.



I’ll be blogging from home in Connecticut for the next few days.

– Fr. Matthew Green

Representing GMG X 4

Yesterday, four siblings came into the gallery. They are (l-r) Alex (Boston), Anthony (Bronx), Sarah (Boston), and Elizabeth (Raleigh, NC). They were looking for a present for their Mom, Joanne Leary, who teaches Yoga at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center and at the Glosta YMCA. They bought three maps from my MAP collection: Nahant, Peabody, and Gloucester, all from 1872. Why? Because their mother, Joanne, has lived in all three towns, and settled here. Welcome Joanne and your beautiful children! Merry Christmas and God Bless.

A Guitar Players’ Christmas Poem For GMG From Jon Butcher

Hi Joey,

I humbly offer for your review this Christmas wish for my dear friends in Gloucester. Disclaimer; as you’ll discover the legacy of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is still intact and need fear nothing from me as a poet- and I won’t be quitting my day job either !

Anyway Merry Christmas to you, your family and to everyone at GoodMorning Gloucester !

Sincerely, Jon Butcher

Butcher Block Music Publishing/ BMI


A Guitar Players’ Christmas Poem

by Jon Butcher

Time is short
so I’ll say it simply-
Remember when we were young
all fresh-faced and pimply ?
Days were forever
possibilities limitless
We believed in stuff
even Old St Nicholas
Now we have houses
and kids of our own
mortgages and utilities
at least one iPhone
But the special times
the memories we hold
Keep us young at heart
the best remedy for feeling old
So I offer this wish
at the same time each year
Hold on to your dreams 
and be of good cheer
If Wishes were Fishes
they’d swim in the Deep
Merry Christmas to All-
now let’s all get some sleep.