With my first show of my canvas work show this Thursday At Alchemy who would I trust but someone who takes their canvas printing work as serious as I take my photography. 

Bottom Line. there is no where else to go.  Listen to this interview and you’ll understand how deep his knowledge of the craft goes and how far he goes to please his customers.

Click here for the video


Check them out on Facebook Here or Twitter Here



I have never been so proud of the work that I’ll be presenting at Alchemy Thursday for my show with EJ- The Two Buddies Show.

I Can’t Wait For The Show!!!!

We will be doing a ton of collaborating with James and Anna Eves in their awesome artists space at Cape Ann Giclee- A TON!  If you are a photographer you owe it to yourself to swing on down to their shop at 20 Maplewood Ave, bring your memory stick with any digital images you’d like to have made into a canvas wrap and James would love to sit down with you to enhance or show you all the different possibilities to bring that image to life on your wall.  There’s no better gift.  Take some snapshots of your children bring the camera in to James and he can take the memory stick out and work his magic right from there.  Bottom Line- No Brainer Easy Peasy Gift.  Done! (or buy one of EJ or my pieces at the Alchemy show where 10% of the sales go to the Gloucester Education Fund)


Kim Smith was right in her post from November 5th and Alicia Pensarosa was right in her post from

Cape Ann Giclée

Posted on November 5, 2012 by Kim Smith

Cape Ann Giclee-The Video

Posted on July 13, 2012 by Alicia

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Main Street Art and Antiques

The fourth year of the GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Video Series where we walk up and down Main Street and try to capture as many retailers as we can and highlight their best gift ideas one a day every day leading up to Christmas.


2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Main Street Art and Antiques

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- The Dress Code

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- The Weathervane

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Menage Gallery

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- House of The Raven

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Village Silversmith

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Toodeloos

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Bananas

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Nelsons

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Alexandras Bread Co

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Lone Gull

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series Kids Unlimited

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Harbor Loop Gifts

2012 Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series- Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co

What the Duck!

What The Duck!

 A 50 foot high rubber duck on the River Thames, London on Dec. 11, 2012 (© Tony Kyriacou/Rex Features)

What the duck? London’s Tower Bridge opens for 50-foot rubber toy

2 hrs ago

British stiff upper lips cracked into smiles today at the sight of this 50-foot rubber ducky cruising down the River Thames. The venerable Tower Bridge was even forced to open for the giant bath toy. It was all a big, yellow PR stunt for the online gaming company, which claims that England has fallen into a “happiness recession” (and we all know gambling makes everything better). The company’s FUNdation hands out cash for zany, harebrained ideas like dressing up as a banana or staging a giant food fight. Yep, this qualifies. Flip through the photos above to see this quacker spread its cheer — or at least mass bewilderment. [Source]

Click to see more on, updated 24 hours a day.

Two Buddies Looking for you Thursday at Alchemy

two buddies exhibit hanging
Don’t miss it. Joey’s new canvas giclee prints by Cape Ann Giclee and new glass paintings by me. Also “This is Gloucester” DVD’s will be available for those last minute stocking stuffers, as well as prints and books, plus great Alchemy stuff to eat and drink.
E.J. Lefavour

Win a FREE Copy of Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities!

Tuesday through Friday of this week I will be bringing you expert gardening advice excerpted from my book Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! Notes from a Gloucester Garden. My book is currently on sale on my publisher’s website (David R. Godine) for the unheard of price of 15.00 (the list price is 35.00.) In response to Godine’s super sale, I am offering a free copy of my book.

Leave a comment or question on any of the posts by Friday at 8PM to be entered into the drawing to win. Multiple entries are allowed. One person will be chosen at random. The book will be shipped on Monday, the 17th, which should allow time for it to arrive by Christmas. Shipping is included to addresses within the United States and Canada.

Praise for Oh Garden! from The Boston Globe’s Carol Stocker ~ Oh Garden! is a treasure, and perhaps the best garden gift book of the season. Both dream-like and practical, it captures the gardener’s journey by integrating personal essays, hand’s-on advice, and paintings.
—The Boston Globe

Monarch Butterflies Mating.jpgA Pair of Monarchs Mating in Our Pear Trees 

Excerpt from Part One: Creating the Framework, Chapter One

He who plants pears, Plants for heirs

Pyrus communis, or common European pear, is not seen growing in the wild. The cultivated pears as we know them today are thought to be derived from Pyrus nivalis and P. caucasia. Few pears ripen well on the tree and that may be one reason they have not been grown as extensively in America as apples and peaches, although apple and peach trees are not as long lived as pear trees. A healthy pear tree can live and bear fruit for several centuries.

The trick to harvesting pears is to pick them as they are ripening, while they are still quite firm. If you wait until the flesh yields with pressure on the outside, the fruit will be rotted inside. Each individual variety of pears has an estimated ripening date from when the tree blooms. Note the date when the tree begins to flower and count the days forward to the approximate ripening time. The quality of the soil, where the tree is sited, as well as changes in the weather from year to year will influence the number of days until the pears are ready to be harvested. Bearing in mind that this is only an approximation, begin monitoring the fruit closely as the day approaches. Nearing the correct time of harvest, the color of the fruit will begin to change. For example, the ‘Beurre Bosc’ begins to turn a light golden yellow beneath its russet skin. Carefully hold the stem of the pear in one hand and the fruit-bearing spur in the other hand. Gently twist with an upward turn. Remove the pear and stem, not the bumpy, fruit-bearing spur. It takes several years for a spur to develop, and if damaged or accidentally harvested with the pear, the crop will be significantly decreased the following year.

Stack the fruit in the coldest section of a refrigerator and store for several weeks. After two to three weeks, remove a pear or two and let it ripen at room temperature for several days. At this point the pear will ideally be fully ripe and ready to eat. Depending on the cultivar, pears will keep for weeks to several months when kept well chilled.

See Monday’s post for more about Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities!

Remember Jon Butcher Axis? Ever thought you’d see Jon Butcher @ Rhumb Line? Tomorrow’s your chance.

Gloucester legend Fly Amero has been hosting Wednesday’s at the Rhumb Line for some time now — and his guests range from more Gloucester legends to people you can’t see every day.  But tomorrow, he’s outdone himself by bringing Grammy-nominated 80s rock star, Jon Butcher as his guest.  Remember this MTV video from 1984?

Here’s what Fly has to say about tomorrow:

It is a thrill for me to present my good friend, Jon Butcher to
the local art community and to the music lovers of Cape Ann
at large.  This is a man who built a legacy for himself that
extends from its early roots in Boston to the far reaches of the
planet.  At last, after years away on the West Coast, he returns
to his adoring fans here in New England – all of whom clearly
remember his music and his legend.  This is Jon Butcher Axis.
And this is a one-in-a-million show you won’t want to miss!
~ Fly


Grammy-nominated Jon Butcher is one of a select handful of
influential recording artists comprising the legendary Boston
music scene.  MTV vids and hit songs, “Life Takes A Life”,
“Wishes”, “Holy War”, “Goodbye Saving Grace”, “Miracles”,
“Send Me Somebody” comprise the underpinnings of a
recording/ touring career that continues today.  Two critically
acclaimed CD’s, “Positively The Blues” and “Electric Factory”
mark Jon’s enduring love affair with all things Americana –
blues, jazz, Dixieland, folk, swing, Cajun and more.

Announcing opening CALL for 2013 Gloucester MA HarborWalk Public Art Challenge budgets $47,000

Joey, artists, big news! Gloucester Committee for the Arts is pleased to be announcing the opening CALL for the 2013 Gloucester MA HarborWalk Public Art Challenge


City of Gloucester, Massachusetts , USA,

2013 Gloucester MA HarborWalk – Public Art Challenge


Open to artist/s and/or artist team(s) nationally.

Deadline: February 8, 2013

Open to all media; artists working in all creative art forms

Budget: $47,000

The Gloucester Committee for the Arts, on behalf of the City of Gloucester, MA, is seeking professional artist/s and/or artist team(s) for 3 new public art commissions. Artists are asked to submit proposals to design, create and complete new public art work in downtown Gloucester for our 2012 designed HarborWalk. The total project budget is $47,000 which will be distributed as follows:  $20,000 for one (1) permanent project; two (2) additional prizes will be awarded totaling $27,000, at least one of which must be temporary. The minimum project budget is $7500.   Note: this is a two-stage process requesting concepts and full proposal to select a short list of semi-finalists.  We are delighted to announce that the panel for selection of the 3 finalists will include, among others, these distinguished jurors:

Andrée Bober, Landmarks Director, The University of Texas , Austin , TX

Trevor Smith, Curator of Contemporary Art, Peabody Essex Museum , Salem , MA

Peter Sollogub/Chris Muskopf, Architects, Cambridge Seven Associates, MA.

Visit to view/download the complete Call.

From there, artists wanting to apply will submit their entry in digital format through CaFE™ at Artists will create a profile page on the CaFE site and upload artwork images and input artwork details. There is no fee to apply, nor to create a profile on CaFE. Following successful set up, all interested applicants will be granted full access to our detailed application; simply click on “Apply to Calls” and click on “Gloucester HarborWalk Public Art Challenge”. Your account information and images will be saved for your convenience and easy access when applying to future calls using CaFE.

Oh Yeah Baby! It’s The Rocky Neck Plunge Pledge List Time

This just in from Cathy McCarthy

Hey Joey,

The Annual Rocky Neck Plunge will be held on Jan. 1st….2013 at 11 am..

Once again, we will be hosting a food drive for The Open Door.. ‘

Items most needed::

Tuna, 100% juice, Soups, Peanut Butter, Pasta Sauce, Breakfast Cereal , Baking Items.

They requested no glass bottles. We collected over 600 lbs last year and would love to be able to hit that mark,plus more..

We will do our traditional poem by George Sibley at 11 am. and then the plunge…

Much Thanks Joey,

Cathy McCarthy

If you haven’t Plunged before let me tell you there is no better way to start the year.  Conquer some fears, step outside your “normal”, ring in the new year with friends and family and start the New Year off funky fresh on Rocky Neck.

ANYONE and I MEAN ANYONE that has done it in the past comes back to do it again because it is so uplifting and exhilarating.

Won’t you join US?!!!

Pics From Last Year Via Manny Simoes-


2012 Rocky Neck Plunge Photos From Betty Pijut

2012 Rocky Neck Plunge Pics From Fellow Plunger Skip Montello

More Rocky Neck Plunge

2012 Rocky Neck Plunge Video From Sista Felicia

Happy New Year! Rocky Neck Plunge

Rocky Neck Plunge 2012

2012 Rocky Neck Plunge Photo From Tucker Destino

Rocky Neck Plunge Info From Cathy Mccarthy

Susan LaRosa 2012 Rocky Neck Plunge Pics


Will You Be Plunging?  Write in your pledge to plunge in the comment of this post

Joey C-In!

PSA- In This Day of Cell Phone Cameras Try To Think Horizontal

Straight out of the Ed Collard School of Video-

No joke in the past week I’ve received video footage from no less than 5 people who have  held their cell phones or regular cameras vertically while they take video.

I guess it’s because people are used to taking cell phone pictures vertically but to upload  video to something that is  watchable you need to think about keeping your camera horizontal.

This one was ok in that it’s viewable (and I appreciate people sending stuff in believe me I’m just trying to get folks to know how to do it a bit better), but would have been a whole lot better horizontally so when uploaded to YouTube you would have a full frame of video instead of the black bars on the sides.

Sent in by Michael Oppelt –

Can’t believe my luck when walking my dogs down on Davis Neck in Gloucester MA, my boys discovered a dolpin/porpoise? swimming in shallow water at a nearby inlet. Here’s a video I took with my Android phone taken close to sunset over the Ipswich Bay.


Niece Amanda Interviews Ed A Couple Weeks Ag0.  this one is taken with a regular camera held vertically.  My guess is that Amanda is thinking like a cell phone while taking the video-

An unnamed source submits this video of the lobster trap tree lighting

Community Stuff 12/11/12

14th. Annual Ladies Day at Pauline’s Gifts

Lad.Day 2012 email blast

Cindy Rich writes-

Hi Joey,

I am reaching out to you on behalf of the Rockport High School DECA group. Today they are hosting their 2nd Annual “Seashells and Jingle bells – Inn & House Tour” from 1 pm – 5 pm. Thank you for posting it in your Community section of your blog this week!

I’m hoping a post on your blog may help locate a beautiful banner, for the event, that has gone missing from the fence at the rotary at Fuller School. The DECA students worked hard all year putting this special event together and with their pooled savings from their student account, they were able to have this beautiful, expensive banner custom made, to be used year after year. I am attaching a picture of what the banner looks like. Also, it’s noted on the back of the banner – a name and number to contact for return.

In the spirit of this wonderful holiday season, I’m hoping that this reaches a kind hearted soul and the banner is returned to the DECA students in Rockport.

Thank you so much Joey! For all that you do! You are Cape Ann’s “E.F. Hutton”!!!

Cindy Rich