GMG Tech Talk- IRL (In Real Life) The Gear I Use

OK, so about a month ago I bought a new laptop.  The hardware on this bad boy is sexy and well built and awesomely spec’d out. This is the Laptop-

Samsung Chronos 7

I Love it hardware wise.


I bought it with Windows 8 on it.  I’ve documented my love of Windows 7 and the windows live essentials suite of Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Movie Maker which are just flat out powerhouse efficient blogging tools for me.

Windows 8 it has become apparent to me is a dumbing down of an operating system to make the windows desktop, windows phone and windows tablet all perform seamlessly together.  To get this to happen though I feel like they stripped down a lot of the power features to the lowest common denominator  so they would all be compatible.  This may be better for a tablet user but not IMO for a power content creator like me.

I’ve tried Windows 8 for a month now but I’m ready to wipe this computer and do a fresh install with Windows 7.

Windows 8 even with the installed aftermarket start button which Microsoft stripped out is a huge disappointment for me.

So she’s gonna get a refresh (if you can call going backwards a generation on an operating system a refresh) to Windows 7.

It’s been about 2-3 weeks with the new Cell phone and this Samsung Galaxy S3 I can unequivocally recommend.  I’d recommend this to anyone iPhone fan boy, or android user.  Every little niggle that my first generation HTC EVO 4G android phone had has been worked out in the Samsung galaxy S3.  Sprint has great coverage around here. 

Right now if you’re gonna get a cell phone I wouldn’t hesitate you pick up one of these.

Vickie Van Ness got one and Donna Ardizzoni too.  How you liking it guys?

Really like mine.

Do You Sit And Watch Cable News All Day Long After Horrific Tragedies Like What Happened In Newtown CT

First off obviously everyone’s heart goes out to those killed and their friends, families and communities.  There’s nothing you could imagine more terrible.

I just can’t bring myself to watch cable news on days like today.  I know there are people that do however.

It’s just brutal the way they rehash the same rhetoric over and over and over again.  What more information do people want to hear by listening to cable news all day long I don’t know.

Do you stay glued to the TV on days/weeks after terrible tragedies?

Does it make a person insensitive if they would rather watch Seinfeld reruns for the 15th time over cable news rehashing the Newtown tragedy all day long.

school killings in connecticut

joey –
on december 14, 1992, one of our own, a bright sweet high school kid from lanesville, galen gibson, was murdered by a classmate at simon’s rock in new york state.  the murderer also took down one of their teachers, using a mail order rifle.  exactly 20 years later, galen’s parents, greg gibson and anne-marie crotty, were driving home from visiting his grave in seaside cemetery, when they heard the news on the radio of the horror in connecticut.
you can read what greg writes about that at: 

The New York Times-

Why America Lets the Killings Continue

in mourning, as are we all

fred buck

Guest Writer: Local Author JoeAnn Hart Shares Her Beautiful Story About Niles Pond

JoeAnn Hart is the author of the novels Addled and the forthcoming Float (Ashland Creek Press, February 2013). Float, set in coastal New England, involves the fishing industry, conceptual art, jellyfish, marital woes, and plastics in the ocean.

Ocean Path at Niles Pond

Niles Pond and the Narrow Path

Folklore has it that Niles Pond was once in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the closest body of fresh water to the ocean, but I can’t verify it. No matter. Not only does it seem true, but as with other Guinness records, such as the heaviest weight lifted by tongue (27.5 lbs.), it also seems impossible. Yet there it is. This 38 acre pond is separated from the salty Atlantic by a causeway just wide enough for a footpath. There is Niles on one side, neatly defined and calm, and on the other, the pounding surf of Brace Cove. To stand between the two is to feel washed in conflicting emotions. I walk this route with Daisy, my fuzzy mutt who believes herself to be a famed hunter of ducks and likes to splash into the dark pond up to her sternum to stir them up.

Niles is named after the farmer who once owned Eastern Point, the small spit of Gloucester land where I live. Of the many unique features of the intertwined land and waterscapes here, Niles is nature’s odd duck. It is a Massachusetts Great Pond, meaning that it is like a Common, where citizens have the right to graze their sheep, except this Common is made of water. Instead of grazing, it is reserved for hunting, fishing, ice-making, and recreation. Duck hunting is no longer feasible because of all the homes built up along the shore, and fishing is also a moot point because the perch have been eaten by the snapping turtles. As for ice, Cape Pond Ice (“the coolest guys in town”) churns it out for the fishing boats these days. That leaves recreation. I’ve never seen anyone but Daisy swim in the pond, what with those snappers, but there are skaters when there is ice. There was no ice last winter, speaking of breaking records, but that is a topic for another time. The point is, Niles is left mostly in the hands of wildlife, as nature intended.

Phragmites at Niles

But what does nature intend? Does it intend for the pond to be choked by phragmites, the feathery reed that is prowling along the perimeter? In geologic time, Niles was once part of the ocean, an extension of Brace Cove. Over the years, rocks rolled to shore, sand accumulated, and the dune got higher until one day it was shut off from the sea. A natural spring bubbled up and slowly replaced the salt water with fresh. In the 1830’s, sensing that the ocean might want to stake a claim again, Farmer Niles reinforced the 400-foot dune with granite to preserve the pond for ice-cutting and “ornament.” It remains a prime resting place for migratory seabirds, and a source of fresh water for the stealthy mammals of the land, including fisher cats and raccoons. At any given time, grebes, cormorants, and ducks float on the surface, while herons and egrets stand around on one leg pretending to be reeds. The mute swans are probably a human introduction, but they are hardly mute. They hiss and snort and otherwise act aggressively because people feed them, which confuses wild animals and makes them testy. That, and the fact that the turtles pull their cygnets from below and eat them. But the phragmites are more aggressive than either swan or snapper.


According to Fish and Wildlife, non-native phragmites appeared in
coastal ports in the eastern
 United States in the 19th century, probably as seeds clinging to the hulls of ships. Maybe humankind’s natural purpose on earth is to help immobile species move around the globe. It is hard to figure out where we fit in, but in this aspect, we’ve succeeded. The rapid spread of phragmites in the 20thcentury is attributed to habitat disturbance and eutrophication. Raise your hand if you know what that is. It’s over fertilization from the nitrates from lawn fertilizers and phosphates in laundry detergent seeping into the pond. Phragmites are usually an indicator of a wetlands system out of balance. Well, aren’t we all?

Daisy on the path

Niles Pond wants to grow up to be Niles Marsh. Humans want it to stay a pond, as, I’m sure, do those migratory seabirds. A group of residents is working to have the phragmites dredged. But they’re tenacious plants, with stolons like bullwhips. The upside of this tenacity is that they might hold the earth in place when the Atlantic comes calling for the pond. But, again, that is a topic for another time.

Mallards and Cormorants

Daisy and I do not think of all this when we walk. Her mind is on ducks, mine on “ornament.” It’s particularly hard getting out of the house this time of year. I have to leave unfinished work behind in order to beat the early-setting sun, but Daisy and I need the exercise and the mental cleansing. When we get to the causeway, she scrambles down the steep bank of Farmer Niles’ stones in search of her ducks, while I, shedding myself of the day’s challenges, walk that narrow path between internal calm and unleashed energy.

Sunset at Niles

Reblogged from Newfound, the online journal about place for which JoeAnn is a monthly contributor.

Congratulations Emily Forshay Crowley-Winner of Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities!

Dear Friends,

I truly wish I could give each and everyone of you who wrote your thoughtful and cherished comments a copy of Oh Garden. Thank you.

Warmest wishes for a joy-filled holiday season and many thanks again for your participation.


Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! .jpg

Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! On sale for 15.00 at David R. Godine, Publisher

Origami from Friday night, on the tree

On Friday night I taught these four holiday decorations at The Hive. From top to bottom: a relatively simple Santa, a star-like ornament, a menorah, and a modular cube (made from six modules, each folded from a square of paper, and joined together without glue).

The origami class time for Tuesday at Art Haven is going to have to change from the 6:30 time slot I mentioned before, but I don’t have the details worked out yet. I will put up the info as soon as I have it.

Fr. Matthew Green


Questions From Beverly McEntee

Hi!  Just found your blog.  Is the Highlander Sea still in Gloucester?
Would like to know.  Loved Melissa Smith’s recipe for fish chowder.
Looking for a good clam chowder recipe.  If you know anyone who has it,
please ask them to email me.  Thanks.  Also looking for Crown Pilot Crackers?

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