Summer’s simple pleasures: beach towels on railings, sand rinse foot baths on Long Beach, paper lanterns, beach games, and cloud rolls

Description- Late summer photos. Series around town. Gloucester and Rockport. Good Harbor Beach and Long Beach. Aug-September 2022. Simple pleasures of summer: beach towels on railings hung out to dry; sand rinse foot baths at Long Beach cottages; beach games; paper lanterns; clouds

Beach towels on the railings hung out to dry

Sand rinse foot bath tubs on Long Beach cottages

Beach games – volleyball, beach baseball

Cloud roll

Paper Lanterns

downtown tree in Dock Square and for the playhouse too

Gloucester Weather


Luckily this isn’t today’s weather, but it could be at any time. Remember that old saying about New England weather? “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute- it will change.” See a slideshow of my photos on our ever-chaning weather.    —Sharon