2012 Fish Box Derby Pix From Angela Cook

Angela Cook from Oasis Rockport submits these photos-


3 thoughts on “2012 Fish Box Derby Pix From Angela Cook

  1. Our first year in the event and my son won it by .02 seconds. You can’t even blink that fast. I couldn’t believe the way all the kids cheered and celebrated each others accomplishments.
    Great event!


  2. For family fun and heartening displays of good sportsmanship it just doesn’t get much better than the Fish Box Derby. All the scores of sponsors whose names you see on the signs supply the funds to put on the race FREE for the kids, and give the committee the wherewithal to give out two $1,000 dollar scholarships each year. The GHS ROTC supplys the muscle power to put out 400 bales of hay and help people move 200 pound cars around all day long. Gorton’s lets us use their parking lot, The Shed, Hiltz Waste Disposal, Beauport Ambulance, Advanced Technologies, The YMCA, Cape Pond Ice, Seven Seas Whale Watch and many more companies make in-kind donations without which it wouldn’t be half so sucessful. Last but not least, a dedicated and hardworking committee, on which I am proud to serve, puts in hundreds of hours to set the whole thing up and make it go. This is what community building looks like. Come and join the fun.


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