Origami class in Gloucester (change of date), plus photos from the convention in NYC

About a week ago I posted from the annual Origami USA convention in New York City.  At the end of this post, I’ll include some photos of the amazing work that was on display there.  To help bring some of that origami goodness to Gloucester, I’ll be teaching a class at The Annie as part of the “Beyond Imagine” series of art workshops, on July 17 at 7PM ($5 donation The Annie per participant).  The date was originally going to be on July 3, and that date was informally announced, but then we realized it would be overlapping with The Horribles Parade, and that would be a bad idea…

I’ll start off with some simple models, and will work up to more complex designs as time and the ability of the participants allows.  The Annie is located on Washington Street, just north of the intersection with Main Street, in the Blackburn Tavern building (on the floor above Giuseppe’s).

To inspire you to learn origami, here are some photos of truly impressive origami from the exhibit at year’s convention, folded by artists from around the world:

Me, getting bitten by an origami dragon… an image of the passion for origami?

10 thoughts on “Origami class in Gloucester (change of date), plus photos from the convention in NYC

  1. Those are just amazing! Love seeing what you post and your own origami as well. (You might enjoy the scissors + paper rocks blog, although you don’t need scissors for your art, paper is such a wonderful medium.)


  2. Those are amazing. The insects are just incredible. The dragon biting you is pretty cool too. Great that you are doing an Origami class at The Annie.


  3. I’m absolutely stunned by the sophistication and beauty of these! The insects are very cool and I covet the pink elephant! I will be visiting Gloucester in early August and would enjoy meeting you, Father. But I don’t suppose you have Sunday mornings free for “Mug Up”.


  4. Thanks! Linda, I can make it to a mug-up from time to time; it depends on which Masses I am scheduled for on each weekend. Bill, I would have no problem with young children attending, as long as they are accompanied and well behaved. Some kids can out-fold adults… Just let me check with our host, to be sure. I will post a definitive reply soon.


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