Hand Made Cards Rule from Ed Collard

Joey, Thankfully I still get handmade cards!! This one I can eat.


11 thoughts on “Hand Made Cards Rule from Ed Collard

  1. Ed you are one lucky dad … that’s the most imaginative card I’ve ever seen …You have raised some wonderful, caring and creative kids!


  2. Karen, Yes I am one lucky Dad…If I wasn’t so tough I could cry every time my grown-up baby’s show their love..they kill me. This card was from my lovely Amy and so for my best son in law Adam! I do feel blessed,


  3. *** sweet x 17!! ***
    if you eat them all at once and get sick and your hopper gets plugged up you know who to call! 🙂


  4. this was the best! i even sent it to my dad in lieu of actually sending him a card or anything. bad daughter! but he did get a chuckle, i told him i wish i’d thought of it, he responded “but that would take creativity”. haha. 🙂


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