Oceanside Sea Dog From George Krewson III

Hi Joey,

The attached pictures show the boat called the Sea Dog which my Dad, George Krewson Jr., purchased from a lady up in Canada who had won it by buying a charitable lottery ticket in Gloucester, back in the 1930’s.  He offered her $700 and she accepted.  Herman Melanson, maintenance man at the Oceanside, took one winter to remodel it, after getting it up behind the Oceanside.  The bottom picture shows the great job he did on the forty footer.  Dad was the captain and got great enjoyment from taking out Oceanside guests from Magnolia Harbor to the surrounding ocean views.  He retained it for a few years after selling the Oceanside.

George Krewson III


One thought on “Oceanside Sea Dog From George Krewson III

  1. I am really interested in the Sea Dog. I grew up with a vessel named the Sea Dog. It was a Coast Guard boat. I lived in CT. My family sold
    the boat back in 1972 to two guys from Halifax Nova Socita. This might be the same boat. As over the year they added a cabin etc. please email me at malsonsl@verizon.net.


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