Madeline Sings What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World, sung by five-year old Madeline Ciaramitaro at her great-grandmother’s memorial. Surrounded by her loving family, Madeline does’t miss a lyric, despite the baby crying (on cue) and a great deal of background noise. I think Madeline’s world is pretty wonderful!

9 thoughts on “Madeline Sings What a Wonderful World

  1. Thank you for all your comments–I’m with you Greg; Madeline’s rendition is my favorite now as well! She was amazing, just kept forging ahead, never losing her concentration. She sang it first in front of the all the guests, with a microphone (also sung perfectly!) but it was back-lit and way too dark to post. I was glad she agreed to do it a second time!


  2. Madeline came up to me when she arrived at the coalation and said Mamma I want to sing a song to you to make you feel better so you won’t be sad about your mother. How sweet is she. Kim thank you so much for capturing this


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