Captain Joe and Sons On Fire With The Mutant Lobsters! Albino Lobster Landed Today June 8th, 2012

click below for the video-


Added to our Collection of Mutant Lobsters that have been Landed here.


click below for the slideshow of all the mutant lobsters landed here at our dock.

Past pictures and videos of mutated lobsters landed at our dock

We have more documented mutated lobsters here than any other dock on the planet as shown in the slideshow below-


10 thoughts on “Captain Joe and Sons On Fire With The Mutant Lobsters! Albino Lobster Landed Today June 8th, 2012

  1. I cannot help but think these deformities are the result of ocean pollution or the fukashima power plant disaster. They already found radioactive bluefin tuna in the USA holding the same properties of the fukashima plant for the first time in history. Proof we cannot use our oceans as a trash dump without affecting the food we retirive from it. Who would put garbage in their refrigerator? Yet we continue to destroy our oceans! When will it stop!


  2. My semi-scientific guess as to why albino lobsters show up at Capt Joe and Sons more frequently than the published frequencies:
    [edit] I just wrote a long explanation about recessive traits and two copies and albino phenotype and I even bored the crap out of myself and deleted it. Joey says I can be long winded and in this case no matter how hard I tried the explanation cannot be short. But I will try again:

    Cape Ann lobsters are the friendliest, caring, accepting, lobsters on the planet. When two Cape Ann lobsters that carry the albino mutation get together and have lobster sex and a couple of their offspring have no color and are white the other lobsters do not make fun of them or bully them. Cape Ann lobsters might even treat these rare lobsters with deference treating them as lobster royalty. The other lobsters give them the best lobster house and bring them the choicest food. These albino lobsters live a long and happy life in Cape Ann waters and have lots of offspring. These offspring have lobster sex and so in the end the frequency of albino lobsters is higher than the worldwide average of 1 in 100 million.

    Albino humans occur at a known very low frequency. But in Hopi Indians the rate is higher. It could be for the same reason that Cape Ann lobsters show the higher frequency. The albino Hopi might be revered. Normally an albino human in nature would create fewer offspring because their “fitness” is lower. Just sunlight is damaging to an albino human.

    So I tried to keep it short and keep the science jargon out. But the simple explanation is that Cape Ann lobsters are happier and never bully other lobsters. In fact at the frequency of blue and albino lobsters in our waters these strange lobsters are likely held in high esteem even while attending lobster high school.

    We can learn from lobsters. We should be more like lobsters. Or at least more like Cape Ann lobsters. This might be why Cape Ann lobsters taste so sweet.


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