African Zebra in Gloucester

OK, not really, just an origami zebra.

This model is designed by John Montroll, to be folded from one square sheet of origami paper (as usual, no cutting or gluing).  It is a great example of how to take advantage of the fact that most origami paper has two colors: usually white on one side, and a solid color or a pattern on the other side. Here, Montroll has done a great job of designing the model so that the black paper only shows up in little stripes. I folded and left one of these in the Art Parlour at The Annie; it may still be there, on a windowsill.

8 thoughts on “African Zebra in Gloucester

  1. It most certainly is! Along a giraffe, elephant, Pegasus, and a menagerie of so many other treasures! We love and admire them every day. Everyone who comes to the Art Parlour is drawn to them. You have created a very special corner at The Annie, indeed. Thank you.


  2. I’m sitting here at my computer smiling away like an idiot. Every time I check in to this blog I never know what I’ll find here. Your origami hobby is such a wonderful thing and now, out of nowhere, I find out that those little creatures in The Annie are yours! Thank you so much for this delightful post, those little animals and for starting my day with a pleasant surprise. 🙂


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