Patriots hype | It’s on! MFA Boston vs the J Paul Getty 3pm today #MuseumBowl twitter showdown

Over the past few years, museums join in the Super Bowl spirit via trash talk on social media accounts. From humorous challenges and clever collection puns it’s morphed into big stake art bets for Super Bowl contenders: Some wins have triggered a museum loan from the losing city’s rival fine arts institution. Yesterday (see below) the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, announced a twitter showdown with the J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles. Look for #MuseumBowl and @mfaboston and @GettyMuseum. It’s going down at 3pm TODAY, Friday, Feb 1, 2019. I don’t know if there’s a wager but I hope so! It’s great fun no matter what.

The MFA makes good use of their archives dog, Riley.


MFA Boston twitter account Museum Bowl 2019

now theyre cooking

we want the Getty famous painting Hans Hoffman Hare.jpg

#SuperBowl Jeopardy challenge “If anybody rings in on this one I will die!” Can you answer?

Do you know the answer to all these Jeopardy special football trivia questions gearing up for #SuperBowlLII? If you’re over 50, even if you’re not a football expert, you should do ok. Good luckJeopardy Talkin Football clip superbowl 2018

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if you missed #Patriots tributes: #MuseumBowl and Amen-dolah Hallelujah

AMENDOLA IS TRENDING- The 2018 #MuseumBowl twitter throwdown between the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and the Philadelphia Museum of Art went down earlier today. Here are a few brags and barbs from the MFA twitter feed MFA Boston MuseumBowl Danny Playoff Amendola will come through


And some counter shades from the Philadelphia Museum of Art (I knew they were going to use the Rubens). Nice touch on that crisco photoshop 🙂  I’ll be happy when that West Benjamin Franklin will be loaned out to the MFA. You can check out the complete humorous battle by searching #MuseumBowl and/or following the museums’ twitter accounts @Philamuseum and @MFABoston. Fun to see the Clark and Davis joining in to side with the MFA. The MFA video of the conservation puppy (and new art world star mascot) tearing apart the eagle chew toy was tough to top. Here’s a link to the round-up:

LOVE that my sons’ teacher shared the Amen-dola “Hallelujah” parody in class today.



Oh that graceful, acrobatic catch! Danny Amen TOE la Continue reading “if you missed #Patriots tributes: #MuseumBowl and Amen-dolah Hallelujah”

Super Bowl #MuseumBowl wager @MFABoston vs @philamuseum

The 2018 #SuperBowl LII winner will trigger a museum loan from the losing city’s rival fine arts institution. If the Patriots win, @philamuseum will lend Benjamin Franklin Drawing Electricity from the Sky by Benjamin West. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston. The MFA would lend Mrs. James Warren (Mercy Otis) by John Singleton Copley, which the MFA modified for #museumbowl twitter trash talk vs Atlanta.

Super Bowl 52 bet

Philadelphia Museum created a video this year.

When the Patriots win the Eagles might feel more like this woodblock print from the MFA famous prints and drawings collection: **Sad** Eagle on a Pine Branch in the Rain, Isoda Koryusai, ca.1770s, Japanese Edo period, Bigelow collection.

eagle on a pine branch in the rain MFA Japanese Edo period ca1770s Isoda koryusai.jpg

On Friday the two museum twitter accounts will throw down. I wonder which works the MFA will modify this year for the trash talk on twitter, maybe their iconic Copley Paul Revere?

The Philadelphia Museum of Art could doctor their Rubens Prometheus… if so one hopes with the logo, not a player. (And one could argue even still that it’s in the Patriots favor as knowledge of foresight for the win, and Prometheus comes out all right in the end.)

Phil Mus Art Rubens Prometheus W1950-3-1

Last year the MFA did a great job with the Thomas Sully–but hey what about that eagle installed nearby.

Thomas Sully (American (born in England), 1783–1872) The Passage of the Delaware, 1819, American wing, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

There are a lot of eagles in the MFA collection…Too dark?

homer MFA MacIntyre eagle MFA (2).jpg
Winslow Homer. The Fog Warning. 1885. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. mash up with Samuel McIntyre Eagle ca 1786-89 for cupola at Derby house 70 Washington Street Salem, MFA collection

What would you pick for the MFA #MuseumBowl?

Yellow Water Nasty Rooms- Welcome to Sochi!

If this doesn’t highlight in boldface italicized underlined font that Big Time Sporting Events Belong In Big Time Cities I Don’t Know What Does.  Who is on the Olympics Committee?  Fire the whole lot of them.  Like yesterday.  They shouldn’t be making decisions any more.  Who the hell wants to go to this dumpy ass third world city to celebrate the biggest sporting event on the planet- The Olympics?  This is where you hole up the most elite athletes in the world?  Hotels with brown water?  Mickey Mouse sheets?  WTF is going on over there??????  Imagine you train your whole life for the winter Olympics dreaming of St Moriz Switzerland, Vancouver, Turin, Oslo, and then you get off the plane in Sochi, check into your room, turn on the water and its urine colored and the beds are better at the Pine Street Inn.

Lets see I’m on the Olympics Hosting City Selection Committee and I’m gonna pick a world class city to host the 2014 Olympics.  You don’t suppose that all that Russian oil money doesn’t come into play?  Has to, right?  I mean how else in the world do you justify picking this kind of third world hotel hosting city over a real big time developed country.  (and I understand that these aren’t really third world country conditions, but compared to US hotel Standards and real International City Standards they are)

This goes for the Superbowl too.  (and I’m aware that there’s talk of a Superbowl coming to Foxboro)  Let me just state for the record- Probably no one deserves more respect in the NFL than Bob Kraft.  Classy, took a team from despair and turned them into Champions, humble, the whole works.  They did a great job with Patriots Place, the mall , the dining options, the hotels, ect, ect.  But lets not get crazy here.  Foxboro is a blip of a town with such little to do.  It’s  SOOOO far removed from a real City that the poor people that would come up here to watch and cover the Superbowl  would be scattered all over the place and there would no way to cohesively host them.  Not like they can in New Orleans, San Fran, Miami or Dallas.

Put me in the camp that says that these events should only be held in Cities with tons of awesome hotels and restaurants and fun things to do.  Foxboro?  Really???  

Hmmm, lets see where would I rather spend  a 4 day weekend to celebrate the Superbowl in February? 

Miami, nah, too warm and sunny and too many awesome restaurants and sights to see. 

New Orleans?  No way.  Place is wayyyy too fun and centrally located and set up for a huge event like the Superbowl.

Oh, I got it!  Foxboro!!!!  That thriving metropolis where we can have people have to drive to get to and stay in other cities like Providence or Boston, no where near the stadium and for there be no way to cohesively party with all the other fans rooting for your team.

Yeah, that’s the ticket, Foxboro.





Can someone explain why we have to look at old ass stars at every big national event? Example: Madonna at The Superbowl

Madonna at The Superbowl?  Really?  Madonna hasn’t been relevant since the 90’s.

Who selects these people and why don’t they feature younger acts at the top of their game rather than ancient former stars who haven’t had a serious hit in over a decade?


The Superbowl.  The biggest viewing event in the universe.  They have all the money in the world and can presumably get the biggest stars at the very top of their game.

and someone who has the authority to make the decision selects…..Madonna????

This person needs to be fired like yesterday.  It is unconscionable that someone does the analysis and comes up with …Madonna.  Is the selection committee operating in an alternate universe where 50 year old washed up stars are the big thing??

Here’s a list of old folks I wish I didn’t have to see at every single big event.

Madonna, U2, Elton John, Cher, Mary J Blige, Steven Tyler, ect ect ect.

Give the youngsters the limelight.  Pass the torch.  It’s over.



GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox

slide show at 11AM

click pics for larger versions

GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox
GHS Superbowl Pics By David Cox

Gloucester wins Superbowl


From Thom Falzorano-

Congrats to the Coaches and Players on a great game tonight at Rain, Snowy Gillette Stadium.   In support of the Team the Band and Cheerleaders braved the elements in support of the team.   A quote from Coach Tom Walsh ” only 36 week until camp”    Pictures coming later today!