Evening light makes everything beautiful

A fire escape on Center Street.  I stood there for a minute or two getting a few different shots, and as I walked away, a woman asked me what I was photographing.  I showed her the photos, and she agreed it was a nice subject… then said she was asking because it is her building! I bet she was worried that I might have some bad intent, maybe scoping the place out for a break-in or something.  Not to worry!

-Fr. Matthew

Brianmoc Video of Porter B Fighting a 42 inch Striper

Brian Moc Writes-

Porter B with yet one more big striped bass in 2010! this little fish was 42 inches & its was his 8th ish in two weeks! Also this guy Catch & Releases! Caught on a raindow Gibbs 1oz pencil popper . Word on the street is his last year fishing because he is getting married to his super hot high school sweetie in 2011!

Brian Moc has a great series of saltwater fishing videos from Cape Ann

You can check out his Youtube channel here

Nice Fish!


I’ve been learning little by little about light when taking pictures.  To be perfectly honest 90 percent of the pictures I take are with the automatic settings from the camera.   At one point I thought you could never get enough light and that ideally you wanted your subjects flooded with bright sunshine.

If I took this shot in bright sunshine you never would have seen the ruffles of the feathers.  The automatic settings would have adjusted the shutter speed and it would have been all black.  Because it was dark and overcast it came like this-

Cormorant, originally uploaded by captjoe06.