So the Gauntlet Of Gross Has Been Thrown Down–Eating A Beating Striper Heart


So this youngster aboard the Connemara Bay thinks he can out gross the master- Toby Burnham?

How will Toby respond to such disrespect for the gross out game that this youngster has shown?  Has the elder statesman of gross not earned a little more respect than to be called out in a 11 second YouTube video? Stay tuned for Toby’s response.

From the website of Connemara Bay Fishing Charters

How to: Eat a beating striper heart

It is not the first time and probably will not be the last time we see an angler kick back a striper heart like a shot of whiskey.

Dana Wensberg was sure to get all the taste from this one as he chewed before swallowing. He also called out a local lobsterman, Toby Burnham, who frequently entertains tourists by biting the heads off of rotten herring

This back from 2009 when the youngster was probably still wearing diapers.

Can Ross Land A 20 Lb Striper On 8 Lb Test? Watch The Dramatic Finish

Ross Clayton mate aboard the Yankee Fleet Battles A 20 Lb Striper On 8 Lb Test.

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North Coast Angler Fishing Report From Captain Skip Montello

Fishing Report: 7-12-2013

This week’s fishing report is much like last weeks in that the best Cape Ann fishing was again inside the Gloucester Harbor with numerous bait blitzes throughout the week. The stripers are chasing schools of mackerel, small herring and now some small squid have been reported. The other bright spot has been bluefish showing along the back shore, especially early mornings. There has been some good striper action reported at both ends of the Annisquam as well. Early morning action with topwaters and cut bait during day.

At Plum Island, the stripers are running and gunning the school of herring up and down the entire length of the beachfront. So persistence and good eyesight will be the key to finding them on any given day. The striper action at the river mouth has been waning as the remaining stripers are keyed in on the abundant sandeels and are a bit difficult to coax to a fly or other baits. The flats are still producing some night action on eels but during the day, only a few dinks can be found up on the flats. Daytime water temperatures on the flats are approaching 80 degrees, not striper friendly.

Best bets this weekend are Gloucester Harbor at the beaches and rock fronts at the Castle.The Manchester,Magnolia Beaches, Crane Beach in the deeper water and Plum Island beach. Watch the birds… they’ll show you where!

Reid and Miriam with two nice stripers taken with topwaters along Plum Island

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Capt. Skip Montello
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Cape Ann Fishing Report From Captain Skip Montello 6/7/13

Fishing Report: 6-7-2013

The overall striper fishing was very good from last weekend through this week. Good numbers of stripers were available from Cape Ann to Plum Island and the Merrimack. The Cape Ann backwaters were chock full of very small schoolies, 7 to 11 inches in length and I landed about 20 in an hour at Little River on Wednesday late afternoon. I’m assuming that these stripers are from the 2011 year class and made the swim up from the Chesapeake spawning areas. Eric L. also found them there on Tuesday and as well landed a nice fluke on a fly. The Annisquam also fished well at the north end during the early part of the week with good numbers of keeper sized fish in the mix.

Another bright spot is the oceanside surf fishing is also picking up as Steve P. landed a nice fatty using a new Ocean Saltwater Lures Sandeel Plug;

Brian O’C did OK at the Essex backwaters. He also pointed out that tons of baitfish are beginning to drop back creating a food glut so the stripers are well fed and not so aggressive but will eat with angler persistence.

Up at Plum Island, Capt Al did well with his client Paul D landing quite few nice keeper fish and numerous schoolies last Sunday.

The cold front that moved through on Monday put the brakes on a bit on what had been a consistent striper bite as John C. and I found on Tuesday. We only managed half dozen schoolies before the N/W wind made for lousy flats drifts and nasty fly casting. I got out again on Thursday to scout the river mouth and flats and found lot’s of stripers but many had lock jaw as I had countless follows and refusals. I suspect that the tons of bait in the river and river mouth are keeping the stripers well fed and less likely to crash an artificial bait. Even the guys drifting live macks at the river mouth were not getting too many takes either. But all in all, I did manage a dozen schoolies on flies and one nice striper that couldn’t resist an MD Sandeel in shallow water.

I expect the heavy rain this weekend will most certainly negatively impact the Cape Ann backwaters and quite possibly lead to stained water out on the flats. May be best to fish the oceanside beaches.

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The Latest Striper Video From Brianmoc

After one of the slowest May in years (10 years according to my logs) warmer winds and less rain brought bigger fish up river for Thursday, Friday, Saturday but not Sunday as the fish rested that day. Bait was herring dropping back but warm on Sunday. it got so warm we will be looking for the sand eels as bait in the coming weeks. Finicky fish all three days as the bass had all the bait they could eat and there heads where down pushing bait out of the marsh

North Coast Angler Fishing Report 5/24/2013 From Skip Montello

Fishing Report: 5-24-2013

Sorry about the weekly fishing report being late, as I’m just back from Abaco, Bahamas (@ 1 this morning) hunting bonefish and tangling with big ‘Cudas, huge Mutton Snappers, and the shark that ate half of the biggest bonefish of a lifetime; estimated at 34 inches and 12 pounds!

Abaco Fishing

Capt Al reported that the Merrimac and Joppa were alive all of last weekend as solid numbers of stripers were chasing tons of herring. The guys that got out to fish were well rewarded as stripers pushing 40 inches were mixed in with schoolie sized fish. Flies and soft plastics were the hot baits. Meanwhile, Cape Ann enjoyed some very good backwater fishing at the Candy House, Jones Creek and at the Essex Greenbelt areas. Most of the stripers were schoolies, but few fish in the mid 30 range were also taken. Steve P. was taking his fish with the jumping minnow, skitter pops and plastics on a jig head. Brian also did OK with fish at Crane but the Essex backwaters slowed as the rains fouled the water quality, best baits were topwater JM’s and the MD sandeel.

Video from Brian featuring Matt A. two weeks past

Rocco with a nice Essex backwater striper

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41" striped bass fishing Gloucester MA rare top water for 2011 fall run big fish catch & release video from Brianmoc

Brian writes-

Fishing has been slow and big fish are rare to come by in the 2011 fall run. There have not been to many big fish taken from this fall run but they are around? Its still is a slow fall run but if you put your self in the right place at the right time big fish can be had in this sad fall run. the added fun was i had my friend Porter standing in my back why i was bring this fish in! yes skip its a 41 inch fish!

Chickity Check It! Crane Beach Fishing @


New resident to God’s Country (East Gloucester) Brianmoc has the best Striper fishing website that I’ve  ever seen.  I’ve been a fan of his photography and video work for years but it wasn’t til just yesterday that I realized that he hosted all of his work on his website


There are lures that work, fishing reports, tide charts, weather but the best of all Brian’s incredible photography and fishing videos.

I added Brian’s site into the blogroll to the right for easy reference in the future.

Brianmoc Video To Get All You Striper Fishermen Horny

There are some big fish around as Brian shows in this video from May 22-

Brian writes-

42 inch 25+ pound fish Catch & Release Striped bass top water Fishing MA Crane Beach Ipswich Essex 5/22/11 not the first fish of the year but the biggest year. Started my spring fishing with some nice striped bass riding the outgoing tide. This big striper Came up and gulped the jumping minnow down on the first cast. What made this fun was I the rod. I used a 3/8oz – 1oz Temple fork salmon pole 8’6″ or TFO rod. This was not as fat as your avg late season fish but at 25p it was fun fight on light tackle and even bent the vmc hooks. What you are experiencing is a very good tool that if handled right a competent can land very large fish and make fishing for smaller fish that more fun!

Adam Bolonsky Sends In Striper Fishing Video

Hi Joey,
I just posted a short video of Marvin Tighe (Rocky Neck) striper fishing off Flat Rocks at Rockport.
He lands a schoolie and gives  some commentary on bait.

Kayak Fishing for Striped Bass: Trolling the Tube and Worm-

A Local Gloucester, MA Kayak Fisherman Offers Some Insights Into Trolling the Tube and Worm