According to our boat guide these are the last three boats of the fleet. They go out for rockfish, flounder, monkfish and sometimes dredge for oysters.

Someone picking oysters out of one of the many oyster beds:

Bringing in Oysters for Don’s Seafood Restaurant:

Up On The Roof- Temple Ahavat Achim Views Of Gloucester and Construction Video

To celebrate this Sunday’s move back to Temple Ahavat Achim I present these videos from atop the Temple as it was being Re-Constructed May 27, 2010 and September 7th.

Sunday, there will be a procession from the temporary building at 33 Commercial St. to our the new building at 86 Middle St celebrating the move back to Cape Ann’s Jewish Community’s home.

Kim Smith’s Butterfly Garden Workshop at Tower Hill Botanic Garden this Sunday, May Day

Join Kim Smith this Sunday at 1:00 at the Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Worcester for the perfect May Day event–How to Create a Butterfly Garden. Pre-registration is required: Creating Summer Magic.

Monarch Butterflies Nectaring at Smooth Asters

Monarch Butterflies Nectaring at Smooth Aster

I will be presenting the necessary elements to help you create a beautiful and welcoming haven for butterflies. Once you begin to think about your garden as food source and shelter, it will influence all your horticultural decisions. Native and well-behaved non-native plants, along with examples of architectural features, will be discussed based on their value to attracting specific butterflies. This lecture and slide presentation will help you gain a deeper understanding of the interconnected world that we human beings share with plants and butterflies and how to translate that information to your own garden. Butterfly gardening plant list included with workshop.

From wiki: The Floralia, also known as the Florifertum, was an ancient Roman Festival dedicated to Flora the goddess of flowers and vegetation. It was held on the IV Calends of May, April 27 to May 3, and symbolized the renewal of the cycle of life, marked with dancing, drinking, and flowers. While flowers decked the temples, Roman citizens wore colorful clothing instead of the usual white, and offerings were made of milk and honey to Flora.

Maurice Prendergast May Day Central Park 1901

Maurice Prendergast May Day Celebration Central Park 1901

Did You Know? (Joey C. at Gloucester Reads Poetry)

That Gloucester citizens read their favorite poems, in an event sponsored by the Lyceum Committee with Poet Laureate Rufus Collinson, which included our generally fearless leader and poet, Joey C., reading his poem (written with the help of The Bean and Sloop Maddie Mad), titled “Good Morning Gloucester”?  You could never tell by watching the video that he was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs beforehand; but he did an excellent job, and his poem was so real and so homie that you couldn’t help but love it.  There is a line in his poem that I think is pure genius; it says: “… it’s all just a sheer embarrassment of cultural events that bedroom communities can only envy”.  So true.  Bravo Joey!

E.J. Lefavour

SUP The Coast, Almost halfway here!

Will Rich (grew up in Bayview) and Mike Simpson are now paddleboarding from Key West, Florida, to Portland, Maine to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project and SUP Cleanup.

Their onboard GPS system sends out a tweet every once and a while. That is how I know they have taken the turn at Cape Fear, North Carolina. That is about halfway to Gloucester if you start in Key West. Click on the links below to hook up and watch their process as they move up the coast towards us. They’ll be in Gloucester around 4th of July!

SUP the Coast website

SUP the Coast on Facebook

Dodger – Pet of the Week

Dodger – Pet of the Week


I thought if I winked I would get your attention.  My name is Dodger and I am a two-year-old orange tiger cat.  I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA), a non-profit shelter located at 260 Main Street in Gloucester.  I am a very calm guy and love attention and being brushed.  Did you know that in honor of World-wide Pet Adopt-athon Weekend, the CAAA will be extending their hours on Sat. to 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sun. from 12 Noon
to 6 p.m.  Please stop by and visit me.  My demands are simple, good food and a lap to sleep in while I watch TV. Please hurry, I don’t want to miss the evening news!


Way To Go Ann-Margaret!

State Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante is pleased to announce that she and Chairwoman Sarah Peake of the Joint Committee on Tourism , Arts and Cultural Development have successfully obtained an addition $ 1 Million to the appropriation for the Massachusetts Cultural Council and an additional $5 Million to the Regional Tourism Councils, thus fully funding the budget of the regional tourism councils.
This Wednesday, the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies, of which Representative Ferrante is a member, will hold its hearing on Gaming Legislation. Representative Ferrante will seek through this process to continue to work with Chairwoman Peake to secure additional designated revenues for arts, tourism and culture among other needs.

Thanks to Bob Hastings From The Chamber for forwarding this along.

Medication Disposal Day – Saturday, April 30th

In support of National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, the Gloucester Medications Disposal Program will host a medication disposal event, sponsored by the Healthy Gloucester Collaborative.  This event will take place on Saturday, April 30, 2011, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., in the parking lot of the Rose Baker Senior Center, Six Manuel F. Lewis Street, Gloucester .   In the event of rain, the program will be held inside the Rose Baker Senior Center.

Plan to clean out your medicine cabinets to keep youth safe and protect a clean water supply.

Items Accepted:  Prescription and over-the-counter medications, medication samples, vitamins, veterinary medications, narcotics and liquid medications. Items not accepted:  Sharps, thermometers, IV bags, bloody or infectious waste, inhalers, hydrogen peroxide and personal care products.

Sharps may be disposed of in the main entrance of Addison

Gilbert Hospital , at the Sharps Kiosk 24-hours-a-day.

For more information go to

2011 Tourism Season Kick Off Meeting With Mayor Kirk

Just Some Quick Photos With Videos To Follow (until I ran out of memory on my camera)

Kudos to Mayor Kirk for getting all the players to the table to work COLLABORATIVELY for the better of the entire City.  Also big ups to Sheree DeLorenzo the host at Cruiseport who gives a ton back to the community.

Getting wet is an essential sailing skill! From Bill O’Connor

Hey Joe,

Just as the sailing program 420s got to the outer harbor today, the wind started blowing really hard from the South/South West.  What would have been a nice evening sailing, suddenly turned into capsize practice!  I think they had four boats turned over at one time, with at least two that were completely turtled.  The kids righted those boats pretty quickly considering the conditions, and it looked like everybody got out of there in one piece.  Sometimes the fun of sailing is the time you spend in the drink…

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid




Cape Ann Whale Watch 42% Off Groupon

Click Here or the Picture To Get The Deal!

If you’ve never been on a whale watch I have to tell you some of the comments that I hear from people when they get off the boat-

“OMG- It’s like seeing real life dinosaurs 10 feet away from you”

“That was about the coolest thing I’ve ever done”

“I can’t believe how beautiful they are!”

Hey if you’re gonna go on a whale watch you may as well go for close to half off. 


Good Morning Gloucester- The Poem

Last night an interesting swath of diverse Gloucester folk were invited to recite their favorite poem at the Sawyer Free Library.  I happened to be one of those people invited to read.  Instead of reading someone else’s poem I decided it would be a good idea to work on my own after our good FOB Deb Clarke suggested the idea.  With a little help from Snoop Maddie Mad and The Bean we put together a little something.

I’m not sure why I get so goddamn emotional when I speak about G-Town.  Not sure if you can tell from the video but I was pretty much a wreck.  It probably had something to do with not wanting to do a disservice to the city I love or the blog for which I’m obviously insanely passionate about but I sort of get overwhelmed at times when I speak about them.

Anyway I’d like to thank the Sawyer Free Library Lyceum and host Rufus Collinson for inviting me.  I’d like to thank my great poetry contributors Snoop Maddie Mad and The Bean, and I’d like to thank everyone who came out for the event including our very own E.J.

Written and Read For The Sawyer Free Library Lyceum Sponsored Program- Gloucester Reads Poetry

Look for many of the other invited readers’ videos as the week goes on, I know the camera ran out of memory about half way through so I didn’t get to capture everyone unfortunately.


Good Morning Gloucester, Open Your Eyes
What Do You See?

Gloucester At Dawn, Fishing Boats Heading To Sea
Working Boats- Lobster Boats- Gillnetters, Draggers and Seiners

Marine Industrial Flowers- Rocky Neck Flowerboxes- Thorny Rosa Rugosa, Fragrant and Colorful Along The Rocky Back Shore

The Sound Of The Dory Oars Clacking Away As The International Dory Boat Racers Practice Before Work

Beautiful Industry Comes Alive- The Fishhouses Hum- The Trucks Bring Our Seafood Harvest To Market

The Herring Boats Pump- The Gulls Fight For The Scraps

As Morning Comes The Community Gathers To Fuel Up At The Lone Gull, The Pleasant St Tea Company and Cape Ann Coffee- “Hey Joe, How Ya Been?”

Planners Start Planning- Doers Start Doing- Road Races – Block Parties- The Fiesta- The Horribles Parade- The Schooner Festival- The Lanesville Parade- Art Haven- Art Coloniy- seART- Nights On The Neck- The Sidewalk Bazaar- The Farmers Market- The Fish Box Derby -The Middle Street Walk- Celebrate Gloucester- Harbor Loop Concerts – The Lobster Trap Tree- A Sheer Embarrassment Of Cultural Events That Bedroom Communities Can Only Envy

Writing Gloucester- Painting Gloucester- Singing Gloucester-Eating Gloucester- Breathing Gloucester

All That Doing’s Got Me Hungry Joe

No Worries- We Can Always Pop Into Virgilio’s for A Nice St Joseph’s Sandwich, or What The Hell A Slice O’ Pizza At 9AM at Sclafaini’s

Let’s Take A Ride Shall We?  A Quickie – Spin The Beach By The Footbridge First and Then Head Round East Gloucester (God’s Country, Don’t You Know?) First The Back Shore, Farrington Ave Past Niles Beach Down East Main and Back To The Dock

Offload Those Lobster Boats Joe- Get ‘Em In Get ‘Em Out and Get Paid, Ain’t That The Way?

Well Works All Done Kid, Dusk Is Settin’ In.

Time To Head Home To The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad

A Quick Ride Down Main St To Check On My Peeps and Give A Wave- “What Up Homie?”

Down Past The Man at The Wheel and Look Out To Dogbar-

Sun’s Settin’ Joe

Good Evening Gloucester

Here is a picture courtesty Sawyer Free Library of the readers for the event-

Nathaniel Holscher Family Fundraiser This Saturday Night at YMCA – Gloucester

Hey Joey,

I am just getting the word out about a fundraiser to help pay for the final expenses of Nathaniel Holscher.  He tragically died in a car accident on Jan. 23 in Danvers on 128.  His mom is having the fundraiser and local pizza shops donated pizzas.  It is this Saturday April 30th from 7 to 9 PM at the Gloucester Y.  Come on over and swim, workout, play some B-ball.  Suggested donations are $10 per person / $25 per family.  If people want to contribute but can’t come to the event – send gift to: Nathan Holscher Fundraiser c/o Cape Ann Savings Bank  109 Main Street Gloucester, MA 01930  thanks.

Thanks for the plug if you can fit it in and God bless you!