The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 8


In this episode- Posting while on vacation, Groupon Screw-Job, Earth Day, Kenny’s Vegan Betrayal, Eastern Point Lighthouse with FOB Dani Lubbers, Cigar Joe Tapes, Kenny’s New Camera, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment

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To the Bear and Back" 5K and 1 mile fun run

Hi Joey,
The Rockport Elementary school is holding a 5K race and 1 mile fun run to benefit the Rockport PTO.  Could you post the info on the race?
Thank you,
Erin Canniff
>"To the Bear and Back" 5K and 1 mile fun run
> Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 2:51 PM
> "To the Bear and Back 5K and 1 mile
> fun run and Tot Trot to benefit the Rockport PTO. 
> Saturday May 7, 2011
> 5K starts at 9:30 AM
> 1 mile fun run and Tot Trot to follow
> Strollers welcome
> Great Raffle and cookout to follow.
> T Shirts for the first 150 entries
> Join us on May 7th at the Rockport Elementary School  for
> a beautiful run along the ocean to Bear Skin Neck and back
> to RES.
> The money raised will go to the PTO to support educational
> programs.  Prizes will be awarded for the top male and
> female finishers in each age bracket.
> To register:
> Stop by the elementary school and pick up a form or
> download an application from our school website at:
> Please mail your application to:
> Rockport Elementary School
> Attn: Phil Whitley
> 34 Jerden’s Lane
> Rockport, Ma 01966
> Any questions email us at:

A Little Philosophy With Your Adolescence?

Or the title could be “A Little Philosophy With Your Adolescents?” because this post is directed at both students and their parents. Paul Kelly, a local teacher (full disclosure: his other full-time job is being my husband), offers coffeehouse courses (a combination of discussion and workshops) in Philosophy for high school students through his company, Philosophy 4. The new Spring Sessions start next week, with a session taking place right here in Gloucester. Paul has found through the last several years of teaching that high school students are eager to address the always-relevant questions philosophy takes on, but that they often don’t have a venue for such a discussion, which is where Philosophy 4 comes in. The courses are both casual and engaging, and students have a really good time together discussing western philosophy. And if you’re on twitter or facebook, check out Philosophy 4 on both; Paul is new to networking using social media and looks forward to connecting with the GMG community! The Philosophy 4 Spring Sessions poster is below. Just click the image for more information:

Homie in Love Part II to XI

Previously on Homie in Love Part I

But first, the back story. Two lonely birds.

Solitude of the lonely Homie.

Cold, lonely, rubbery, but Patriotic!

A little stand offish at first.

But soon the connection was made and time stopped.

They’re eyes locked and Homie was in love.

“So how many children should we have?” Homie wasn’t wasting any time.

“I have a lovely nest on Milk Island.”

“You’re not listening to a word I’m saying!”

“We could make it work!”

“I am so out of here!”

“Do you think it’s safe to come out?”

In our next installment R. Duck takes up surfing and considers sailing lessons to help her forget Homie.

Gene Ehlert Asks About Old Bayview Postcard

Hi, Joey,

Reading your terrific website from Lancaster, NH, way up near Canada. Have recently bought a small house in Bay View; have to rent it out for now until we can afford to move down. Soon we hope.

Bought an old postcard on ebay with a picture of Albion’s of Gloucester, located on Rte 127 in Bay View. Specialized in fried clams it says, and accommodated 150 guests.Our house is on Albion Court, a small dead-end road right next to the Brotherhood. Probably not a coincidence. No sign of the eatery these days, but was wondering if you or someone could remember where it was located. Perhaps where the fire station is today?

Thanks and best regards, Gene Ehlert

The Very First Batch Of Ryan and Wood’s Rye Whiskey Gets Their Labels Today and I Got Bottle #2

Three part video series coming this week with Bob Hastings, Bobby Ryan, Jay Albert whose photo of the Man at The Wheel was used for the label and Kate Glass, Gloucester Times photographer who for the record did not take a sip while on assignment.

There is only 4 barrels of this batch of whiskey so it is very special.  Only 1200 bottles will be produced from this first run and they are the only ones that will come from the larger 50 gallon barrels as opposed to the others that have been put away for a future date in 35 gallon barrels.  So go get yourself three bottles- one to drink now, one to put away for a special occasion like when a child turns 21 and the third for Fiesta (Bob’s idea).DSC04264



                                                  PROFILE SHEET            April, 19, 2000
Ryan & Wood Straight Rye Whiskey

Barrel # 11

43% ABV (86 proof) , packed 6 x 750 ml  / case
Federal Standard of Identity:  Straight Rye Whiskey

Whisky produced at not exceeding 80% alcohol by volume (160 proof), from a fermented mash of not less than 51 percent rye and stored at not more than
62.5% alcohol by volume (125 proof) in charred new oak containers, for not less than 2
years in new barrels

Rye Whiskey was what we first distilled knowing that it would years before we would learn what the aging process here in Gloucester would deliver. We processed only 4 barrels at that time, last July, 2008. Barrel # 11 exemplifies what we want to be for our Rye whiskey. We will follow with #’s 1, 2 & 10 as they are ready. We have since barreled, on average, one smaller 30 gallon barrel a month.
Rye Whiskey: Whiskey of Colonial America.
Barrels: Purchased from Bluegrass Cooperage, Kentucky, 53 gallon Whiskey Barrels, Medium toast, #3 Char
Grains:             Rye, Wheat, Malted Barley
Barrel date:      Barrel # 11  , July 12, 2008
Bottle date:      April 19, 2011 ,  true “Patriots Day”
Bottles:            336 bottles  or  56 x 6 bottle cases
Label credit :    MGT design, Maureen Terrill.
Labe Image:     courtesy of Jay Albert
Label thought:  Gloucester’s Fisherman’s Memorial Cenotaph, aka “The Man at the Wheel” statue, is the icon of Gloucester.  While stopped in traffic waiting for the “cut” bridge to be lowered, we all have studied the statue from this view. Our thoughts will drift out towards the Breakwater and beyond to the horizon. The romance of chasing dreams and what could be takes shape. We honor that vista with our label.

Ryan & Wood Distillery, “The Spirit of Cape Ann” is a family run craft distillery located in Gloucester, Mass.  Other Spirits produced include “Beauport Vodka”, “Knockabout Gin” and “Folly Cove Rum”.
Visit for more info.

Did You Know? (Another Piece of The Mail Must Go Through)

For those of you who enjoyed the story of the 65+ year lost FDR Memorial Grimsland cover mailed to Mrs. S.E. Lawrence in July 1945, which finally arrived in Annisquam last month, here are photos of Aunt Saddie and her niece, Sylvia DeBoever (the one who brought Aunt Saddie and her story to life), and Aunt Saddie on her 92nd birthday.  The birthday photo was taken by her grandniece, Mary Anne Thomson, who loved to reverse Aunt Saddie’s birthday candles.  Aunt Saddie died at the age of 98 on August 22, 2001.  The family has not received Aunt Saddie’s long lost mail, which hopefully won’t get lost for another 65 years.  (USPS people, don’t take that personally, I’m joking and we all know you will do the right thing in the right time.)

E.J. Lefavour