Farmer Dave’s CSA in Lanesville and Gloucester

Bethany Bellingham Writes-
Good morning, Joey!

I manage Farmer Dave’s CSA, which has a Lanesville and a Gloucester pick-up location. Kurt Ankeny, one of our worktrade staff members at the Lanesville Community Center, suggested we send you this little video we put together =).
Yet another CSA pops up and here’s the video-

Lots of CSA choices this summer!
Here’s the link to their website

T. S. Eliot Quote Of The Week From Greg Bover


April 19, 2011“April is the cruellest month” from The Wasteland, 1915

T. S. Eliot (1888-1965)

Though born in St. Louis , Eliot’s family had New England roots reaching back to the Salem witch trials and deep into Harvard yard. He attended Milton Academy and spent summers on Cape Ann (see The Dry Salvages), later studying at Harvard, Oxford , and the Sorbonne. In later life he renounced both Unitarianism and his American citizenship in favor of Anglicanism and the United Kingdom . Eliot is often cited as the greatest modern poet, and The Wasteland as one of the most important poems, of the 20th century.

Greg Bover

PS As far as I can discover, Eliot spelled "cruelest" with two L’s in the original.

Gregory R. Bover

Did You Know? (Church of the Sacred Heart)


That Mass was first celebrated in Lanesville in 1850, and that services were held for several years in Village Hall?   The Sacred Heart Church was erected between Lanesville and Bay View in 1876.  Rev. Thomas Barry, officiating also at Rockport, had charge of the church for several years.  Sunday school was organized in 1855. Mary Eva Phillips (1913 – 2010) was active in the Catholic Church, a member of the Carmelite order and a Eucharistic minister at the Sacred Heart Church in Lanesville. 

The Church was decommissioned in 2005 and purchased by Geoffrey Richon.  In 2006, Jim Flint was visiting from Seattle with some friends living in Salem and saw an ad for a church for sale.  He had been searching for a church to buy in Seattle.  Instead he found and fell in love with the Sacred Heart Church and purchased it from Richon in 2006.  These are some before and after photos of the Sacred Heart Church (the front of the Church as it used to look, the back of the church now with Jim in the photo, the back of the church as it used to look, one of the stained glass windows as it still remains, a very old photo of the alter and another shortly before decommissioning, the view now looking toward the kitchen window where the alter used to be, and the reverse view looking away from where the alter was – in this shot you can see some of Les Bartlett’s scroll quarry photos on exhibit; the last photo is of two pieces of wood that Jim uncovered during renovations behind the old stairs.  This to me was the coolest part.  The pieces of wood are written on with pencil.  The larger one says: “Joseph P. Hart 1877, Lanesville, Mass. Carpenter & Joiner (Dec. 14) Verry cold and windy day.  No snow on the ground.  I am building the stairs today. Yours _____ (can’t make that word out), J.P. Hart”.  The smaller piece of wood simply says: “J.P. Hart Lanesville Decr. 14, 1877”.  I just love this old message in a bottle kind of thing where someone long gone has left behind a part of him or herself to be discovered at some unknown future date.  I’ve tried, unsuccessfully so far to find out anything about our carpenter, Joseph P. Hart. 

Jim Flint has continued the community spirit of the structure by hosting monthly potluck and game (scrabble, cards, etc.) nights to allow the community to enjoy the majestic and beautiful space he has so lovingly created.  Jim says that when he is sitting outside at the front of the house on Washington Street/127, he still occasionally catches people crossing themselves as they drive by.

E.J. Lefavour

Looking for Homie in all the wrong places …

Rubber Duck has had a change of heart. She misses Homie and now is in search of that one special Homie.

Are you my Homie?

Hanging out with the tourists?

The rubber duck is losing weight pining for Homie. Will She ever find him again?

ps. I’m trying out a new photo website, Imgur. The three photos, Rockport dump, Motif#1 and Capt Joe & Sons Fair Weight Scale, all reside there. I think if you click on Motif #1 you will get a larger photo which if you click again, gets even bigger. Notice the wave over the breakwater last Saturday.

Homie in Love Part I

Homie in Love PartII to XI

Homie in Love Part XII to XIV

Pathways For Children Events April 26th and May 9th

Pathways for Children, located at 29 Emerson Avenue in Gloucester, is offering a free parent workshop, Caring for Ourselves~ Caring for Others on May 9th from 6:00 – 8:00PM.  Nationally recognized parent educator, Dr. Lonnie Carton, author of “No is a Love Word”, will teach techniques to reduce stress & improve health through yoga.  We are all able to best care for children when we remember to care for ourselves!  Dinner and a copy of “No is a Love Word” are included.  Please join us for this special evening.  Preregistration is required.  Please contact Amy Larsen @978.281.2400 x 120, or sign up at the Pathways reception desk.

Pathways for Children welcomes you to join us in Addison Gilbert Hospital’s Longan Room, Gloucester on Tuesday, April 26th from 6:30 to 8:00PM to learn techniques to calm any new baby’s cries and help your baby sleep longer with best-selling author & pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block method.  To register or for more information contact Amy Larsen @978.281.2400 x 120 or

Safe Boating in Cape Ann Waters

Date: Tuesday Evenings 5 Sessions from April 26th to May 24th

Time: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Event: Safe Boating in Cape Ann Waters

Place: Essex Shipbuidling Museum ( 66 Main Street , Essex , MA )

            Waterline Center

Safe Boating in Cape Ann Waters at the Essex Shipbuilding Museum
Essex Shipbuilding Museum will offer a 5 session Safe Boating course from April 26th to May 24, on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 8 PM. The course will be taught by Gardi Winchester II of Gloucester and will cover topics such as emergency preparedness, line handling and knots, and navigational hazards, all in the context of the waters of the Cape Ann area.

For more information or to register please visit our website:
or email:

Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum


Lily’s Springtime Shortbread Cookies video from how2heroes!

Here’s the link to Lily’s awesome and easy Springtime shortbread cookies video that she did with how2heros last week.  They came to our house and shot her cooking in my Mom’s kitchen and she had a ball.  Because I don’t know how to imbed the video unless it is on youtube, all I can provide you with is the link so here goes:

The recipe is on the same page and it would be a great rainy day project for today!  Enjoy and if you watch, please leave a comment and I will be sure to share them with my girl–I am very proud of her!