Chickity Check It! Magnolia Photos and History Through The Decades From Tim Moran

Hi Joey,

Thank you for your GMG web site and what you do to keep us former residents “in the loop”.

My name is Thomas (Tim) Moran. While I currently live in Dallas , TX , my roots go deep into Gloucester , more specifically, into Magnolia.

My two sisters (Marcia and Alison) and I spent every summer between the mid forties and the late fifties (1944 – 1958 for me) visiting our grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Ringer, at the head of the beach on Shore Road in Magnolia.

My grandfather, W.H. Ringer, was a principal of GHS when it was downtown, long before it moved to its present location by "the cut".

As I was looking at some pictures of the Fisherman’s Memorial the other day, I remembered that my mother, Beth Ringer Moran, at age 99, is probably one of the few still alive who, at age 13, was at the statue’s dedication in 1925?  She also remembers walking across the cut bridge from their home on Kent Circle to the high school every day in high heels and skirts, which is what ‘girls’ wore to school then.  She says it was very cold in the winter!

I wonder if anyone knows anybody else who was also there and is still living. That might be a good question for your web site.

My sisters and I have returned to Magnolia many times through the past 50 years and will return again, hopefully within the next few years.

I invite you to peruse a web page that I put together after sister Marcia, my wife, daughter, and I last visited in the fall of 2004. Tim Moran’s Magnolia MA History

Tim Moran

On the Cape Ann Profiles With Host Rich Sagall

On the Cape Ann Profiles host Rich Sagall interviews Tarek El Heneidy, a Rockport resident who is from Egypt. He provides a unique and personal viewpoint on the changes in the Middle East, the movement toward democracy, and the ongoing turmoil.
Cape Ann Profiles can be seen on Cape Ann TV Channel 12 on Friday, April 15 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, April 17 at 2:00PM. It repeats on Friday, April 22 at 10:30AM and 7:00PM and on Sunday, April 24 at 2:00PM.
Upcoming guests include Peter Jackson, a local magician, Fred Cowan on volunteerism, Allison Varga on being a restaurateur and other Cape Ann personalities who have a story to tell.
Rich Sagall is a physician and the president of NeedyMeds, a national non-profit that provides information on programs that help people unable to afford their health care costs. He also publishes Pediatrics for Parents, a children’s health newsletter.

Did You Know? (Alchemy)

That Alchemy refers to a quest for a fabled elixir capable of turning copper and other base metals to gold and also a quest for something to prevent human beings’ bodies from becoming old?  Alchemy is both a philosophy and an ancient practice that seeks to prepare the “elixir of longevity”, accomplish the transmutation into gold, and attain ultimate wisdom (the ability to effectively and efficiently apply perceptions and knowledge and so produce a desired result).  

Mark McDonough’s Alchemy of Art exhibits at Alchemy, in addition to being an abundant and extremely generous (and delicious) gift to artists and the community, encompasses the components of Alchemy.  He provides an opportunity for artists to utilize the elixir he has created with his wisdom, to turn their creative endeavors into gold, and in the process do the same for his business; while renewing our youthful exuberance for what we all love to do.  One of my favorite passages in the Bible is: “He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle’s (Psalm 103:5)”, and that is what Mark sets the stage to happen for exhibiting artists.

I can’t thank everyone enough for turning out in such large numbers, on such a miserable, cold, rainy evening; some of you having traveled from such long distances to be there.  The art opening and book release was a wonderful event, made perfect for me by the totally unexpected arrival of Joey C., who was so instrumental in all of it coming about.

The opening and book release is over, but my exhibit will be up through May 7, so if you couldn’t make it last night (or if you were there but couldn’t see the exhibit because of all the people), I hope you’ll stop into Alchemy at 3 Duncan Street, Gloucester, see the exhibit at leisure and enjoy Alchemy’s great ambiance, food and people (the staff there is awesome).  I also left a bin of prints, cards and some books (and remember, 20% of sales of those items, and 10% of framed art sales goes to the Gloucester Education Foundation). 

Also, Did You Know? books are now in the process of being distributed to retail locations.  As of today, you can get them at Willow Rest, Cape Ann Museum Gift Shop, Cricket Press and Dogtown Books.  I will be visiting with my friend Bob Ritchie, at my favorite Gloucester bookstore, Dogtown Books, 132 Main Street, Gloucester on Saturday from 11:00 to 1:00 and signing books, if anyone would like to come by (and buy) and say hi and get a Did You Know? Book signed.  As they are distributed to other locations, I will update the locations on my website at  If you are out of area and would like to order a book, you can go to the website to order a copy to be shipped to you.  Also, if you have a favorite book or gift shop that you’d like to see carry the book, mention it to them.  It will take me awhile to get around Cape Ann, and there are many places I don’t know about and could miss.

Finally, there was a guest book at the Alchemy opening last night; however it was totally buried and hidden behind all the people.  If you would like to be on my email list to receive notice of future exhibits, book releases, and such, please email me at   Thanks again to everyone who braved such nasty weather to turn out and make my first Cape Ann exhibit opening and book release such an amazing thing.  Since moving to Cape Ann, I tell my mother every day about all the really nice people I keep meeting; last night she got to meet many of you and now knows firsthand what I was talking about.

Blackburn Challenge: 99 Days

It is now only 99 days until the Blackburn Challenge on Saturday July 23rd. The Silver Jubilee, 25th running of the “any human powered craft” race around Cape Ann. The Essex River Race, a 5.5 mile down the river around Cross Island and back is only 30 days from now on Saturday, May 14th.  Click the links for each race info. Essex registration is already open.

I think I will be enjoying the Essex race by eating breakfast overlooking the race. Post a comment if you know where the best Eggs Benedict are served on the river. By skipping the Essex I still have 99 days to get ready for the 21 miles of the Blackburn. Click here for my personal motivator page complete with  countdown to the day and a map.

Boating safety in small craft: Everyone wants to get out there and start practicing but there is a hidden danger even on very toasty days. The water is still only 42 F. While you are out kayaking, wear a PFD and always think of how you are going to get out of the water if you flip. That water does not give you much time. 50 minutes at 50 F is the rule of thumb. At 42 F, quite a bit shorter before getting back in the kayak is difficult. Do not go alone and wear a PFD.

But it will be warmer soon. For inspiration I look at a photo Paul Frontiero took of me in my new ride as I tested it out last summer. Last year I went all the way around in 5 hours, 30 minutes, 20 seconds in a 71 pound kayak. This one is 28 pounds. The engine just needs to trim down a bit and I’ll be smokin’.

This Weekend At The Liu

Rockport Music has two awesome programs at the Shalin Liu this weekend. On Friday we present a choral ensemble from Cape Cod and on Sunday we offer a terrific jazz ensemble.



Friday, April 15, 8PM
Shalin Liu Performance Center
(37 Main Street, Rockport)

Gloriæ Dei Cantores sings weekly services at the Church of the Transfiguration on Cape Cod. Praised by The Washington Post as “a world-class concert choir,” Gloriæ Dei Cantores has performed in over 20 countries, including three invitational tours of Russia and a performance at the 900th anniversary of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice. They make their Shalin Liu Performance Center debut with a program of music for the Lenten season, including composers whose birthdays are being commemorated in 2011: Hovhaness (100) and Liszt (200).

Tickets: $18, $24, $32. 978-546-7391 or



Sunday, April 17, 4 pm

Shalin Liu Performance Center (37 Main Street, Rockport)

The BeBop Guitars is a guitar ensemble made up of members of the faculty at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Directed by Belmont guitarist and composer John Baboian, the group consists of five teachers from Berklee’s highly regarded guitar department, along with trumpet, vibes, bass, and drums. They will play original compositions along with their unique arrangements of jazz standards, such as Salt Peanuts – Dizzy Gillespie; Perdido – Duke Ellington; and God Bless The Child – Billie Holiday

Tickets: $18, $24, $32. 978-546-7391 or

Skeptics in the Pub To Meet On April 19th


Skeptics in the Pub

On April 19th the Skeptics in the Pub presentation will be divided into two parts. First, Mary Kingsley will talk about “The Case for the Theory of Intelligent Design.” Next, Elizabeth Thomas will discuss “Popular Myths about the Theory of Evolution.” The presentations will focus on little known facts about Intelligent Design and misconceptions about the Theory of Evolution. Skeptics in the Pub meets at the Dog Bar, 65 Main Street, Gloucester, at 6:00. The presentation begins at 6:30. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about these timely topics and meet more skeptics like yourself.

You can find us at www.

My Buddy Terry Weber’s First Story Went Into The Globe Today!

Check it out when you get a second.

Blindness is no barrier to Lynn black-belt holder

Serguei Vassiliev, who is blind, tests for his black belt in aikido, throwing opponent John Murphy to the ground.

Serguei Vassiliev, who is blind, tests for his black belt in aikido, throwing opponent John Murphy to the ground. (Lisa Poole for The Boston Globe)

By Terry Weber

Globe Correspondent / April 14, 2011

Thursday Night Blues Jam at the Rhumb Line To Host Ed Scheer and Mario Perrett

Photo by Sharon Lowe


A few words from Dave,

  This thursday at the Rhumb Line features  the Batman and Robin of the music world: that dynamic duo of Ed “Ed” Scheer and Mario Perrett. Eddie, being one of our favorite drumblers and focalists gotta drag out our buddy Mario, movie star ,and cutie-pie saxist, for a cruize around the block every once in a while. So, the \world will come to a screeching halt upon the stage  as we tie up the hands of time, and make it scream uncle. Rheum-er has it that there will be a plentitude of sit-ins and  spit-ups. You won’t wanna miss it.
  And then Sunday, Mark Earley Productions® is proud to present….me. Once again , Mark is forcing me to play with some incredible Jazz musicians at THE STONE SOUP in IPSWICH. From 5 to 8 p.m. I’ll be cranking it out with such immortals as  John Hyde, on keys, Jim Gwin, Fred’s brother, on skins, Tom Palance, Jack’s brother, on trumpet, and  Mark Earley on saxes . Should be a hoot. Free bibs for every fan if you make it past the first set. Food is pretty good, too ,I hear .

40 Railroad Ave

Gloucester. Ma

Squeaky – Pet of the Week


Squeaky – Pet of the Week

My name is Squeaky and I am a two-year-old affectionate cat with a beautiful orange-and-white coat.  I am on the quiet side, but I enjoy watching TV and sitting in a nice lap to relax.   If you are looking for a calm companion, I am your girl! 

Stop down to the Cape Ann Animal Aid, a non-profit shelter.   I am so excited about finding a forever home I could cry!   The shelter is located at 260 Main Street in Gloucester.

Please hurry and after you adopt me, you may take me home and we can watch TV together;  I really enjoy any of the cooking shows!

The Rudder Open Today and Launches Whole New Website-

They must have listened to our boy Paul Morrison who has been putting local restaurants on watch to get their sites updated in his “Seasonal Openings” posts which y0u can read here. Local restaurants, if you launch a new website, have something newsworthy happening and feel like sharing it with our readership of 15-22,000 people a day, you might want to pimp your info out just like Peter did in the following email to your boy Joey *hint-hint* in case you haven’t figured out how to contact us with breaking news or photos, there’s a tab up top labeled “Contact” it contains the email address for GMG.  If clicking the tab is too difficult I’ll also provide it for you here so you won’t have any excuse-

Peter Van Ness Writes-

Dear Joey,

I know you’re a fan of the Rudder on Rocky Neck and I love the video and photo series you did on their renovation, so I thought you’d like to know that they open tomorrow April 14th with Tax Relief Specials like Chapter 7 drinks for $7 (IRS Screwdriver — Vickie’s name), 1040ez Appetizers $10.40 (Agent Crab Cakes) and lots more

    (see all of them here

Also, Vickie and I just launched a new website for them with great photos (check out the attached Monkfish and Cioppino).  The new Web site works great on a mobile phone (I’m almost ready to give up my Blackberry for a Droid … yikes!).

Check it out here:

We did a photo shoot there and got to taste some exquisite food.  I’m not kidding, it’s better than ever this year!