Fred Buck Answers The Call Re: Photos Of The Rosemarie

A couple of days ago Mary Ann Anderson wrote in asking for help finding photos of her grandfather’s fishing boat, The Rosemarie-

Hi Joey,

I’m looking for some old photos of my grandfather’s fishing boat the Rosemarie. I was wondering if you could put something on the Good Morning Gloucester website to see if anyone has some. The boat sank years ago. My brother (Tom Scola) and I don’t have. My father, Joe Scola, is now 88 and would love to see some. Please let me know if this is something that can be done. Thank you.

Fred Buck who works in the photo department at the Cape Ann Museum dug around and  came through for us!

Fred wrote me yesterday-

joey – i work in the photo dept. at the cape ann museum.  saw the post looking for pics of the ‘rosemarie’  we’ve got a real beauty taken in the early 30s for Atlantic Fisherman by gloucester photographer john c. adams (she was built in maine in 1930) of her steaming into the harbor past the paint factory.  we’ve also got a number of others of her in harbor cove from the early 40s.  i’m attaching a low res version if you want to send it on to her or attach it to the post.  she’s welcome to get in touch with me at this email address and i’ll give her details on what we have and where she can find some other pix.  thanks for keeping it real!
fred buck



April 11, 2011

We are loo
Lking for people who own Star Wars costumes (from the first trilogy) to work as extras in a scene in the movie Ted with Mark Wahlberg The scene will shoot in the Boston area in early May.

If you are interested and have a costume, please send a photo of you in the costume, your phone number and your full name.

Please also indicate if the costume is home-made, or if it was purchased. If purchased, please indicate if it is licensed by Lucas Arts.

Please send submissions to Those selected will be contacted directly at a later date.


April 11, 2011

We are looking for female body builders to appear as extras in Ted, starring Mark Wahlberg.


If you are interested in being considered, please email

Include your FULL NAME, PHONE NUMBER and a couple of recent pictures (not nude).

Those selected will be contacted directly.

Thomas Huxley Quote of The Week From Greg Bover

“Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.”

Thomas Huxley (1825-1895) Click the picture to go to the Thomas Huxley wiki page


A self-taught anatomist and comparative biologist, Huxley was ship’s surgeon on a very early voyage to New Guinea and Australia. He was a vociferous champion of Darwin and invented the word “agnostic” to describe his own thoughts about a supreme being. It was Huxley who first theorized that birds evolved from dinosaurs and who was the primary proponent of scientific education in 19th century Britain. A lifelong humanist and prolific essayist, Huxley’s grandsons include Sir Julian Huxley, first director of UNESCO, and Aldous Huxley, author of Doors of Perception and Brave New World.

Greg Bover

Calling All Creative People!

Minimalist Motif in George Anderson's Gallery window on Main Street at last year's festival.

Jud Wilson's action figures Motif at The Ice Cream Store on Bearskin Neck at last year's festival.

One of the highlights of last year’s Motif No. 1 Day was the Find-the-Motif Scavenger Hunt, where mini-Motifs were placed throughout Rockport’s downtown for festival-goers to discover. There were Motifs made of driftwood, papier mâché, sleek steel, and an especially crazy-awesome one made by Jud of Ace Hardware using action figures attached to a plywood Motif (with lights! and sound!). The people who make Motif No. 1 Day happen are looking for more submissions for this year’s festival on May 21st. The general dimensions are 2′ x 3′ so that Scavenger Hunt participants can spot the mini-Motif easily, but if your creativity leads you to create a Motif that’s a bit smaller — or larger — it’s no problem at all. To join in the fun, e-mail and let them know  you’ll be making a Motif for the Scavenger Hunt. Submissions are due by Thursday, May 19th, and participants are asked to pick up their mini-Motifs in Dock Square at the close of the festival (7 pm on Saturday, May 21st).  To get you in the spirit of things, here’s an image of a kit for a paper Motif No. 1, sold online by Fiddler’s Green. Yours doesn’t have to be this perfect of course. It doesn’t even have to be red — just vaguely recognizable as the (arguably) most famous fishing shack/art studio/storage building in the known universe.

A Motif No. 1 model kit from Fiddler's Green.


Did You Know? (CAFM Fundraiser)

photos from cape ann farmers market fundraiser at cape ann community cinema
Photos by E.J. Lefavour

That last evening’s fundraiser for Cape Ann Farmers Market held at Cape Ann Community Cinema was alot of fun and a rousing success?  The event was very well attended and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves while supporting a very good cause.  I had previously popped into the cinema to see it, but this was my first event there.  It is a wonderful, homey, comfortable, very cool cinema that Rob Newton has done an admirable job of creating for the community.  If you haven’t been, visit to see what he has coming up on the schedule, and subscribe to his email list (I just did).  We have so many great things happening on Cape Ann, that if we don’t remind ourselves, we miss them.  On that note, take out your cell phone right now and punch in 72727 and then CAFM, you will receive a text message reminder each Thursday that it is Farmers Market day, so you won’t forget.  In addition to the wonderful refreshment provided by Alchemy and Duckworth’s Bistro’s cauliflower and sweet potato and ginger soups, amazing cupcakes by The Cape Ann Cake Co., beer from Cape Ann Brewing Company, Alfalfa Farms & Still River Winery wines, wonderful bread by A&J King Artisan Bakers, awesome feta cheese by Valley View Farm and service with a smile provided by Latitude 43, we saw the entertaining, thought provoking and kind of scary film Fresh.  I’ve seen other similar sustainable food films, and they always remind me of how sick our country has become, and why – we are what we eat, and in the name of convenience, we are allowing ourselves to be force-fed highly processed, unnatural foods that are not what nature intended us to eat, and we are suffering the consequence.  However, we do have a choice, and buying fresh, nutritious, locally grown food at the Cape Ann Farmers Market is a good choice we can make for our families and ourselves.


E.J. Lefavour 

Napoleonic Prisoner of War Ship Models Which Have Not Been on Public View Since the 1940’s At American Model Gallery

American Marine Model Gallery | 20 Pleasant St. | PO Box 6102 | Gloucester | MA | 01930 978-281-1166

American Marine Model Gallery * R. Michael Wall

American Marine Model Gallery | Scuttlebutt

We are excited to offer for sale a collection of unique Napoleonic Prisoner of War models which  have not been on public view since the 1940’s!.

R. Michael Wall, Director

"The French Connection"

Napoleonic Era Prisoner of War ShipModels 1793 -1815

French conn Flags

An Exhibit & Sale

April 9 – 30, 2011 Tuesdays – Saturdays 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

or by appointment

An extraordinary assemblage of antique works, each an exquisite piece from this genre. 

New enhanced images >

50-Gun Ship


50-Gun Frigate Images >


Hibernia sm

Hibernia images >

Harp Seal hitching a ride into Gloucester on Route 128

Here is a photo of a harp seal hanging in the marsh on Route 128 near Nichols Candies. Pretty damn cute. Now before you run out there and take photos.

1) Don’t get close and bug her. If you get close enough so she turns her head to look at you then you are too close. Take some binoculars and use a telephoto lens. She likely just wants to rest for a couple of tide cycles and by making her swim back out will put her in danger.

2) Don’t bring your dog.

3) Tell everyone else you meet out there the above.

Since she is practically hitch hiking on Route 128 there might be a crowd out there. It is up to you to get the crowd back and let her rest.

Click here for big photo

the email from Mendy Garron of NOAA:

An adult harp seal is currently hauled out on the marsh on the right hand side of 128 Northbound into Gloucester, before Nichols Candies.  NOAA Marine Mammal Stranding staff and Whale Center of New England biologists were out to assess the seal this morning.  The animal has a few superficial scraps, which is not uncommon for seals, but seems to be resting (in a bad spot of course!).  The seal will be monitored throughout the day.  Generally, responders/veterinarians like to allow the animal to rest for a few tidal cycles and see if the animal will return to the water.  Just a reminder, please give the animal some space to rest and do not approach the seal within 50 yards.
Mendy Garron, CVT
NER Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator
NOAA Fisheries Service
Protected Resources Division
55 Great Republic Drive
Gloucester, MA 01930
Office:  978-282-8478

Sandy Bay Preschool – Rockport, MA; Open Enrollment and Rockport Dog Monday

Hey Joey – big fan of GMG, thx for being such a community force and for providing a forum for all of the positive influences in and which support Cape Ann. 

Respectively requesting a post to support one of Cape Ann’s most established Preschool’s – the Sandy Bay Preschool in downtown Rockport.  We have an open house tomorrow, Tuesday April 12th from 10-12 am and from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.    Sandy Bay is a cooperative-based educational atmosphere with a highly experienced, structured, yet loving staff based at 12 School Street (Rockport Congregational Church) which offers a diverse learning environment both in and outside.

Website is –

Additionally, since I know that your user community are dog lovers, wondering if you have seen the local Rockport and Gloucester dogs sporting Rockport Dog Collars and Leads???

My wife, Laura, lead the design of Rockport Dog products.  They are high quality, brighly colored products that depict the essance of Cape Ann living – Motif #1, lobster bouys, and seagulls.   All proceeds benefit Sandy Bay Preschool!   Details are at:

If you have a dog, let me know what kind and where I can send you some product.

Regards, Scott DeLuca

More info on the Gate Lodge on Niles Beach

Kim Smith sent this postcard with this note: “Can you please forward this image to Sharon for her Wood and Stone posting–no additional information on the back of the postcard. I thought she, and Deb also, might like to see an earlier incarnation of the Gate Lodge on Eastern Point.”

And a couple of  responses to my Wood and Stone post last week-

deb clarke says:

It’s the old gate house to the Niles Farm. one of Joe Garland’s books has the history to it.

I used to help Ida Tarbox (she used to live there) with her gardening years and years ago. we would bake soil in her oven for transplanting the house plants and have sherry in her sun room on sunday afternoons.

Shelagh says:

Read Joe Garland’s book about Eastern Point. The Gatehouse was built in 1888 by Eastern Point Associates, who bought Niles farm land and planned to build a big estate on Eastern Point. See the EPA logo and date 1888 on the stone arch above the (now) garage.

Thank you for the interesting information!       ~Sharon