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Katherine Faherty Fundraiser At Jalapeños on April 11

I was wondering if you would be willing to post my fundraising event on Good Morning Gloucester.  I am currently training to run the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon through Team in Training.  Team in Training the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s largest fundraising effort.  I have pledged to raise $3000 for them while I train for the marathon on June 5, 2011.

I decided to get involved with Team in Training because I work for a national cancer research group and have met many people who have dedicated their lives to finding cures for cancer.  This program is a great opportunity for me to do more for cancer research.  Through my work, I have met two Lymphoma survivors who both participated in Team in Training.  One has run 14 marathons and the other completed a century ride.  I also have two teammates who I am training with who are both celebrating 10 years of remission.  These are the people who are motivating me to train and raise money for LLS. 

My fundraising event is at Jalapeños on April 11.  They will be donating 10% of the night’s profits (dinner and drinks) to LLS.  I will also have great door prizes and a Red Sox Ticket Raffle.

Thank you,  Katherine Faherty

Benefit Screening For St Mary’s Episcopal Church At CACC

Hello Joey,

On behalf of St. Mary’s Episcopal church where David C. Pike is the music director, would you post this flyer and link for a special benefit screening of this important film?

Here is the link to the film’s website and trailer:


Thanks so much, Morgan Faulds Pike


North Shore United Way Match Madness At Lat 43 Wednesday April 13th

We just doubled our impact for 13,000 North Shore children.  We hope you will consider joining us.  The North Shore United Way will be doubling all donations received by April 30th thanks to generous community supporters that have created a significant matching pool to close out this year’s annual campaign. We are within $100,000 of our goal.
We are calling this final push “Match Madness” and the focus this year is on North Shore United Way grants directly to programs that benefit local kids. As volunteers, we hear stories about how NSUW impacts local young lives every day—from providing access to healthy food for children in a low-income child care center, to supporting pre-teens and adolescents in six local middle and high schools around issues of bullying, substance abuse prevention and other challenges to their success.
These programs have a proven track record, but they are deeply dependent on us for their continuing success.
Also, as part of “Match Madness”, Gloucester’s restaurant, Latitude 43, is generously donating 10% of all dining room sales on Wednesday, April 13th from 5p.m.-close to the NSUW. Please consider bringing your family to enjoy a meal and some entertainment.
We know your donations and volunteer efforts really count for our youth on Cape Ann.  Make your impact count twice by donating before April 30th.  Visit us online at http://www.nsuw.org or call our office at 978.922.3966.  Thank you on behalf of our children!
Ruth Pino, Wheeler Street, Gloucester
Richard Fitzpatrick, Lighthouse Lane, Rockport
NSUW Board of Volunteer Directors

Treasured Audio- Cigar Joe Frontiero Talks About Fishing Out Of Gloucester MA In The Early Part Of The 20th Century Part III

Good Morning Gloucester  Exclusive


Cigar Joe Frontiero born in 1898 these tapes were recorded in 1981 when he was 83 years old.

Click here or the arrow to listen to the audio

To listen to the previous Cigar Joe Recordings Click Here

The family of Cigar Joe Frontiero brings Good Morning Gloucester these treasured recordings of Fishing out of Gloucester MA in the early part of the century.  I’m happy that the family entrusted GMG with these priceless recordings and am proud to be able to have the platform in which we can archive and share with the community.

Thank you to the family of Cigar Joe Frontiero


The history behind the tapes: Someone had asked Cigar Joe for an interview for an oral history project but Cigar Joe decided to do the recording himself. At the time he was having trouble with circulation in his legs and spent most of the time at home so he bought a tape recorder. He had trouble with the tape recorder and threw all of the tapes away. His mailman took the trashed tapes, spliced them, and made copies. He gave Cigar Joe copies and kept backups (with Cigar Joe’s consent) in case the originals were lost. This occurred in 1981.

Part IV will be released Sunday April 10th at 6PM

Chickity Check It! GloucesterAlumni.org


Dave Marsh stopped by the dock the other day and pointed out a website they developed for Gloucester School Alumni.

This from the welcome page-

Gloucester Alumni Association welcomes all persons who have attended Gloucester, Mass. Public Schools to use this website.

Please register using the menu on the left margin. Once you have registered,full access to the site will be granted within 24 hours by email message. Information provided to the Alumni Association is edited for accuracy and appropriateness. Information is protected and maintained under our Privacy Policy.

Tell Us Your Story

Members are encouraged to submit information about their experiences or other information that is relevant to Gloucester’s Schools. After registering as a member of the site, submit information of interest to the Alumni Community by using the Create Content menu on the left hand margin. The Create Content menu is created by the registration process.

Check it Out Here- http://gloucesteralumni.org/