Now Available At The Black Swan- My Large Photos Framed

If you are looking for the perfect Gloucester gift or item for your pad, give ‘em a call and see if they are still available (978) 282-1399


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Did You Know? (Some People Won’t Let Winter Go)

That some people just won’t let winter go?  Liz and Morgan Crane of Annisquam had to really hunt for enough snow to build their last snowman (hopefully) of the season, while behind me, as I shot them and their ET looking snow creature, spring was in full bloom.

E.J. Lefavour

Did You Know? (People Just Love GMG)

Photo by E.J. Lefavour
Photo by E.J. Lefavour

Tom O’Keefe of Annisquam Village Realty and the Annisquam Historical Society and Frieda Grotjahn of Again and Again love and Big Up Good Morning Gloucester.  I think someone should design a sail with the GMG logo on it, so Frieda can make a GMG sail bag from it.

E.J. Lefavour

$20 For $40 Worth Of Food At Lat 43

We used our Groupon for Duckworth last Thursday night and picked up our drycleaning from Zoots $50 for $100 worth of drycleaning Wednesday.  Got two of the recent ones for Alchemy that I plan to use at EJ’s Art Exhibit if I can get home in time.  Score!



Expires May 15, 2011. Excludes Friday and Saturday nights. Latitude 43 dine in only (does not include Minglewood Tavern). Not valid on alcohol purchases. 1 voucher per table. Cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

Tugboats, Barges & the Can DO A Lifetime of Marine Salvage Essex Shipbuilding Museum April 5th Program


Francis Burnham was born in Essex and has lived on the North Shore all his life.  He is the founder of Burnham Associates, Inc. of Salem , an entrepreneur who has worked on many marine construction projects along the U. S. east coast. 

He will be talking of his experiences bringing a dump scow barge from Lake Superior, through the Erie Canal, down the Hudson River to Salem where he now uses her in his business. 

Francis will also talk about purchasing from the U. S. Army a tugboat built to tow nuclear submarines, returning it from Sardinia, across the Atlantic to Salem .  Find out his frustrations in being the only bidder!  Lastly, he will talk about the last days and salvage of the Can Do, lost in the blizzard of 1978.

Join us to learn more of his fascinating stories of a lifetime in the marine salvage business.  This program will be held at the Waterline Center of the Essex Shipbuilding Museum , 7:30 p. m. on Tuesday, April 5.  Admission is $8 for members, $10 for nonmembers.

For more information please visit our website:

Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum 978-768-7541



Reservations are required and can be made by e-mailing
or calling 978-465-1940.  The package is for cats only and consists of
spay/neuter, rabies vaccinations, exam, nail trim, treatment for fleas
and ear mites. Spay package costs $100 and neuter package costs $75. 
The Catmobile is operated by the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society
(MRFRS) and is staffed by a licensed veterinarian and
two veterinary technicians.
MRFRS is a nationally recognized, non-profit volunteer organization
committed to ensuring the health and welfare of feral and domestic
cats and kittens by promoting pro-active, compassionate,
no-kill programs. For more information, please call 978-465-1940
or visit

Gloucester Health Expo Photos From Tina Ketchopolos


The Gloucester Health Expo held last Saturday at Gloucester High was sponsored by Addison Gilbert Hospital and Gloucester Health Department.

The Arthritis Foundation


Addison Gilbert Hospital ED



WIC at Gloucester Health Expo


The Godmother!


Needy Meds



Tina Says- Steve:  Thank you for being at the Health Expo!


Did You Know? (Aunt Seddie – The Mail Must Go Through)

That Aunt Seddie, on the other side, must really be enjoying the delivery of her long lost 1945 FDR Grimsland cover almost 66 years after it was mailed, probably more than if it had arrived  while she was still alive?  I received this letter from Jim O’Donnell, nephew of Mrs. S.E. Lawrence (Aunt Seddie):

Being a nephew of Sarah E. Lawrence, I just wanted to add some additional insight to the “Mail Must Go Through” topic. 

I believe my Aunt Sed would have thoroughly enjoyed all this interest in the letter and the attention it has received. Because she had a great sense of humor, I think she would have been quite amused with the reference to a “Secret Lover”. Contrary to the initial speculation, she was, however, a devoted spouse that wore her wedding ring until the day she passed which was more than 30 years after her husband’s death. Although all other family members wanted her wedding ring for various reasons, my brother, Bob, and I insisted that it remain on her finger forever as her marriage was very important to her. 

My cousin Sylvia mentions Aunt Sed bringing crafts to the Senior Center. Several family members found this to be lovingly paradoxical as she was much older than many of the seniors for which she was providing crafts. She would always say ” I am going to the Senior Center to help the elderly”, when she, in fact, was the “elderly”. Chronologically, she was older, but mentally she was “sharp as a tack”.

 Several other humorous instances give evidence of her highly independent “spirit”. In her early 90’s she tried to apply for a 10 year mortgage with a local bank to do some repairs on her house. Needless to say, the Commercial Loan Officer could not justify a 10 year mortgage to someone in their early 90’s. In another instance, she was having some repairs done to the roof of her house and while the repairs where underway, she climbed the ladder up to the roof to ensure things were being done “right” and to provide some “instruction”. This was when she was in her 80’s.

 As has been mentioned, she was an avid stamp collector. In fact, she collected and saved everything because “someone might need it someday”. Several times each summer, I would take the early morning drive from NH to Gloucester to help her with a yard sale. She valued every item, and every item had a story to go with it. Because of this, every item for the yard sale was overpriced, non-negotiable, and typically most items were brought back into the house for a sale on another day. Especially any items related to Gloucester or anything else deemed “old”.

 In the latter years of her life, she did not have a lot of money. Yet, she remained generous as she consistently sent $1 or $2 each month to 8 – 10 different charities such as the SPCA.  She also gave my son, Kevin, a number of First Day Covers from her stamp collection when he first started collecting. Although Kevin is not currently an active collector, he hopes to someday pass these on to his two sons as one of the family treasures.

She particularly loved Annisquam, Gloucester, and the history of the area as she had lived in Gloucester all her life. Her uncle’s (John B. Foster) paintings of Gloucester in the early 1900’s were also treasured by her. Although it hasn’t yet been discussed with other family members and because the envelope most likely belongs to Aunt Sed’s estate, my brother, Bob, and I, and our spouses, think it would be most fitting for the envelope to be donated to the Annisquam Historical Society where it was first delivered. Because of Sed’s love for the area, we personally believe she would be content with such a decision.

 Jim O’D