Chickity Check It!- Let Us Eat Fish By RAY HILBORN In the NY Times

Thanks to FOB Kevin Henry who forwarded this to me-

Let Us Eat Fish

Published: April 14, 2011 NY Times

THIS Lent, many ecologically conscious Americans might feel a twinge of guilt as they dig into the fish on their Friday dinner plates. They shouldn’t.

Over the last decade the public has been bombarded by apocalyptic predictions about the future of fish stocks — in 2006, for instance, an article in the journal Science projected that all fish stocks could be gone by 2048.

Subsequent research, including a paper I co-wrote in Science in 2009 with Boris Worm, the lead author of the 2006 paper, has shown that such warnings were exaggerated. Much of the earlier research pointed to declines in catches and concluded that therefore fish stocks must be in trouble. But there is little correlation between how many fish are caught and how many actually exist; over the past decade, for example, fish catches in the United States have dropped because regulators have lowered the allowable catch. On average, fish stocks worldwide appear to be stable, and in the United States they are rebuilding, in many cases at a rapid rate.

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Tick Talk & Mosquito Questions: In Your BackYard and In Your Community May 25th

For further information, please contact

Tick and Mosquito Lecture – Save the date!

A free "Tick Talk & Mosquito Questions:  In Your BackYard and

In Your Community," will be presented by Essex Board of Health.

The lecture will be held on Wednesday, May 25 at 6:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the Manchester Essex Regional High School, 36 Lincoln Street, Manchester, MA.

Speakers will include: Alfred DeMaria, Jr., M.D., Medical Director, Bureau of Infectious Disease, Prevention, Response and Services State Epidemiologist, MA Department of Public Health and Esteban Cuebas-Incle, Ph.D., Entomologist, Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetland Management District.  Pre-registration is not required and all are welcome to attend.

Pathways for Children and Cape Ann Families will be hosting fun stuff for School Vacation Week

Pathways for Children and Cape Ann Families will be hosting two free community/family events during school vacation week.  Wednesday, April 20th: Earth Discovery Day. 10am-12:15pm Cape Ann Vernal Pond team will give a presentation on the exciting world of vernal ponds, including a closer look at snakes, frogs, salamanders, and other fun creatures.  Presentations will begin at 10am and 11:15am at the Cape Ann Families/Open Door meeting space, 28 Emerson Avenue.  Thursday, April 21st: Night at the Movies. At 6pm we will be hosting a movie night here in the Pathways multi-purpose room, 29 Emerson Avenue.  We will be watching the Disney classic, “Dumbo,” and are inviting kids to come dressed as their favorite Disney character.  We’d love for you to join us for free!  *Please note that space is limited.  RSVP to Teby Wammack, Family Services Coordinator or 978-578-2400 x110 to reserve your seat!

Gloucester Detective and Firefighter Receive Humane Hero Award

GLOUCESTER, MA—As recuperation from the March 4th, Pleasant St. fire continues, Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA) honors Detective Steve Mizzoni and Firefighter Daryl Wonson for their heroic efforts at the scene. The law firm of Schlichte and Johnstone was greatly affected by the fire and the neighboring Raymond Agler Gallery suffered significant water and smoke damage as well.  It was in this gallery that Mizzoni and Wonson rescued gallery owner Agler and partner Jack Carter’s cat Lulu.

Cape Ann Animal Aid presented the Humane Hero Award to both Mizzoni and Wonson in appreciation and gratitude for their actions on March 4, 2011.  Carter specifically thanked Detective Mizzoni for risking his own safety to rescue Lulu from the smoke-filled building.  CAAA echoes this thanks and applauds him for the compassion and courage he showed.

“We recognize Steve Mizzoni and Daryl Wonson as  humane heroes,” says Nancy Tarbox of CAAA, “and will commemorate this award with an honorary brick for them both at our new shelter.”

CAAA’s Buy a Brick Program allows donors to purchase a personalized brick to add to the new walkway or entryway of The Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter.  This new shelter, which is currently under construction, will be located at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester.

For more information on the new shelter and the Buy a Brick Program please or call the shelter at 978-283-6055.

Cape Ann Animal Aid is a non-profit, no kill organization dedicated to facilitating appropriate placement of adoptable animals and enhancing the lives of all companion animals by promoting respect and well-being through education and outreach.

Did You Know? (Plum Cove Grind)


That Plum Cove Grind is not actually at Plum Cove, it is in Lanesville Center?  Lanesville, a lovely little village of Gloucester, that if a squirrel or turkey isn’t in the middle of the road to slow you down, you could pass right through and miss.  So if you are driving Washington Street from Gloucester to Rockport, or vice versa and have a hankering for a great cup of organic coffee, awesome fresh made soup or sandwich, or pastries, croissants and bread made on the premises, keep your eyes open and slow down as you enter Lanesville Center and look for 1064 Washington Street and the Plum Cove Grind awnings. 

Plum Cove Grind features Erik Sigrid’s (you know Erik, Gloucester born now living in VT, son of Sigrid Olson, artist of Rocky Neck Art Colony), microroasted fair trade, shade grown, Rainforest Alliance, organic Barista Beans.  And if you’re getting married, or know someone who is, owner Meredith Glaser creates the most gorgeous wedding cakes – really you wouldn’t want to cut into one they are such beautiful works of art.  Check out her cake portfolio here

As I am typing this, I am eating an amazing chocolate chip cookie (tastes like shortbread with chocolate chips) from Plum Cove Grind – and believe me, it is difficult to type and eat a cookie at the same time, and not get crumbs all over the keyboard, but I can’t stop.  In addition to all the great food and beverage offerings at Plum Cove Grind, they also now carry Did You Know? the book, so you can pick one up to read while you’re enjoying your coffee and treat.

Meredith is also a new subscriber to Good Morning Gloucester.

E.J. Lefavour

Skeptics in the Pub On April 19th


Skeptics in the Pub

On April 19th the Skeptics in the Pub presentation will be divided into two parts. First, Mary Kingsley will talk about “The Case for the Theory of Intelligent Design.” Next, Elizabeth Thomas will discuss “Popular Myths about the Theory of Evolution.” The presentations will focus on little known facts about Intelligent Design and misconceptions about the Theory of Evolution.  Skeptics in the Pub meets at the Dog Bar, 65 Main Street, Gloucester, at 6:00.  The presentation begins at 6:30. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about these timely topics and meet more skeptics like yourself.

You can find us at www.

Free Parkinson’s Disease Lecture for patients and care-givers

Free Parkinson’s Disease Lecture for patients and care-givers

"Parkinson’s Disease Update with Question and Answer Session"

David A. Kolb, MD, Associates in Neurology and EMG, PC

and Chief of Neurology, Northeast Health System, Beverly ,

& Timothy Kelliher, M.D. Neurologist, Northeast Neurology

and Beverly Hospital , Beverly, MA.

This free program will be held on Thursday, April 28th

at the Peabody Marriott, Eight A Centennial Drive , Peabody .

11:45 AM – Buffet Lunch followed by lecture at 12:15.

There is no fee.  Pre-registration is requested by April 27th.

Please RSVP to Cheryl


or phone: (978) 922-2226.

Bill Hubbard Painting of the Alice S. Wentworth

Attachment is my painting of the Alice S. Wentworth for posting on GMG.  This is an Acrylic, Pen & Ink on 16X20 stretched canvas.  It is one of a series of paintings I am doing on historical coasting schooners.  She was built in Norwalk, CT. in 1863.  Bought by Capt. Arthur A. Stevens in early 1900s.  Completely rebuilt by Stevens and re-documented in 1905 as the A.S.Wentworth. 
Regarded as one of the fastest coasting schooners on the coast, she hauled general cargos including lumber, coal, gypsom, salt and merchandise to ports from New York to the canadian maritimes. She often loaded salt directly from the big salt steamers that called atGloucester to fish processors along the coast of Maine.
My painting depicts the Wentworth passing Thatchers I. and setting a course into the Gulf of Maine.  Loaded with salt in Gloucester and bound for Boothbay and other down east ports she has just come about and sprung her main and foresail wing-and-wing with the a dry sou’easter pushing her along.
I like to paint historic sailing ships doing what they were built to do.  I’ve just started a painting of the just re-built 130’  Sch Western Union of Key West, Florida.  She was built as a coaster in 1936 for and sailed as a Marine cable repair ship for Western Union Telegraph Company for 35 years.  She has just undergone a $1.24 million restoration and will operate out of Key West as a tour ship.
I’m currently looking for old photos of the Lanesvill and Rockport granite sloops and schooners as subject for another painting.  There are plenty of photos of Maine coasters and granits ships, but scant few of the Cape Ann boats.
Thanks for posting this picture, Joe, and a big thanks for Good Morning Cloucester .com – a great way for me to keep in touch with the Cape Ann scene.
Bill Hubbard


Life Magazine: Gloucester is a top 10 beach town in America


Lover of all things Gloucester and huge supporter of our town Johnny McElhenny sends in this little Gloucester nugget-

Joey, named Gloucester one of the top 10 most underrated beach towns in America. The list came out last summer so I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.   So that you can see it if you want, the slide show starts here and the slides about Gloucester are here, here and here.

I figured you’d see my tweet about it and say, “John, why the #%@ didn’t you tell me about this?!”

So I’m telling you!

John Mc.