According to our boat guide these are the last three boats of the fleet. They go out for rockfish, flounder, monkfish and sometimes dredge for oysters.

Someone picking oysters out of one of the many oyster beds:

Bringing in Oysters for Don’s Seafood Restaurant:

7 thoughts on “Chincoteague-Fishing

  1. I lived down there for about 6 months. It is a beautiful area. There were a handful of gillnet boats going out for smooth dogfish and croaker and boats from New England and the Outer Banks of NC gillnetting for monkfish during the spring. Most of the waterfront was being turned into condos when I was there in 2006.


  2. yes, that’s what I saw, a lot of condos and hotels on the harbor. It must be packed in the summer there. Seems like a lot of people from DC retire in Chincoteague.


  3. We had a cottage on Chincoteague for half a dozen years (and another one years ago when we lived in DC). A lovely place, once you get away from the tacky tourist stuff — miniature golf and bumper cars, pony kitsch, plastic palm trees, etc. Chincoteague is four miles from the mainland (by causeway), and Assateague Island beyond it has 35 miles of beautiful beach — if the next hurricane doesn’t take it all away. And the Fish and Wildlife Service maintains acres of pond and marshland there for the thousands of migratory birds that pass through. Each November as many as 50,000 snow geese fly in to the Assateague Refuge for the winter, then leave in March, heading back to Baffin Land. An amazing sight. But Pete’s right — the fishing is all but gone. You can still get the world’s best “orsters” there, though. Unscrupulous watermen used to sneak Chesapeake Bay oysters into Chincoteague waters to get that characteristic salty flavor (ChesapeakeBay oysters, which are now mighty scare because of pollution, are pretty bland). They called these fake Chincoteague oysters “Maryland Dips.”


  4. Forgot to mention the ponies (“Misty of Chincoteague,” etc.). A few hundred wild horses live on Assateague and are rounded up each July and swum across to Chincoteague, where the new foals are auctioned off. The Chincoteague Fire Department gets the proceeds, and is considered one of the best equipped FDs on the east coast as a consequence. 50,000 tourists show up for the pony swim. We hide.


  5. OMG. The last 3 boats of the fleet. I hope the hell I never read those words about Gloucester. There is nothing more that I totally hate then to see condos & hotels on a harbor. Disgusting. When I went to Portland, ME & saw the condos on the water it actually made me sick. How out of place they look. God help Glosta.


  6. Oh yeah, the pictures. I read condos on harbors & go berserk. Hey, I was nice I could of said a lot worse. Anyway, I do love the 1st picture of the 3 boats. As much as I hold the lobster industry close to my heart, I do have to admit that there is something I find beautiful about the rigging in fishing boats. First time I went to New Bedford Harbor, I thought I died & went to heaven…LOL…


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