It’s That Time Of Year Again- Trap Setting Time!

Here our buddies Matt and Mark Ring aboard the Mighty Stanley Thomas prepare a lobster pot trawl by tying the groundline to each trap in a ten trap trawl.  I could tell you more but Mark Mr Secrets would not be happy.


Did You Know? (Beware of Vending Machines)

That according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission there were 37 known vending machine fatalities between 1978 and 1995, for an average of 2.18 deaths per year? Over the past decade there were a total of six recorded shark attack fatalities in the U.S., for an average of .6 deaths per year.  Therefore, barring a drastic reduction in the frequency of vending machine fatalities since 1995, vending machines are more deadly than sharks by a factor of almost four, and that doesn’t take into consideration deaths caused by eating the junk that comes out of them.  So swim freely this summer without fear, but beware of those vending machines! Today also happens to be Administrative Assistant Day (I remember when it used to be called Secretary Day), so if you are an Administrative Assistant and your boss asks you to get him or her something from the vending machine, show them this and tell them to get it themselves, or give you hazard pay.

E.J. Lefavour

Trip to Chincoteague Island

Just came back from a motorcycle road trip to Chincoteague, VA. Chincoteague is home to Misty the Pony,  Assateague Wildlife Refuge, fresh oysters and blue crabs! Long ride, but a fun trip! More posts from the trip to come.

This is a video of us going over the causeway to Chincoteague Island (warning could cause motion sickness).

Video of Main Street Chincoteague Island

The Margaret D Painted By Bill Hubbard

Good Morning Joey,
Attached is my recent painting of another Dahlmer boat.  The Margaret D. was
launched in Dunkirk, NY and brought to Gloucester in 1910.  She was owned by my
Grandfather, Capt. John A. Dahlmer and christened by my mother, then 9yr.old Margaret
Dahlmer.  The Dahlmers lived on Rocky Neck then and later moved to Hovey Stree.
The Margaret D fished mostly as a gillnetter and later as a western-rigged
dragger.  My painting shows her returning from gillnetting, rounding Eastern
Point and about to pass Dog Bar Breakwater into the harbor.
She went ashore in fog on Salt Island in 1914 and was a total loss.  Grandfather
never began a trip on Good Friday or Friday 13th.
Bill Hubbard
Marine Art & Therese’s Sketches

Margaret D-1912-2

PET ADOPT-A-THON 2010 Saturday April 30th and May 1



Looking to adopt a dog or cat? Then don’t miss Cape Ann Animal Aid’s Adopt-a-thon!

Cape Ann Animal Aid is joining thousands of other animal welfare organizations throughout the nation for Pet Adopt-a-thon 2011 on Saturday April 30th and Sunday, May 1st.

In honor of the event, Cape Ann Animal Aid will have extended hours on Saturday, from 11am to 7pm, and Sunday, from 12pm to 6pm. There will be plenty of dog, cats, puppies, and kittens looking for a forever home! Goodie-bags full of toys, coupons, and other animal related goods will be given out with each adoption (Donated by local pet businesses). Some local restaurants will be giving discount for adopters on the day of adoption. We will also be reducing our adoption fees on adult cats and adult dogs.

This annual worldwide event, founded by North Shore Animal League America, was organized to make lifelong friends by matching adorable homeless pets with loving people.

Adoptions will be completed on a first come, first serve basis and the normal adoption policies remain the same during the event. Please visit or call 978-283-6055 for more information about Adopt-a-thon 2011 or CAAA adoption requirements.

Feeding Ecology of Piscivorous ("Fish-eating") Fishes: Does Size Matter? Thursday At The Heritage Center

Hello Joey,
Could you post this reminder for our seminar series?
Please join us for the second to last seminar in our 2011 LPRC Fish and Fisheries Seminar Series.  We are very excited this week to welcome one of our UMass Amherst colleagues; Dr. Francis Juanes will be speaking about "Feeding Ecology of Piscivorous ("Fish-eating") Fishes: Does Size Matter?"  The talk will be held Thursday at 7pm at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center.
Thank you for your support and we hope to see you there!
Emily Chandler-Large Pelagics Research Center


Thursday night blues jam to host Orville Giddings @ The Rhumb Line 4-28-2011

Dave says,

This time around, we feature our main  man from Ipswich: the one and only ORVILLE GIDDINGS. We’re forcing him  to change out of his overalls and put down that rake. This cat has a smile that makes Chernobyl look like a  busted light bulb. Singer, dancer, vogelizer, and celebrity landscaper, too. It’s always a raised pleasure dot every time he joins us.
  Fooling around behind all this will be that highly polished hood ornament: Mr. Steevie Chaggaris, on the eggbeaters and other symbols. Stee-vee  has just spent a harrowing nite in the Rockport cooler after getting stopped for refusing to wear a Greek fishing hat.
  Of course, Greg Tee and myself will be there, too, to round everything off to the nearest eighth note. Don’t forget…it’s  steak nite too, so if you’ve got a hankerin’ for some beefsnake, this is the place to be. and again, thank you all for your continued support.

at (978) 283-9732 today!

40 Railroad Ave

Gloucester, MA 01930

Ketchopulos Market, Rockport, 1931

Ketchopulos Market, Rockport, 1931 Alice M. Curtis/ ©Bodin Historic Photo
Working with this photograph has been a lot of fun for me because I’ve met so many people who have fond memories of “Ketchop’s,” as they refer to it. They recall the quality cuts of meat, produce, and particularly the beautiful lantanas hanging from the columns. Notice the Laurel and Hardy movie poster, showing at Town Hall, leaning against the tree on the left. One local woman, a Ketchopulos, pointed out to her friend while in the gallery: “There I am as a little girl!” The Ketchopulos Market closed in the early 1970’s, but the building remains on Broadway.
Printed from the original 5×7 inch film negative in my darkroom.
Fred Bodin
Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

Frank Hassler of Rockport Daffodil Photo

Peter Webber Writes-

Hi Joey. Attached is a photo taken last week by Frank Hassler of Rockport.  These daffodil bulbs were planted abundantly last fall at numerous high visibility sites throughout the town by the Rockport Garden Club, and are now reaching full bloom everywhere.

Frank Hassler image daffodils