The Gloucester Brick House for Sale

I’ve always loved the brick house at 21 Middle St.  The outside has so much character, the brick, the vines, the large windows and the peek at the little garden patio.

Now the home if for sale and just as spectacular on the inside and full of history. There is a whole site dedicated to the sale. It’s not in my price range at $750,000, but maybe it’ll make someone else’s dream home.

Excerpt from the website: “The Gloucester Brick House, or as it has otherwise been known, The Alfred Mansfield Brooks House, has a patchwork history of colorful characters and associations. Built by that inveterate mover and shaker, George Rogers, bon viveur, sea captain and owner of the Surinam sugar trader California , who bought in Boston the interior of an 1820 Charles Street house and a 1790 West Cedar Street house attributed to Charles Bulfinch, barged them up to Gloucester, placed the Bulfinch atop the 1820 and built the brick shell around the two.”

2 thoughts on “The Gloucester Brick House for Sale

  1. It is said that the 2 big doors in the front hall of the Brick House came from the State House in Boston in an early renovation. They are about 10 feet tall and they do in fact have big silver (plated…yes) hinges.


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