Fiesta expressions in the year of Covid-19 #GloucesterMA

FIESTA at the fort


St. Peter’s Club


aka seeing Fiesta where it isn’t

when canoes are more than – Fiesta longing


Always fiesta – Pop Gallery Main Street Gloucester MA

They had big plans to celebrate their 10th anniversary and Fiesta 2020


Fiesta blues

detail from Art Haven tape mural, Viva

Fiesta and Summer Reads at The Book Store of Gloucester


Fiesta inspiration – Juni Van Dyke drawings from Italy at Jane Deering Gallery


Greasy Pole


Greasy Pole shrine



Fiesta amid Be Sargent’s EPIC mural


wearing whites & Fiesta procession – portraits


Drift cafe – Mario and Luigi



Virgilio’s is open



Great Read – Gail McCarthy Fiesta 2020 articles

Fiesta and Friends Forever: Celebrating a Generation of Local Women Gloucester Daily Times 6/26/2020 Grace Favazza and Rosalie Laiachino


Also Remembering those who held St. Peter’s Fiesta close to their hearts:

“…Joe Novello, the committee’s president, said he was saddened by the sheer number of names — more than 70 — this year. In recent years generally 20 to 30 names have been read.

“The St. Peter’s Fiesta Committee sends out its condolences to all those families who have lost a loved one, and their memory will be in our thoughts and prayers at this time,” he said. Among those lost this year are…

Gail McCarthy, Gloucester Daily Times

Signs of the times: Viva! St. Peter’s Fiesta in the year of Covid-19 #StreetArt Cape Ann Art Haven

Cape Ann Art Haven most recent tape art, the St. Peter’s Fiesta VIVA mural, can be found at the corner of Pleasant and Main Streets. The engaging subject is built into more with each passing day which rewards repeat visits. Here’s where the unfolding scene stands today:

St. Peter’s Fiesta spirit underway despite Covid cancellation – Cape Ann Art Haven tape art mural in progress, Gloucester, Mass.

See more at Cape Ann Art Haven

Cape Ann Art Haven current programs, free art kits, coloring book, and these new ephemeral public art projects were featured as part of Gail McCarthy’s wonderful Covid-19 series for the Gloucester Daily Times. Find the Art Haven article here: Creativity Amid Crisis


CONGRATULATIONS! to Cape Ann Art Haven for the wonderfully successful Big Buoy Party. Great turnout, welcoming venue (Cruiseport), delicious refreshments, a multitude of art activities, live music, and a super fun vibe made for a great family night. Thank you Traci Thayne Corbett and Crew for all that you do for the kids!


Thankful for Cape Ann Art Haven helping our kids hand paint these beautiful buoy ornaments | Lobster trap tree #GloucesterMA 2019

Great job artists! Thanks for sharing your buoys for our radiant community lobster trap tree

Lobster trap tree Gloucester Ma 2019 day_ buoys hand painted by community kids facilitated by Cape Ann Art Haven ©c ryan (9)
view back in direction Cape Ann Art Haven Main Street Gloucester MA



Photos from Saturday evening’s tree lighting event, including several of Traci Thayne Corbett, Art Haven’s director, and her super helpers Lily and Cee Cee. Traci is the person who helps the kids in creating all the fabulous hand painted buoys that adorn the tree.

Traci, Lily, and Cee Cee

Tremendous thanks and huge shout outs to David Brooks, Shawn Henry, Traci Corbett, Warren Waugh, Cape Ann Art Haven, Three Lantern Marine Fishing, Great Marsh Brewing Co, Gloucester Fire Department, the City of Gloucester, and to all the great people volunteering their time and money towards continuing this fabulous and uniquely Gloucester tradition ❤

David Brooks, also known as Spider Man, securing the star atop the tree.


By noon today the super dedicated Lobster Trap Tree building team had made great headway. With snow predicted for tomorrow, the crew plans to have the tree built by day’s end. Don’t let the photos deceive; Shawn Henry was wearing shorts but it was frigid at noon and only getting colder as the day progressed.

Many thanks to Three Lanterns Marine for providing the 360 lobster traps required to construct the tree.

Mayor Sefatia and granddaughters, Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce CEO Ken Riehl, and Gloucester’s Economic Development Director Sal Di Stefano and his wife Maria (and kids), all stopped by to check on the tree’s progress while they were out shopping local for Small Business Saturday.

Please vote your preference for either warm white lights or multi-colored lights for Gloucester’s unique and beautiful Lobster Trap Tree. Thank you!



Monday, December 2, 2019 2:30 – 4:30pm at East Gloucester Elementary School
Tuesday, December 3, 3:30 – 5pm at Art Haven: West Parish
Wednesday, December 4, 3:30 – 5pm at Art Haven: Beeman
Thursday December 5, 3:30 – 5pm at Art Haven: Plum Cove
Friday December 6, 3:30 – 5pm at Art Haven: Rockport Elementary
Saturday December 7, 10 to noon at Art Haven: Open Day for All
Monday December 9, 3:30 – 5pm at Art Haven: Manchester Essex
Tuesday December 10, 3:30 – 5pm at Art Haven: O’Maley
Adult times: December 3rd and December 10th, 6 to 8pm.
Art Haven is located at 180 Main Street, Gloucester, MA

The Lobster Trap Tree Lighting Ceremony is Saturday, December 14th at 4:30 pm, following the Middle Street Walk

Super fun winter vacation at Cape Ann Art Haven & Cape Ann Museum

It’s inspiring to see the creative collaborative energy among downtown Gloucester mainstays. Here’s Cape Ann Art Haven winter vacation line up with Cape Ann Museum: They often work together to present engaging camps and events. The 2018 winter vacation at Art Haven includes visits to the Virginia Lee Burton retrospective and the Cape Ann libraries’ Once Upon a Contest Selections from Cape Ann Reads travel exhibit at Cape Ann Museum. Both shows are ideal context for the camp’s theme: “Imagine and create new worlds!”

Cape Ann Art Haven Cape Ann Museum 2018


Whenever at the Lobster Trap Tree to take a photo or passing by, there is a steady stream of people–families, couples, and groups of friends–stopping to pose and take snapshots. It’s a Gloucester thing for sure!

The tree will be up most likely though the end of January. David Brooks shares that the time of dismantling is weather dependent however, the BIG BUOY PARTY FAMILY FUN NIGHT is Friday January 25th, so don’t wait too long to take a photo at Gloucester’s beautiful (and the World’s Best) Lobster Trap Tree.

Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree – gather round

The lobster trap tree in downtown Gloucester at Main and Pleasant Streets basked in glorious early morning light and festooned with buoys hand painted by kids at Cape Ann Art Haven.

A welcome pause any time any vantage.

Gather round_lobster trap buoy tree morning light_Gloucester MA_vista to inner harbor from Main St_ 20181209_©c ryan

gather round_one Sunday morning lobster trap tree_Gloucester MA_ looking east end of Main Street downtown_20181209©c ryan Continue reading “Gloucester Lobster Trap Tree – gather round”


Every year the community comes together to have fun, get the paints out and create beautiful buoys for Gloucester’s Holiday Lobster Trap Tree on Main Street and Annual Buoy Auction fundraiser in January.

Thank you to all who come out and join in! It’s a great time for all, and helps make possible all our programs offered year round at Art Haven. We look forward to seeing everyone—old friends and new—again this year!

2018 Buoy Painting

Buoy Painting Dates and Times

Please bring your children to come paint their own unique buoy to adorn our Lobster Trap Tree for this holiday season!

Below are dates for kids by school with extra days for make up and the general public
Location: Art Haven Studios

East Gloucester Elementary: Monday 12/3 – 3:30-5:00pm
Veterans Memorial: Monday 12/3 – 3:30-5:00pm
Plum Cove Elementary: Tuesday 12/4 – 3:30-5:00pm
Beeman Elementary: Tuesday 12/4 – 3:30-5:00pm
West Parish Elementary: Wednesday 12/5 – 3:30-5:00pm
Rockport Elemenary School:  Wednesday 12/5 – 3:30-5:00pm
O’ Maley Middle School:  Wednesday 12/5 – 3:30-5:00pm
Manchester/Essex Elementary:  Wednesday – 12/5 – 3:30-5:00pm

Open Day for Everyone: Saturday – 12/1 – 10:0am – 1:00pm

LOBSTER TRAP CHRISTMAS TREE TAKING SHAPE (and breaking news of sorts!)

David Brooks and crew spent a solid eight hour day building Gloucester’s famous lobster trap tree, the one and only lobster trap Christmas tree decorated with hand painted buoys by local children and artists. They will be returning tomorrow to finish up, weather permitting. Lending a hand this afternoon when I stopped by to take snapshots were Mark Schlichte, Shawn Henry, Jake Hennessey, Peter Asaro, Jason Burroughs, and David Brooks. If you see these guys around town, let them know how awesome you think they are!


The exciting news is that this year we will be enjoying COLORED lights!!! Although white holiday lights are wonderful and beautiful, it just seems to me that colored lights on our lobster trap tree are more festive and compliment better the hand painted buoys. For the past several years, the tree was decorated with white lights and I am glad to see they are mixing it up with colored lights this year. What is your personal preference?

Did you know that it costs approximately $800.00 for lights each year? The cost seems relatively modest when you think about the delight and wonderment this most unique of holiday trees and accompanying buoy painting brings to our community. If you would like to help with the expense of the lights, please contact David Brooks at 978-335-2219. Thank you!

This year’s tree lighting takes place on December 8th, from 4:30 to 5pm.

So Joey asked about the Parsons Street murals



Last year Joey wondered about the wall murals on Parsons (walkway between Main and Rogers) added after the 350ft’ street temporary mural.

You can listen to Joey here: GloucesterCast 243 Taped 9/25/17 Timestamped 43:38 Parson’s Street Mural

The Parsons Street wall murals were created by a lot of people including fine artists, teachers, and kids: Jason Burroughs, Laura Donworth, Kyra Moyer, Aiden Symes, Avery Mcniff, Teen Artist Guild, and Cape Ann Art Haven summer kids. One request from the building owner was that they include a reference to Gloucester’s Man at the Wheel as part of the overall composition. The long mural features iconic Gloucester architecture, history and themes (see the great whale!) . The Man at the Wheel depiction was pulled out and featured on its own; locals aware of the former owner’s affiliation with Sam Adams enjoyed the extra nod. Photos above are from 2015.

North Shore Magazine photographs of Gloucester including wall mural (from the whale end) April 2018


There are some Parsons Street before and 2015 in process here


Continue reading “So Joey asked about the Parsons Street murals”

GloucesterCast 264 with Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Nichole Schrafft, Erinn Whitmore, Kim Smith, Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 1/28/18

gloucestercastsquare11 (1)

GloucesterCast 264 with Jim and Pat Dalpiaz, Nichole Schrafft, Erinn Whitmore, Kim Smith, Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 1/28/18


When you subscribe you need to verify your email address so they know we’re not sending you spam and that you want to receive the podcast. So once you subscribe check your email for that verification. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder in your email acct so you can verify that you’d like to get the GloucesterCast Podcast sent to you for listening at your convenience..


Topics Include:

Free Tickets To Cape Ann Community Cinema – Share this post on Facebook for a chance to win two free tickets to Cape Ann Community Cinema, The Cinema Listings are always stickied in the GMG Calendar at the top of the blog or you can click here to go directly to the website

Meat Hoodie Gift From Rick Doucette


Nichole’s Picks- February School Vacation Ideas: Providence Bruins, Dave and Busters, Nestlenook Farm Jackson NH, Patriot Place Hall of Fame, Ice Skating, Bass Pro Shops, Bodaborg, Escape This Live, The Escape Room, Tubing At Nashoba Valley, Amesbury Sports Park, Stray Boots, Geocaching.

Erinn Whitmore- 
Coyote Meeting At The  Cultural Center at Rocky Neck on February 26th at 7pm
Cape Ann Art Haven Buoy Auction
The Female Snowy Owl On The Back Shore
Warren Waugh auctioned off Patriots Tickets With The Proceeds Going To Alzheimer Association
Mile Marker and noticed they have Family Night every Tuesday 5-8 PM : swimming and fun for the whole family.  Kids pay their age and no one pays more than $10 at the Aqua Room.

They also have an upcoming Wine Dinner Feb 22:      and other special events.

The Bridge Cape Ann ran a great benefit last night and we learned Left-Right-Center!  We’ll be on the lookout for other events they run

Sandpiper Bakery comes through with twice baked almond croissants (Pat and Jimmy Placed An order

GMG PODCAST #264 Copyright Kim Smith.JPG

Only a complete psycho eats a croissant like this-