On my morning PiPl check, I met up with a super nice gentleman, Bill, who walks the beach every morning. He loves wildlife (including PiPls), is a Coast Guard veteran, was a fisherman, and grew up on a marsh. Bill pointed out the whale (or he thought possibly a large dolphin), breaching and blowing blow holes off in the distance. Bill mentioned there had been a crowd along the back shore earlier and that there is tons of good bait fish off the coast right now.

Can a marine specialist please help us identify what we are looking at. Please comment in the comment section if you have a moment. Thank you so much!

Editor’s Note – Piping Plover volunteer monitor Val Cabral shares that this is a Humpback Whale. Thank you Val for writing!

How exciting at see an Osprey swoop in and snatch up a large fish precisely where the whales were fishing. All were too far away to get some really fine shots, but you can at least get an idea from the photos.

PiPl Update- all three fledglings are doing beautifully on this, their 39th day 🙂 The three spent the hours of five to seven mostly foraging in the area front of the enclosure, and also preening within the enclosure. Papa was on the scene, too.

July 10, 2019 Good Harbor Beach Sunrise

I wonder what kind of fish is bringing out the whales and the Osprey?

Anne and Chris Lewis’ Whale…

Finella williams submits-

Good morning Joe,

I hope that you’re doing great.  I love your site and must admit I have not subscribed but will do so now!

Anne and Chris Lewis wanted us to share their Whale sculpture with you and Good Morning Gloucester.

They had a little gathering at their home this past Sunday for the purpose of naming the new addition to their family.  "Wally" was picked out of the 20 or so names.  So, per their request, I’m attaching a photo of Wally the Whale sculpture for you to post on your site.

It’s hand forged/welded and made entirely of Bronze and also has a water feature spouting from top.

Anne and Chris commissioned this piece from local Essex sculptor, Chris Williams (my husband, you probably imagined that).

You can also add his website link if you’d like…

Again, the Lewis’ thought that it would be fun to have this on Good Morning Gloucester.

Thanks Joe.



The Whale before the Storm

I just had to check out the whale before and if it washes back out to sea. Such a magnificent creature!

whale, rockport ma

whale, washed ashore

whale, washed ashore, rockport

At this point, it doesn’t smell or look too good, but it’s a pretty cool life experience.


Joey edit to add our Does The Whale Get Washed Out To Sea? Poll-

Ginormous Whale Carcass Washes Up On Penzance Road Rockport October 20th

Margaret York Forwards Good Morning Gloucester The Exclusive  Pics

Could this be the Finback  that they lost in Boston on October 15th- story October 15th,2012-

Dead finback whale in Boston Harbor drifts out to sea, officials say

The dead finback whale that has been drifting through Boston Harbor made a brief visit to the shores of Georges Island over the weekend before floating back out to sea, officials said.

As of Monday morning, the 50-foot whale “appears to have washed out of channel out to sea,” said SJ Port, spokeswoman for the Department of Conservation and Recreation. She said the high tides and westward winds helped moved the animal’s remains out of the harbor area and they currently cannot be located.

After the whale carcass had washed up on Georges Island, which is under the jurisdiction of the conservation department, officials there began putting together plans to dispose of the remains, Port said.

“It’s like a reverse lottery. It can be a big cost for whoever that property belongs to,” she said.

Preliminary figures estimated the whale’s removal to cost about $30,000, and because it is an endangered species, removal efforts must be approved by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

For the whole story click here

ID dolphin/porpoise/whale For Bill

Hey Joe,

We had a little dolphin/porpoise/whale in the cove on Thursday. Whatever it was it was definitely a cetacean. In this shot, it was only about 50 feet from shore, and the water was only 5-6 feet deep, so I’m thinking it was a lost pup that got separated from it’s pod.  I’m not sure what species it was – but its color was very dark – almost black, the dorsal fin was swept back and pretty small, so it could be a pilot whale pup.  As far as I could tell it was only 4-5 feet long with not much body mass.

Does anybody want to help identify it?

Here’s a pilot whale image for comparison:

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


I believe it’s a harbor porpoise.   There’s been one in the harbor all fall and it can bee seen swimming up and down the inner harbor in between Rose’s and Cape Seafood.

Rob Foley Whale Carving

Rob brought me a whale carving and mounted it on a nice piece of wood for my desk.

Originally the haddock nape looks like the piece in the middle.  Rob’s grandfather would bury the haddock napes in the ground to let the bugs and worms eat all the meat off of the bones.  Then it would get whittled down to a blank from the pattern on the bottom piece.  Next you have the finished product on top.

Rob Foley Whale Carving, originally uploaded by captjoe06.