Happy Perihelion and water temps for nuts.

January 3, 2011, Happy Perihelion! The earth is whipping around the sun right now and is at closest approach to the fiery ball than at any time of the year. Pretty much nothing to do with water temps, the tilt of the earth does all of that. But while warming up from the Polar Bear plunge I was wondering when the water would warm up in the spring to the New Year’s Day temperature. That is, what day could I dive in the water and expect the same refreshing tingle I got that day? So I went out to buoy AO1 just 8 miles off Gloucester and grabbed the water temps. To smooth it I took the noon water temp, average for the week, one meter down. Onshore might be a tad warmer but it will show the trend.

The water temp over the past ten years hits the lowest around the first week of February. A Ground Hogs Day Polar Plunge would be chilly but really only around 37 F instead of this New Year’s Day 42 F.  The temperature always seems to rebound and match New Year’s Day by April Fool’s Day. Anyone want to dive in then?

Did you Know?

Photos by E.J. Lefavour

That the Annisquam Village Church is an interdenominational community church. The geographic area of the Annisquam Village Church, called The Third Parish, was established in 1728, and originally included the villages of Annisquam, Bay View and Lanesville. Today the community of the church extends well beyond those boundaries. In 1728, when the Third Parish was founded, the Church was Puritan in belief and Congregation in polity. Pastor Benjamin Bradstreet served for 34 years, from 1728 until his death in 1762. The church primarily relied on local supply ministers until “Father” Ezra Leonard was hired in 1804. He served until his death in 1832. He was considered a “Renaissance Man.” In addition to serving as pastor, he also served as medical doctor, teacher, and state representative. In 1811, Father Leonard had a “conversion experience” and left behind his orthodox, Puritan beliefs in favor of becoming a “Universalist.” The Third Parish became a Universalist Society and kept Father Leonard as their pastor. In 1830, a New Meeting House was constructed; this is the building that you see above. Father Leonard died in 1832. There were many pastors after his death. In 1944, the pastor had a “conversion experience” (from Universalist to Episcopalian). The Church voted to keep him as pastor, and Episcopalian doctrine was taught in Sunday school. The next pastor urged the Church to become a non-denominational, Protestant, Community Church. In 1954, the Parish voted “To conduct a Protestant interdenominational church for public worship of God.” The church remains such today. This is a really lovely old church near Lobster Cove, which you can see through the windows of Fellowship Hall where they serve refreshments after service. I found their service unique and refreshing, the organ and choir excellent, and the people of the church very welcoming. If you want to check it out, there website is http://www.annisquamvillagechurch.com/

E.J. Lefavour


Chris leaves today

Three weeks went by too fast. Grandson Chris is heading back to basic training at Ft. Benning GA this morning We all loved having him home and will miss him terribly. Here’s his address:

Pvt Muise, Christopher D rn 130
E co. 1st BN 19th INF
9075 Holcomb drive
Ft benning GA 31905

Tell him you know his Nani.

Thanks   —Sharon

We love you,Chris!