Sandra Bullock and People Magazine’s Sexiest Man of The Year Ryan Reynolds Met in Gloucester

Us Magazine reports Sandra Bullock and People Magazine’s Sexiest Man of The Year Ryan Reynolds Relationship Together! Where did they meet you ask? Gloucester of Course, where all superstars meet. They were here to film their movie The Proposal.

Here are pictures from the Gloucester set I took

The Good and Bad of 2010 From Your Boy Joey

I figure its about time I wrote one of these.


Celebrate Gloucester
Downtown Gloucester Block Parties
Toodeloos Energy On Main St
Giuseppes Opening
Espresso Opening
Market Restaurant Opening
Art Haven Community Events
YMCA Teen Programs
Keeping Streets Clean

GHS Athletics
Music At Amy Coffee and Cones Rocky Neck
Farmers Market
and Seafood Throwdowns
Harbor Loop Concert Series
Gloucester Fishermans Tri
Downtown Christmas Parade
Sawyer Free And
Bookstore of Gloucester Author Readings
Dory Races
The Incredible Summer Weather
Lobster Trap Tree
Kent Circle Tree
Arts Ball
Lanesville Parade
St Peters Fiesta
positive national exposure on TV


The Rise Of Obnoxious Locavore Know-It-All

The Crowd Of People Who Show Up To Fight
Every Single Development Regardless Of It’s Merits

Feel Free To Add Your Own List in Thr Comment Section of
This Post. The really good ones will get posted.

PS- I probably forgot a bunch as I’m banging this piece
out in between sips of my Pina Colada on my cell phone.

Ski Season Is Upon Us

Ski season officially starts for most of us after the New Year.  If you are not a skier, this is the year to try it. A relatively inexpensive family fun mountain is less than an hour away. I started skiing at 10 years old and feel that if you are going to live in a place that has winter you should be outside hitting the hills in some fashion. For the middle school kids I saw the YMCA doing programs for night skiing, which must be fun for the chaperones.  I recommend some warm ups this weekend before you head for that ski vacation up to North Conway, Vermont or out West.

Ski Bradford

This is our closest mountain in Haverhill. It is not the mountain for extreme skiing, but a great family mountain. They have a great lessons program, where each kid gets almost 1 on 1 attention. Drop ins are always welcome and they have a great lodge.

Here is my little one this week at her first lesson at the age of 3. I am excited to get her out on the weekends with the ski leash.

Check out Warren Miller’s “Wintervention”at the Firehouse Center for the Arts This Saturday

When: Sat., January 8, 3pm & 7pm

Buy tickets on the Firehouse Center for the Arts Website.

If you are a big skier there is no better event to get you ready to hit the snow than this one. It is a big party atmosphere of all ages who come to celebrate the season and see a ski film legend’s latest film.

Rockport Restaurant Update from Peter Webber

This Way to some Rockport Wintertime Eatin'!

Thanks to Peter Webber of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce for this e-mail:

Hello Sarah.  I am guessing, by the Ohio reference, that you were the author of the recent Rockport restaurant rant on Good Morning Gloucester.  I have also looked at some of the comments.  Here is some more information to add:  The Coffee Shop was purchased by the Bracketts who spent longer than they hoped to make major renovations. It re-opened this week, and is being operated by their sons.  Lograsso’s, Bistro 127, Rockport House of Pizza and Roast Beef, and the Grand Café are also open year round. RHOP is daily 10-10 year round; Lograsso’s is Wed-Sat. year round; Bistro and Grand Café are Fridays and Saturdays in January for dinner and then expand their operations with the calendar; Hong Kong Kitchen is daily year-round.

Rockporters, we need to make every effort to support Rockport restaurants during the winter months.  However, even when viewed in the most optimistic terms, the situation with restaurants in Rockport clearly reveals a persistent problem, particularly downtown.  There just aren’t enough restaurants (and none with a significant number of seats), to support the non-food establishments that are working so hard to make a go of things during both the high season and off-season. The John Tarr Store, Toad Hall Bookstore, Rockport Music and a host of other businesses and organizations manage to hang in there year-round – so where are the restaurants?  People presumably still frequent the library, the churches still hold services, the Rotary Club & Garden Club hold meetings, so why can’t more restaurants manage to stay open?  I’d love to hear from some business owners on this, and some Rockporters.  And once again, let LoGrasso’s, the Rockport House of Pizza, and the rest (some mentioned in yesterday’s post) know that as a local, you appreciate the fact that they work hard to serve their  community, as well as contribute to our town industry by staying open for visitors.  Rockporters need to consciously support local business if we want a thriving year-round community with an active downtown culture.

Did you Know?

Photo by E.J. Lefavour

Old Sloop

Did you know that on September 8, 1814, the British frigate Nymph invaded Sandy Bay? One of her barges surprised and captured the barracks at the end of Bearskin Neck; when the second was seen entering the Old Harbor, the meetinghouse bell sounded the alarm. The crew shot at the bell to silence it and hit the steeple instead. Firing the shot, the carronade went through the bottom of the barge, and the crew was captured as they swam ashore. Their captain affected an exchange of prisoners and promised not to bother the town any more. The church (First Congregational Church of Rockport, United Church of Christ) still has the cannonball. The wooden replica that can be seen in the steeple was probably added in one of the later reconstructions. When Sandy Bay became the Town of Rockport in 1840, the meetinghouse was completely redecorated and the steeple enlarged to support a heavier bell. The fishermen conferred the nickname “The Old Sloop”. In 1842 the General Court released the meetinghouse to the Congregational Church.  

E.J. Lefavour

Fenway: January 7, 2011

On Monday they finished ripping down the old centerfield  Monster Screen and scoreboard. Didn’t seem all that long ago it was brand new but it sure was all rusty and rotten coming down. Then they put up a weird set of poles in the right field and I thought they were going to put up the Monstah Screen over there but no.

Today they finished putting up two huge vertical beams which obviously are going to hold the biggest LCD playback screen in New England front and center in centerfield.

The crane lowering the second vertical tower in place is parked on Lansdowne. These things are huge! I have no idea what the right field seven towers are going to be. A menorah? Flags for the seven World Series we win in this century?

Meanwhile, with all that spare time between Patriot’s playoff games check out the Red Sox Depth Chart. Warms the heart on these cold winter days. Carl Crawford in left and Adrian Gonzalez at first. Deep depth on that field.

Could some one please explain?

Could someone or preferably a fisherman (Maxfield?) Explain to this woman that the term “blacklisted” is entirely fair to use and that Berkowitz is trying to shed light on the fact that species that are on these Eco foodie Nazi lists have been rebuilt to sustainable levels even by the Governments own standards but still reside on these lists. Could you also let them know how much more codfish there are swimming in the ocean since the days at sea program had been instituted?

Berkowitz should be commended for standing up to these people. He has much more to lose than to gain. Their Blacklisting influence over willing environmentalists who want desperately to believe anything that some green guru says is undeniable. Even in the face of video evidence and government reports these people still call codfish unsustainable.

2011 Gloucester Fisherman Tri Registration Is Open

You want one of those cool shirts, right? Well get on it! I’d like to see as many of my GMG peeps get registered as possible before it sells out!


Sunday, August 7, 2011. The first swim wave will hit the water at 7:30 AM. The Transition area will open at 5:30 AM. Race management reserves the right to modify or shorten the race course in the case of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, and to accept or reject any entry. No transfers, substitutions. The minimum age to compete is 13.
In the instance that the swim is cancelled, racers will do one loop of the run course in place of the swim. The start of the run format will also be in waves.
Per USAT Rules, only the registered athlete may pick up their race packet and number. You must show Photo ID and if you are a USAT member you must have your USAT Card to present as well. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Athletes must pick up their packets at one of the locations below. Please try to pick up your packet prior to race day as it will help us lessen race morning check in and also allow you to avoid one more thing to do on race morning.
August 6, 2010 – 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm at Gloucester High School. Click here for directions.
August 7, 2010 – 5:30 am – 7:00 am at St. Peter’s Square.
Triathlon Entrant List.

Individual by 5/31/11: $85.00
Individual by 7/31/11: $95.00
Individual by 8/1/11: $105.00
Relay 2 Person by 5/31/11: $135.00
Relay 2 Person by 7/31/11: $145.00
Relay 2 Person by 8/1/11: $155.00
Relay 3 Person by 5/31/11: $150.00
Relay 3 Person by 7/31/11: $160.00
Relay 3 Person by 8/1/11: $170.00
– opens January 1, 2011 at noon.
The Gloucester Fisherman Tri is offering a discount to all active Military Personel. Please e-mail for the code. At packet pick up you will need to show your Military ID Card to verify your current active service.
For information on joining USA Triathlon, call the National Office at 1-800-TRI-1USA or via their website to join now by clicking on the USAT logo below.

There will be no refunds of Race Entry Fees. Further, if the race is cancelled due to weather, terrorism, an act of God or any other event beyond the control of the Town of Gloucester, Gloucester Fishermen Athletic Association, Gloucester Police, Tri and Du It Multisport, our Staff, Sponsors and volunteers, the entrant/athletes entry and associated fees will not be refunded. Your entry in the race denotes your agreement to these terms. Thank you.
You will receive an entry confirmation from us once you complete your registration. You will also begin to receive race informational updates about one month prior to the race from our constant contact account. Please make sure that the following e-mail address is on your spam approval list;

I Was Wrong- Thank You Beth Swan

I’d like to take this post time to admit to being guilty of something.

You see in all my rantings about the Eco Foodie Nazis I failed to consider the vast number of people who are really just trying to do the right thing.

I let the interaction with a single obnoxious extremist Eco Nazi foodie who was 100% wrong and refused to listen to any other viewpoint paint an entire group of people with the same brush.

There are many people just trying to make informed decisions and they should be applauded.

This is not to say that I agree at all with The Monterey Aquarium who puts out false information about codfish stocks being on the verge of collapse. They still suck.

I still believe there are Eco groups that are willing to take money from big companies once their group has any type of national voice and are used by these big companies to alter the public attitude toward certain groups be it small farmers or fishermen which decimate these small independent industries or communities so that big business can further their agendas.  And I don’t think these big companies really care about the resource in many instances, I believe they care about their own agendas at the expense of the independent fisherman or farmer. It’s ingenious really. Because they use naive greenies who are willing and eager to believe anything that the master cult like organization wants to shovel down their throat while the master cult like organization like PEW or Monterey Aquarium directors are pocketing huge sums of money from these corporations like big oil to push their agendas the willing.

I believe there are people who do care passionately about where they source their food and they should be commended. I just wish they weren’t misled by the Eco groups that are taking money to do the dirty work for big corporations under the guise of the environment.

Two of my least favorite types of people are extreme democrats and extreme republicans who can’t see any good in any policy except the one that their party tells them is right. There are good ideas on both sides of the aisle and finding the balance is the key.

Thank you Beth for reminding me that there are people just trying to do the right thing with your reasoned response.

BTW, check out the latest from Gaines who deserves some kind of National recognition for his exposing of the truth-