Deepest Sympathy To The Family of Fisherman Joe Cracchiolo- Pictures of The Herring Seiner Sunlight

Our deepest sympathy does out to the family of Joe Cracchiolo who was working aboard the herring Seiner Sunlight.

Here are my photos of the Sunlight from the past couple of years.

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Click here for the story at the Gloucester Daily Times website

Heather Atwood and Joanne Avallon Prepare Winter Sausage Giambotta Video at The Taste of the Times


Heather Atwood of Food For Thought invited an old friend to her kitchen to cook one of the old favorites from her Italian family’s recipes. It is quick, easy and proves again that there seems to be no limit to the various ways that Italian peasant food can be made to taste delicious. A giambotta is an Italian stew, particularly hearty and good for the winter months. It can be vegetarian or with meat, but Joanne Avalaon prepares one of her family recipes the way they made it growing up in an Italian household, made with sweet Italian sausage seasoned with fennel.

Click the video below to view the video at The Taste of the Timesimage

January in Rockport

Don’t be deterred by the sight of Rockport’s Christmas tree being hacked into bits…downtown Rockport is still happening, with lots of shops still open along with TWO coffee shops and a couple of restaurants! Besides, it’s cathartic to see the giant tree taken down in late January, even if it is in such a gruesome manner. You know that the time for excess partying is past and we have settled into one of our classic, cold and beautiful New England winters.

Did You Know (Goose Cove)

painting of egret feeding at Goose Cove in the low tide shallows
Painting by E.J. Lefavour

That Goose Cove Reservation was conserved by a group of concerned Gloucester residents who cherished the natural scenic beauty of this woodland as seen from Route 127?  The property features wooded upland, rocky shoreline, and tidal mudflats.  The scenery is some of the most beautiful and tranquil of all Greenbelt properties, and provides an opportunity to study varied plant and animal life.  A variety of estuarine and marine plants and algae exist in unusual proximity along the shoreline, and there is an abundance of shorebirds.  Geologic features include Cape Ann granite, horenblended granite, glacial erratics, glacial outwash, and moraine.  Great spot for Hiking, birding and nature study, cross country skiing & snow shoeing, fishing, and canoeing.

Direction from Route 128, at Grant Circle in Gloucester:
Drive north on Washington Street, Route 127, toward Lanesville for 1.9 miles. Landmarks you will pass are: the hospital on your left, the Ralph O’Malley Middle School on your right, you will drive over a causeway, and pass The Grange on your right, and a sign for the Beeman School.  The Goose Cove parking area is on the right.  This is a blind right turn that could be easy to miss.  If you pass a small municipal building on the right, you have gone to far.  Visit for more info.

This painting is of an egret feeding in the shallows at low tide in Goose Cove.

E.J. Lefavour

Revels comes to Cape Ann Museum this Saturday 11AM

If you have never heard the Revels and you and your children are a little snowbound crazy you must go to Cape Ann Museum this Saturday at 11AM.  It’s free and the Revels has to be experienced. Audience participation becomes necessary. Do not be surprised if your family is dragged on stage to clog or something.


Join Revels Rep as they perform “A Celebration of the Sea,” an exuberant program exploring the lives of whalers during the great age of sail and their families who remained on shore. Beginning on the docks of New Bedford, the program includes packing for a journey; farewell to friends and family; shipboard work and entertainment; a whale hunt; a storm at sea, and a celebration of the sailors’ safe return.

Saturday January 29 at 11 AM.

27 Pleasant Street, Gloucester.

St Ann’s Open House and Reception Sunday January 31st

Hi Joey – Felicia recommended that I attach the following flyer to you for one of the "goings on" happening at St. Ann School next week in honor of Catholic Schools Week!  This particular event with a local artist is open to the public and is occurring on Thursday at 12:30pm.  It is enrichment for both adults and children.  The flyer explains it all and we would appreciate it if you would post it on GMG.

St. Ann’s School is having an open house and reception for all parents interested in touring the school and finding out more about its curriculum and program on Sunday, January 31st at 11:00 (immediately following Mass). 
Thank you very much for your help!  Just to warn you – I will be sending you another flyer for  a St. Ann’s School Valentine’s Comedy Night fundraiser coming up at the Cruiseport on Friday February 11th.  Three headliner comedians, chocolate Valentine theme candy bar, 50/50, doors open at 7:30…  as soon as I get the flyer emailed to me. Would it be possible for you to post the above information as a teaser until I get you the flyer? 
Thanks again!
By the way – I am a huge fan of gmg, drive around with your car sticker (which I get compliments on), and my son Danny was on your Horribles Parade float!  Dan is in school with Amanda…
Joey – fyi as you already know St. Ann’s is a great Cape Ann Catholic school that has a long tradition in the city but is in serious financial danger due to the Archdiocese of Boston’s financial troubles and its inability to continue to help the school.  St.  Ann’s needs community help to stay open and we are trying to reach out to the community, whom I think would be very sad (whether they believe in Catholic education or not), to see the school, with so much history and tradition in Gloucester, shut its doors.  We can use all the help we can get to get the word out!  Thank you!

Marnie Powers
VP of St. Ann PTO
close friend of the famous Felicia!

‘Sometimes Wheels Spit and Sputter,’ from WHAT DO WHEELS DO ALL DAY?, 2006

Below: ‘Chapel on Naxos,’ from SACRED PLACES, 2000



Giles Laroche has been drawing for as long as he can remember. "I especially enjoyed sketching the mountains, old farmhouses, and mill buildings which surrounded Berlin, New Hampshire, the town I grew up in." Giles fell in love with books at a young age.
Little did Giles know that when he grew up, other people would gaze at his books about faraway lands and that he would also travel to many of the places he would come to illustrate in such books as Bridges Are To Cross, Sacred Places and What’s Inside? Fascinating Structures Around the World. Whether Giles is exploring in Europe or hiking in New England, he always has a sketchbook in hand.
Sketches are only Giles’ first step in creating the elaborate collages that Kirkus Reviews called "truly awe-inspiring." Every illustration involves many stages of drawing, cutting, painting, and gluing. Often, a piece has seven or eight layers before Giles is through with it!  Giles places spacers between each layer to give the final artwork added depth and dimension. He calls his technique "paper relief" because of its three-dimensional effect when photographed for inclusion in his books.
Giles lives and works in his house in Salem, Massachusetts, and in a 230-year-old barn in southwestern New Hampshire.  He writes, "As a child I enjoyed poring over maps, and reading and gazing at books about faraway lands – these are the books I enjoy creating for children."

This school visit will provide students, families and teachers with knowledge of a fine-art form and inspiration for hands-on activities. Above right, Giles Laroche explains his art using the original cover art for DOWN TO THE SEA IN SHIPS.
Copies of Mr. Laroche’s favorite books will be available for purchase by St. Ann Families.  Join us for this exclusive event and you can bring home a signed copy of this acclaimed author/illustrator’s work! 


Weekend Picks From Your Boy Joey and The North Shore Blogger Consortium

My number one pick for the weekend is going to be the Art Haven Lobster Buoy Auction Tonight!


The Main Event

The 3rd annual Buoy Auction and Art Show is on January 28th! At this fundraiser for Art Haven, you have a chance to bring home your favorite buoy from the 2010 tree. Enjoy appetizers from local restaurants and see some of the beautiful artwork produced by our students over the past year!

Silent Auction begins at 6:00 pm, Live Auction at 7:30.

Tickets: $15/adult, $5/student, $35/family before Jan 28

$20/adult, $10/student, or $40/family at the door

(Cash or check only please)

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