The 2011 TigerFish Gymnastics Team


Click photo to see the 2011 team


The 2011 team is composed of Student Athletes from Rockport High – JoAnna Peters School, Gloucester High School – Captain Kelly Benson Captain, Kiley Aiello, Kate Pardo, Meg Bresnahan, Leah Carlson & Amanda Buonopane and Ipswich High School – Captain Mary Krathwohl. Sidney Hardee, Olivia Grim, Kelsey Jaworski & Emily Fenton.

Good Luck TigerFish!!!

Dinner With Fly Amero ~ Special Guest Sasquatch

Hello everyone!

Wednesday, January 12th
Special Guest: Sasquatch!

Sasquatch returns!  Wonderful songs and stories of Gloucester.
Dinner with Fly Amero: 7 – 10pm
host and perform as always
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
*Comfort food dinner specials from Dave Trooper
s kitchen
*Sponsored by Shipyard Ale
Great fun!
Food is prepared fresh by “Troop” and is always good!
Fred features special discounted entrees with half-off
on a Shipyard every week!
Coming soon…
Ric St. Germain & Sandra Lee; Catharine David;
Chick & Ellen; many more!
As always… 🙂 ~ Fly

Snow on Eastern Point

Hey Joey!

I wanted to get a few pictures to you with all this snow! Well, its sloppy snow but it still covered the ground out here. Most of the nice snow blows away into drifts. Hope you enjoyed your vacation…sorry you had to come back to this! -Dani Lubbers
Don’t make fun of the nerdy-ness on the last picture. I was WARM! 🙂


With SNOW not being an issue this year, this event is going to be the must GO TO event of the Winter. They just finalized the schedule and stated that they will be grooming around the clock up until race time. GMG will be there covering the event and is looking forward to watching a local superstar, Lily Stewart (featured in the Winter Edition of North Shore Magazine) . Check out the Race course and scout out a spot to view the race. I am not sure if I’m willing to pay 20 bucks to park near Appleton Farms.

Get the latest at or their Facebook page

Did You Know (Hyatt Seaside Laboratory)

location of Alpheus Hyatt's Seaside Laboratory in Annisquam
Photo by E.J. Lefavour

That between 1880-1886, Alpheus Hyatt founded the directed the Annisquam Seaside Laboratory, predecessor of the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, under the auspices of the Boston Society of Natural History, and with support from the Women’s Educational Association of Boston?  This summer school was primarily for the training of teachers of natural science, but several of the staff and students became well-known professional scientists, contributing to research as well as to science education.  Alpheus Hyatt (1838-1902), trained by Louis Agassiz at Harvard University, was primarily a paleontologist who specialized in fossil cephalopods and their evolution.  He also did special research on sponges and bryozoans.  Hyatt transferred his Annisquam Seaside laboratory to Woods Hole, was instrumental in raising funds, and became the first President of the Board of Trustees for the Marine Biological Laboratory in 1888.  Alpheus Hyatt was the father of Anna Hyatt Huntington, who created the Joan of Arc sculpture used in the World War I Memorial in Legion Square.

Inquiring minds wanted to know, so I grabbed my shovel and went digging.  This is where Hyatt’s Seaside Laboratory was located on River Road in Annisquam, prior to relocating to Woods Hole (location information courtesy of Jim Groves).

E.J. Lefavour




Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative members will be celebrating the Valentine season in a rather unusual way. Members will be making original Valentine’s Day cards and offering them for sale at the gallery at 121 Main Street in Gloucester. However, 100% of the proceeds from the cards will go to a local non-profit charity in the Gloucester/Cape Ann area. The members are donating their own materials, talent and time to offer these original and unique items for a deserving organization. The event will culminate in an Artists’ Reception on Friday, February 11th from 5 PM to 8 PM to further promote the event. Refreshments will be served and the public will have a chance to meet the artists and see their special ‘Local Hearts for Charity’ exhibition.

Since there are so many worthy organizations in the area, members decided to invite the community to help in the process of voting for an organization when they purchase a card. Since it wasn’t practical to list all the organizations on the ballot, the members listed 6 specific organizations (Action, Inc., Cape Ann Animal Aid Association, HAWC, Open Door/Cape Ann Food Pantry, The Gloucester Fund Inc, Wellspring House, Inc) with a 7th option for the customer to “write-in” a non-profit charitable organization of their choice that benefits the Gloucester/Cape Ann area. The one organization that receives the most votes will receive all the proceeds from the sale of the cards. Cards are available January 18th with new ones arriving throughout the event.

The members expressed creative enthusiasm in making their cards. For instance Sally Seamans (aka Tin Can Sally) offers hearts on her cards made from vintage tin cans. Lois Hertzler created a scanography of fruit named Edible Illuminations in the shape of a heart. She is also making cards using her red floral photography which she cuts into heart shapes and intertwines them. The message on the outside of the card is “Two Hearts” and on the inside is “Intertwined. Happy Valentine’s Day.” Kathy Bucholska offers mini collages often using original photographs in the collage. Larry Bittman offers card reproductions of his romantic, often humorous, original watercolors. Some of Bonnie Gray’s cards offer original painted cards. One depicts two giraffes nuzzling noting “Necking…Brought to a New Level!!” Kate Webster is making hand sewn Valentine cards.

These are just to name a few of the creative ideas the artists are offering for the charitable event. Members are hoping the event will provide an opportunity for customers to buy a Valentine for a friend or “significant other”, as well as assist those in need from the community.

Local Colors has 16 artists who do a variety of work in the gallery. The current 16 members offer the following work on an ongoing basis:

Donna Amero: Stained Glass

Stephanie Bowens: Fiber Art

Kathy Bucholska: Jewelry and amulets made of semi-precious stones, fossils, amber and more

Pat Doherty: Painting

Bonnie Gray: Painting

Lois Hertzler: Photography

David Katz: Photography

Bob Kulchuk: Wheel-thrown pottery, wood turning and fused glass

Larry Martin-Bittman: Watercolor and Acrylic Painting

Kathy Roberts: Painting

Ann Schlecht: Various jewelry including beach pebbles and beach glass

Sally Seamans: Tin Art, Jewelry & Mobiles

Jim Sousa: Photography

Darren Taylor: Woodworking, Functional Art Furniture

Virginia Townsend: Ceramics, Basket Weaving

Kate Webster: Fiber, Paper & Mixed media Art & Jewelry

According to Donna Amero, the only remaining founding member, the Cooperative began in the fall of 1989 by a group of friends who thought it might be fun and maybe even profitable to “setup shop” for the holiday season. The group started in what is now Passports Restaurant on Main Street in Gloucester and continued far beyond that first holiday season. Membership grew from a half dozen members to a high of about 35 members at one time. This is their third location on Main Street. Many local artists and artisans have shown their work at Cape Ann’s oldest artist’s cooperative gallery over the last 22 years.

Local Colors Cooperative Gallery offers unique work at studio prices since they all contribute their time and efforts to the gallery without the additional cost of employee and management overhead.

Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative, 121 Main Street, Gloucester, MA is open daily 10 am to 5 pm. 978-283-3996


If you would like more information about the event or Local Colors Cooperative Gallery, please feel free to contact me. Thanks for your interest.

Kathy Bucholska, Advertising Committee 978-546-3567 Do you get it?


What will your child/students need to continue to be successful, life-long, engaged learners?

The Gloucester School Committee invites
Gloucester Public School District Partners & Volunteers
to join them for a Pre-Event Thank You & Social Hour

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 ~ 6:00-7:00pm
Cruiseport Gloucester ~ 6 Rowe Square ~ Gloucester, MA
Light Appetizers & Cash Bar
Immediately following, please join us for the first in a series of educational forums
Experience 21st century vision by two renowned education leaders in Massachusetts and hear from local educators on current Literacy & Language Arts and STEM Initiatives in the
Gloucester Public School District that support the 21st Century Essential Learning Skills
Dr. Paul Dakin, Superintendent of Revere Public Schools
Dr. Isa Zimmerman, STEM Expert & Consultant
Moderated by Dr. Christine McGrath ~ Retired Superintendent of Tewksbury Public Schools and current Director of Operations Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 ~ 7:00-9:00pm
Cruiseport Gloucester

Public Service Announcement

When you lose power call 1-800-465-1212 for National Grid.  Put it in your cell phone now and don’t think that your neighbors will call it in because they are thinking the same thing. I am currently in Wayland just west of Boston and the dreaded purple lightbulbs of NationalGrid power outages is creeping towards me from the coast.

My backyard now with wine bottle added for scale:

Those weak ass white pine branches will be snapping this afternoon. Shoot, the lights just flickered … WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

Oh wait, lunch is ready.

Meg Lee Pimps G Town

Good morning Joey,
Tried to attempt an opportunity yesterday (Sunday) to stop by "the dock" but knew the chances were slim to none that you’d be there.

One of my coworkers from our China office has been visiting and working in our Boston office for the past 3 weeks. Many of us have been trying to show her a good time during our free time off.

As I knew she would be leaving to go back to China on Tuesday, I wanted to show her one of my favorite places in the world. Sunday I took her and another coworker to Gloucester, and the first stop we made was on Stacey Blvd, at the Fisherman’s Memorial statue. I explained that the statue was pretty much a famous icon in New England parts, and why it was so famous because of what it represented. We got out of the car and climbed thru the snow to take a snapshot.

Driving by St. Peter Sq. I explained the big fiesta that takes place every year. We drove around the Harbor Loop by Fitz Hugh Lane’s place, and then on to East Main St. Hopeful, we pulled into Capt. Joe & Sons only to find it closed (not surprised) I was hoping for my coworker Amphy to meet you and seize a GMG opportunity.

We then went to Eastern Point, and my coworkers were pretty impressed. This pleased me, as one of my coworkers, Jim, is from the lovely Monterey CA area, which is a visually beautiful place. I kept explaining to them that Gloucester is a great place to visit and most ideal in the "on season" and they were definitely able to see that in the "off season."

On to Rocky Neck, where none of the galleries were open, unfortunately. However, I’m hoping my plug on all the great galleries that were there will bring Jim back in the on season.

Back to downtown, Main St., where unfortunately we only hit 2 shops before we had to make our reservation time for dinner. We all scored a purchase at Local Colors, which is a place I love to visit, and I believe Jim will be back to visit.

Our day ended with a fabulous dinner at the Gloucester House, and we took in a killer sunset as we ended our meal.

Until next time Gloucester………………..

Meg Lee
Everett, MA

Bill O’Connor’s AMF Apollo -The World’s Largest Sno-Cone

Hey Joe,

I worked ‘til about 1:30 am last night and fell asleep by the wood stove after stoking it. Around 1:45 I woke up and looked outside to see a white-out snow falling almost sideways and went outside to experience it first-hand. I expected to hear the wind gusting strong, but when I got out there it was dead silent. Really weird.

Anyhow, I woke up this morning to fresh snow and took this photo of my AMF Apollo covered in snow and thought you might want to use it.

Are you back yet?


~Bill Do you get it?