Did You Know (Bearskin Neck)

photo collage of bearskin neck
Photos by E.J. Lefavour

That Bearskin Neck was named by fishermen who saw the bearskin Ebenezer Babson had left to dry on the rocks?

Roger W. Babson in his Story of Bear Skin Neck puts it as follows: “…Ebenezer Babson, who then resided at the Farms, saw the bear attack the boy [his nephew, Henry Witham]. He immediately attacked the bear to get his attention away from the child, but having no gun he permitted the bear to follow him into the water. There, after a terrific struggle, Ebenezer killed the bear with a fish knife.”  (As depicted in the sign over the front door of The Pewter Shop.) 

The story is continued by George Jay Babson: “He then brought the bear onto the shore, skinned him, and spread the skin on the rocks to dry. Ebenezer died shortly afterwards, presumably at sea, but his nephew Henry Witham, whose life he saved, lived to a ripe old age. Naturally, he often told the story of his rescue, and when people asked how Ebenezer killed the bear, he would reply: ‘With his knife, I do declare.'” 

And hence the little ditty: “Babson, Babson, killed a bear, With his knife, I do declare.”

From John J. Babson, History of the Town of Gloucester Cape Ann Including the Town of Rockport (Massachusetts: Proctor Brothers, 1860) and The Witham Family History

E.J. Lefavour


Analemma Part II, sunrise

I was admiring Joey’s sunrise photo he posted today and started thinking about where exactly the sunrise was this morning and when he would post a sunrise with the sun splitting the twin towers on Thachers.

After screwing around with astronomy tables for an hour I discovered a web calculator that figures it all out.  Solar Calculator click here.
1) Go to site and click on the map.
2) Keep double-clicking until the marker is in your backyard.
3) Go to the bottom of the table and click “show on map” both the sunrise and sunset.

Sunrise in Joey’s shot this morning at Good Harbor Beach was way down here:
This position of sunrise is not much different from a month ago at the winter solstice:

That’s because the sun is swinging around the bottom of the analemma (I posted here) and there isn’t much change. But we are gaining two minutes a day in day length now and it won’t be long before sunrise is before 7AM (January 29 to exact).

On June 21 during the summer solstice Joey will have the sun rise right about here on Good Harbor:

Check the solar calculator out. It is really easy to use once you get the hang of jumping around. Save your backyard position or figure out the exact day that a Good Harbor sunrise splits the uprights of the Twin towers. Lazy photographers who want to know exactly where the sun will be rising for their morning shot can figure it all out here.

If you do one thing, get the map centered on your favorite sunrise and sunset spot with the “show sunrise” and show sunset” lines turned on and then move the dates to June 21 and December 21.

Now they just need to make one of these things for the moonrise.

Royal Represents!

High Joey, My name is Royal. I’ve been to G-town many times. Dad use to live there. Spent a lot of time at Fort Sq with some old friends. Dad put some stickers in the tree to make me feel at home. The photos that dad got from you are awesome. Maybe we will stop by this spring on our up the coast.

Arff, your friend royal.



Royal Represents

Art ROCKS! Again?

This post has nothing to do with the Art Haven Auction. I was Bored very early this morning. It’s located at one of favorite places to sit and meditate. When I’m not bothered by Joey who drops by once and awhile. If you want it. It was still there as of 12:30pm Saturday 01/22/2011. Goodluck!

Attention 3D Electronics Manufacturers – I Don’t Care

Speaking solely for myself (and anyone that doesn’t feel like looking ridiculous in the comfort of their own home). 

Here’s a little missive to the electronics manufacturers who, in the quest to try to bring us new technology that we will feel renders our existing technology obsolete have been investing billions in research and development to bring us 3D cameras, video cameras, monitors and televisions.

Do you really think that people are going to sit around the living room wearing huge black 3D glasses?


I find it sort of sad because one of my favorite camera makers- Sony is one of the leading pushers of this technology.  It would have been nicer if that money was spent developing faster internet, sharper displays, lighter laptops, compact cameras with large sensors and longer than 5 times zooms, or any other number improvements to existing technology rather than trying to sell the public on a technology that in my estimation very few people really care about.







Double Bonus! Two Of Paulie Walnuts’Art Rocks! To Be Used As Free Tickets To The Art Haven Lobster Buoy Auction

Dawn Gadow- Director at Art Haven Writes-

So, we’ve taken the two of Paul’s Art Rocks! he was wonderful enough to give us and we’ve hidden them, within walking distance of Art Haven.

Find one of these rocks, bring it to Art Haven next week, and you get a free ticket to the upcoming Buoy Auction fundraiser on January 28th! And, in case you didn’t see it a couple days ago – that ticket will give you a chance to win an "Art Rocks" buoy at the event. And remember, in all of this, you get to help support our after-school art programs!
The first rock is in a very artist-ey place, up on a hill with one of the best views of the harbor, and one of the coolest old houses I’ve seen on Cape Ann.
The second is in a very central downtown location, in front of a building near and dear to Maggie Rosa’s heart (as well as all of the rest of ours).
Thanks Joey and I’ll see you soon! Thanks for all you do as always!