Obnoxious Foodies and Rabbit

The other day at the Common Crow to Go I picked up
the current issue of Edible Boston while waiting for my lunch to be
Inside the issue there was an article about
some joint that sells rabbits….for food….to eat. The
accompanying photo was of these two slaughtered bunnies resting on
a tray and photographed quite eloquently.
understand that I don’t give a fuck about what anyone else eats. I
want that to be clear. I just find these obnoxious foodies who
pontificate on what kind of fish you eat is right or wrong or
eating veal is right or wrong or whatever else they tell us because
they believe it to be so, they can all kiss my ass.
When they start placing bunny rabbits on the morally acceptable
locavore list and tell you not to eat codfish they’ve lost all
credibility in my book.

Click the link below to check out the cute dead bunny pictures in Edible Boston Magazine


A Big Thanks to the Sheep…

…who were sacrificed to make the hats my husband and I received as Christmas presents.  A friend bought one for each of us, giving them to us just before we left Cape Ann to spend the holidays in North Carolina and Ohio.  Let me just say that our holiday travels and revels were greatly enhanced by these hats, for both practical and entertainment purposes.  There’s nothing like confusing the good people who work at the gas stations of West Virginia (who thought we were from Russia) and the Wal-mart (who stared and stared and stared) for wholesome fun.  The hats are also amazingly warm.  We managed to go ice skating in just a hat and scarf – no coat (though we were otherwise fully clothed) – and stayed perfectly comfortable in freezing temperatures.

I tried to model the hat myself but it’s no picnic to try to take a photo of a hat on your own head.  I then discovered a much cuter model, conveniently located right here at home.  He seemed happy with the photo shoot, though he refused to stop playing with his toys.  Our hats were purchased at the awesome Bearskin Neck Leathers, located right in Rockport and open year-round.  DJ, the owner of the shop which dates all the way back to the 1970s (can you believe it?), will set you up with the perfect sheepskin hat, or whatever else you need in the way of leather goods, just in time for January on Cape Ann.

With Ear Flaps Down
Demonstrating the Raising of the Ear Flaps
With Ear Flaps Up
The Top of the Hat
Action Shot

Did you know?

Photo by E.J. Lefavour

Motif No. 1 (Whether you love it or hate it – I personally liked the old original one better.)

Did you know this little bit of history about Motif No. 1?

The fishing shack was built in the 1840’s.  In the 1890’s to 1930’s, it served as a rendezvous for tourists coming to see the U.S. Navy fleet every summer.  In the 1930’s it was used as a studio by painter, John Buckley.  In 1933, a scale model of the shack won first place in the historic float competition at the Worlds Fair in Chicago.  In 1942 Aldro Hibbard organizes Rockport artists to paint the Motif.  In 1945, painter John Buckley sells the Motif to the town, dedicating it “to the fishermen and artists of Rockport.”  In 1949, Lester G. Hornby, a Rockport artist, founds Motif No. 1 Day as a celebration of Rockport’s official start of the summer season.  In 1978, after Motif No. 1 collapses into the water during the great February blizzard, a duplicate is built.  In 2002, Motif No. 1 appears on the Massachusetts stamp as part of the “Greetings from America” postage stamp set.  In 2003, a painting of Motif No. 1 is seen on the wall of a dentist’s office in Rockport native, Andrew Stanton’s, hit Disney film, “Finding Nemo”.  In 2006, there is a revitalization project to reconstruct the roof, replace some side shingles and apply a new coat of paint.  In 2009, Motif No. 1 is featured prominently in the hit Disney movie, “The Proposal”.  Also in 2009, lighting is installed to illuminate Motif No. 1 at night.

E.J. Lefavour



Former Newburyport fishing vessel meets with fate, again

Former Newburyport fishing vessel meets with fate, again
Source: newburyportnews.com

PORT JUDITH, R.I. — The sea has claimed the Heather Lynne II, for a second time.
Almost two decades ago, the 45-foot fishing vessel was a star in Newburyport’s fishing fleet, harvesting its catches from the rich shoals off Cape Ann.

Chickity Check It! Hamilton Mom Starts Things To Do Newsletter For Families


Looking for something to do with the kids? A Hamilton mom (and lover of Cape Ann), Lorraine Miller, has started a free online weekly newsletter to help parents locate fun things to do throughout the area. Most issues also include a section just for grown-ups (with ideas for shopping or nights-out without the kids). The site allows parents to make their own customized list of events, which they can print out. Check out the newsletter and consider subscribing (it’s free and just takes a minute). Please don’t hesitate to email Lorraine with questions or if you are interested in advertising in the newsletter. http://www.hamilton.macaronikid.com

Dinner with Fly Amero ~ Special Guest ~ John Rockwell

Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, January 5th
Special Guest: JOHN ROCKWELL

The great (and very handsome, for you ladies out there)

John Rockwell kicks offthe new year with his endless catalog
of pop culture classics. John is one hilarious entertainer.  We
always have big funand big laughs.  Hope you can join us!
Dinner with Fly Amero: 7 – 10pm
*I host and perform as always
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
*Comfort food dinner specials from Dave Trooper’s kitchen
*Sponsored by Shipyard Ale
Great fun!
Food is prepared fresh by “Troop” and is always good!
Fred features special discounted entrees with half-off
on a Shipyard every week!
Coming soon…
Catharine David
As always… 🙂 ~ Fly

Thursday Night Blues Party at The Rhumb Line With Dave Sags ~ 9:00 to Midnight.

Our unsub this week is the one and only Steve Sadler, string genius, gargler, and poster boy for Men’s Health Magazine.  The Star of the East has risen and muhgals from many distant lands ( like Peabody) will be bringing in their caravans and refrigerator boxes in celebration of the blessed event. Steve has just finished up  a brand new CD of his own tunes, in which he’s taught a thing or two to Brian Wilson. Smooth and creamy vocals, like a frappe. Groovey tunes with real chord changes, too. Get yerself a copy. Great cruisin’ music!
Stirring the pot will be Mr. Jeff Casper, the friendly drummer, who’s been on hiatus ever since he had to bite off his own leg , to escape that bear trap. Ankles Aweigh, Jeff! Of course, Greg T. will be there as well as myselph, on base. Now, if I could only shake that cold….

Five From Two Thousand

In case anyone is interested in being the 2000th Subscriber to GMG, you should be aware that we are currently five subscribers away.
That’s pretty good I’d say. I wonder how many papers the Times sells a day. They must have a ton more page views than GMG does on its website, having an online presence forever.  But if we are getting on average 18,000 page views a day excluding our contributors page views, I’d consider our little blog a relevant source of local info as well as the Times and Beacon.

So anyway if you don’t already subscribe to the daily email feed you may as well get to it and have a shot at the highly coveted 2000th subscriber title. You can subscribe in the top right hand sidebar on the site.

Plastic Drawing by Deb Clarke


From: Deb Clarke,

i’ve been working with kodak laminated film and aluminum leaf. started working thursday night, and have been pushing the material around since then. sleep is erratic. work is prolific. 4 drawings completed.

here’s the first completed drawing. 8×8″ on stretchers.

‘there be many’
copyright clarke
gloucester ma


Year One Crunch Time From The Most Honest Fisherman I’ve Never Met- Doug Maxfield

Check out this article I found:

Year One Crunch Time
With just under three months remaining in the first year of sector management I am seeing the few success stories disappear in the shadow of panic. While the fish caught this past year did seem to be worth more as a whole, the market has become even more volatile than in the past (if that is possib…

http://www.goodmorninggloucester.com Do you get it?