A Few Tidbits for Today

Here are 3 random things I found amusing in the past 24 hours and feel the need to share with our readers. It is information like this that puts us at an advantage when competing with China.

1) The Superbowl of Birding VIII – They put in to host the Superbowl at Foxboro, but got the consolation prize at Joppa Flats in Newburyport. It just sounds funny, but Bird watching is a serious sport. Rolling Stones at Half Time? North Shore Kid has all the details on this event.

2) A North Shore Indoor Playground offers Tanning while your kids play! Found this on a web site while trying to find a place to host my soon to be 2 year olds bday party. The Jersey Shore Cast will love this place when they settle down.

Some things Kids will Love::

* big kids to play with (playcoaches)
* brand new current toys currently advertised or in the toy stores at the moment
* story times
* puppet shows
* costumed characters
* animal shows

Some things Parents will Love:

* our plush Recliners & Couches
* Flavia Gourmet Tea & Coffee’s
* our top of the line Solart Tanning System!!!
* Hydro Therapy Massage Bed
* FREE Wi-Fi, bring your pc & enjoy surfing the net while your child surfs our toys!
* the Assurance that all of our toys are Meticuously Maintained, New & Cleaned Daily
* playcoaches who are on kid level with your child

3) Drunk History – A new series coming to HBO in February where it seems as though they feed history professor types lots of alcohol and have comedic actors then perform the scenes. See and judge for yourself.

Thanks for reading – Do you feel smarter? Patrick!

Did You Know (Annisquam Village)

Photo collage of parts of Annisquam Village
Photos by E.J. Lefavour

That cozy Annisquam village grew up on the east side of the river’s northern end beginning in 1631? The village grew into a fishing and shipbuilding center that rivaled Gloucester Harbor in its early days. The Annisquam River was considered an important harbor of refuge for vessels traveling along the coast. Charles Boardman Hawes, in his book Gloucester by Land and Sea, illustrates this with the story of a sermon delivered by a fire-and-brimstone minister at the Isles of Shoals:

Suppose, my brethren, any of you should be taken short in the bay, in a northeast storm, your hearts trembling with fear, and nothing but death before you. Whither would your thoughts turn? What would you do?” he asked his congregation. One fisherman replied matter-of-factly, “Why, I should hoist the foresail and scud away for ’Squam.”

The name is said to derive from Ann (as in Cape Ann) and squam, meaning harbor. In the late 19th-century, it was home to both granite quarrying and an artist colony, which attracted painters including George Loftus Noyes and Margaret Fitzhugh Browne.

Although I love every part of Cape Ann that I have discovered since moving here, I do feel especially blessed to be able to spend some time living in Annisquam and getting to know this tucked away quaint little seaside village, which staunchly resists change and cherishes its history.  Being here and talking with some of the longtime inhabitants is what motivated me to delve into the history behind the things I see, photograph and paint, and to do my “Did You Know” posts.  I want to thank Martha and Geoffrey Bentley, whose house I am renting for the winter, for making this experience possible.

E.J. Lefavour


Gloucester_MA (Gloucester, MA) Storm Trash Collection Schedule

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This Weeks Music At The Dog Bar

The Dog Bar~http://dogbarcapeann.com/welcome1.html

Thursday, 1/13
Royds and Reardon
Friday, 1/14
Soul Rebel Project
Phat Maxx
Classic and Current Danceable Rock
Sunday, 1/16
Ryan and Max unplugged
Tuesday, 1/18
6:00 – 9:00
Cape Ann Skeptics present:
Skeptics in the Pub
Open Mic with Steve Caraway
Lindberg, Pardee and Cardoza