Chickity Check It! Surfland Fishing Reports


Surfland Fishing Report comes from Surfland Bait and Tackle- Serving fishermen on Plum Island for 49 years. 28 Plum Island Boulevard, Newbury, MA 01951

October 20, Scads of bait, nothing chasing

Today is just a beautiful day, and the tide was right to take a morning trip and see if there was any life outside the Merrimack mouth or along the beach. At the jetties I was greeted by the welcome sign of 50 gannetts diving followed by their huge, rocket-style splashes. I moved up slowly and watched the fishfinder. I figured Gannetts=mackerel. The fishfinder lit up with a pretty steady stream of marks in the 12-25 foot depth. I jigged for a while, but no luck.

Now “fishfinders” and I have had a poor relationship in the past. I usually found little correlation between the “found” fish and real ones. This year, though, I bought a new (used) ride and it came with a nifty new Garmin 440s chartplotter. I usually fish the flats, so the real utility has always been depth to me, trying hard to avoid the sunken jetties. But this year I got outside a lot more and started using the sounder, fully expecting nothing from it.


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