7 thoughts on “Helen Anne Lind Tells The Story Of How She Created The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Logo Back in the 70’s

  1. Fabulous! It’s wonderful to see and hear about the creative process of graphics before the age of computer infusion. A couple years ago, I graduated form Maine College of Art with a degree in Graphic Design (now, a VERY computer-heavy industry)….

    I think I actually prefer hands-on approaches to design and art; computers should always be viewed and treated as just one of the many tools designers (and artists) have at their disposal!


  2. Oh MAN! Rubylith. I was a 1977 graduate of the GHS Printshop. Cutting Ruby was the norm. Even cutting Screenprinting emulsion for T-shirt stencils and drawing directly on the screens with blockout to make designs. Right Shew!
    Thank God for Computers!
    And thanks for the flash back Helen.


  3. wow i almost forgot all the things we went thru back then, especially like helen said making everything big first to make sure it looked sharp when it was made actual size. that is a very impressive logo helen. thanks for the story behind it.


  4. I keep looking at that logo and it is an exquisite piece of artwork and I am curious, do the computers do that good of a job? It looks a lot crisper than computer generated. Or is it just the design that makes me think that?
    Great to hear the story. I have my own HA Lind hand generated business brochures that I treasure. Am saving them for Antique Roadshow’s next visit.


  5. Ah the stat room! The revolving door let you into a dark and often crowded space dominated by a giant stat camera. In the stat room you could not only enlarge and reduce artwork, it was a great place for a quick chat, or to hide out for a few minutes during a particularly bad day.

    I can still hear the swish that the door made, as it rotated you out of the light and into darkness. It reminded me of the transporter pad. “Beam me up Scottie!”


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